Cameron Diaz looks decent in brown

September 22nd, 2006 // 103 Comments






  1. lisad71

    FIRST…i think

  2. llllllllll

    I guess she looks ok in these pictures ONLY..but she is still old

  3. snapesworst

    She looks kind of cracked out.

  4. PunjabPete

    Lots of makeup helps…

    I bet she is a hag to wake up to though…

  5. Coffin Dancer

    She’s showing her age, those shoes are horrible, and her eyes are displaying signs of soulessness.

  6. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    I think she looks much better as a brunette…now all she needs to do is lose the clown shoes.

  7. Jennifer

    I get really irritated by her. She isn’t aging well, she always seems to be hanging on to JT for dear life and hasn’t done anything to really speak of (other than be JT’s hanger-on) for what seems like ages. The brown is somewhat flattering, but just smacks of a desperate ploy for attention. She also should have fixed her nose after it was broken. A crooked bridge is not flattering.

  8. Did the Superfish photoshop those shoes on her feet in that last pic?


    You have to check out Angry Ferrets (click my name for the link) and Cock-Ninjas (click link below) latest threads.

    They’re beyond hilarious.
    Leave a comment.

    (No Mr Superficial, this post is not in any way, shape, or form a “promotional comment”)

  9. DiabetesExplosion

    Is it just me or does she look a lot like Ellen Barkin? And that’s because she’s in her 50′s. I guess Justin Timberlake sucks the life out of you. And by “the life out of you” I mean cock – big, uncut, smegma-covered cock.


    Looks like hair from the tail of a horse.

  11. mrs.t

    She sure IS ‘showing her age’. She must be at least 30. It may be time for me to move on over to the Granny’s place, with the other grownups.

  12. radically4peace

    I love Cameron Diaz and wish I looked like her. I think she is really pretty, and that show Trippin’ was really cool. However, she does look like she popped a couple on Xanax before this shoot. She should start hanging out with Paula Abdul.

  13. combustion8

    Below the eyes she looks busted.

  14. I want to revert back to a time when Ms Diaz and ‘The Mask’ were dancing to “Cuban Pete”

    Beatcha again, Angry “(( shaking )) in your shoes at McDonalds” Ferret Jones

  15. danielle

    i agree. the brunette hue seems to take away years from her actual age.

  16. clamofdeath

    her mouth is large enough to swallow entire planets is a bad thing?

  17. DiabetesExplosion

    I thought the bitch narrowly escaped being hit by a car? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she was hit by a car, bus, airplane, cruise ship, and a fucking planet. Skank looks busted.


    I don’t know about that. She still looks like shit.

  19. Jedi Kevin

    After Striesand, anything looks good.

  20. You’ve lost your edge thesuperficial

  21. andrewthezeppo

    Well it makes sense she looks good with dark hair, isn’t she like half cuban or something like that? Plus she had dark hair in the Oliver Stone football movie a few years back and looked good like that.

  22. Chamois

    Nope. Still hideous.

  23. —-

    She has the face of an alien troll… but she’d still get it.

    Happy Girl on Girl Friday everbody!


  24. May

    You really got to look at how a star looks without makeup to see how the hair color really goes on them. They can pay mega cash to a makeup artist so their features go with anything they please.

    She does an eye color I have always loved, but the dark hair without all that makeup just makes her look albino with a wig. It also makes her bad skin stand out more.

  25. gossenthused

    In the first pic, she’s got more cleavage from her back-fat than from her boobs!

  26. pirhan


  27. RichPort

    I would hit that like a fucking peace pipe filled with Turkish hashish, then make her gargle the bong water. Fuck that. I’d split her like an overgrown lumberjack with a freshly sharpened axe on a dry log. Yea folks, I would Paul Bunyon this beeotch.

  28. Tracie

    I agree #7, her nose is disturbing. I don’t think she’d look as bad without the severe eyeliner. The rest of the look she’s going for is “natural”, but the hair could stand a brushing, the body could stand a better fitting dress, and the feet…oh, we won’t even go there…

  29. Supposedly treats her personal assistants as slaves, making them shave her armpits and pop her all-too-common zits. Burps and farts LOUDLY in public, thinks it’s “cute”. Believes swimming in the Pacific Ocean constitutes acceptable bathing, hence she smells of briney B.O. If you can’t already tell, I can’t stand this bitch and her horrible, one-note, nasty-ass-shaking-in-every-movie acting.

