Cameron Diaz is rude

Diaz_Rude.jpgAccording to IMDB, Cameron Diaz reportedly “lost her patience” with photographers who were taking her picture during a press conference for her new movie, In Her Shoes, at the Toronto Film Festival.

She snapped, “Okay, collectively, how many pictures do you guys think you have? Seriously, do you communicate like this in the bedroom as well? It’s insane