  30. Cruzadas

    Now that’s what I call Red Shoes

  31. Cruzadas

    Didn’t they tell you your shoes must match your purse, ms. Diaz? hmm

  32. hobieluv83

    oh shut up, she still looks good. I’ve always thought she’s pretty in her own way because she doesn’t look fake. She kept her flaws and that’s cool by me.

  33. kellioso

    Good Lord, comb your hair!!!


    “Cameron Diaz looks decent in brown”

    I wonder why? Possibly because its her natural color?

  35. J. Paul Gettynsum

    she looks like one of the olson twins in 20 years. 10 if its the cracked out one.

  36. Samuel L. Jackson

    Looking at her makes me wonder why they would even cast Heath Ledger as “The Poker”, I mean “The Joker”, in the new Batman movie. TWO POINTS!!

  37. RedInk

    that yatch is ugly as fuck

    no. the brown is not helping.

  38. brandybuggz

    doesn’t she kinda look like the olsen twins’, or they’re older cooler aunt?

  39. finished

    You people are all a bunch of complete assholes. Like, the kind they should put on an island and sink in an attempt to purge humanity of its spitefulness.

    I hope you all recognize that and hate yourselves for it appropriately.

  40. Binky

    # 39 I agree Cammie – you look great.

  41. You know her mouth never used to be that big until she sucked off the Stallion………

    @39 Fuck you, I like the name finished, hopefully you stick to it because I don’t want to waste anymore of my time reading your bullshit…………

  42. @39 – finished is a DOUCHEBAG

    finished is a DOUCHEBAG

    finished is a DOUCHEBAG

    finished is a DOUCHEBAG

    finished is a DOUCHEBAG

  43. finished

    Italian Stallion. Loan officer, Baltimore, Maryland.


    * Killing trolls
    * Being a Smartass
    * Sniffing Glue
    * Huffing Paint
    * Crystal Meth
    * Smoking the Crackrock
    * Shooting up
    * You know all the fun stuff

    Favorite Music

    * Kelly Clarkson
    * That Fat Tub Rueben
    * Clay the fag Aiken
    * Anything From American Idol Because Those Fuckers Can Sing

    Favorite Books

    * Gary the Retard goes to Hollywood
    * Wendy the Retard Smokes a Joint
    * How to Catch a Koon with a Chicken Wing
    * Mommy Where do babies come from?
    * The Berenstien Bears are Jewish who knew?

    Brain Embolism. Blog:

    About him: I once fucked a snowman because the neighborhood kids named it ‘Pussy’.

    Just speaking of bullshit.

    You’re all just proving my point. Hopefully someday you’ll empale yourselves with your big, huge cocks. Hopefully before you make lots of stupid, ignorant babies.

  44. RichPort

    #39 – Uuhhhhhh, what the fuck was that about? I mean really, Ms. Diaz, you shouldn’t be reading asshole celebrity bashing sites; your therapist would tell you it’s not good for your paranoia. After they cancelled your payday on Shrek 3: Ogres Are Green, I understand times have been pretty, well let’s face it, fucked up. But to make it so obvious by choosing the name ‘finished’… I mean what other former Hollywood starlet could it be? You are still welcome to do a gymnastic floor routine before your triple flip onto my johnson, Ms. Diaz. Last I checked, Stallion’s a pretty funny fuck. You, however, seemed to have juuuuuust mastered the old cut and paste, your boyfriend’s a fag, and TCLTC. Oh, and Edna’s a dike…

  45. Binky

    Hey – she has spunk as well !! ( and not just in her hair !)

  46. CruisingForCock

    Me thinks finished is done here.

  47. CruisingForCock

    I’m not sure I would have gone with those shoes. They look orange. Are they orange?

    Cockninja. LOVE the blog.

  48. Binky

    Lol finished

    (Cockninja : ‘Krisdylee’ seems to have a tampon in – a good time to crack out the Photoshop – and there are too many fattys near the bottom. Maybe it’s just me… Good luck on the site – hope to visit again)

  49. Binky

    (who drinks ‘Bud Lite’ ?

  50. suzy

    nah, she looks like she’s high…

    i never really liked her… even in the Mask, I always thought she was a bit trampy..


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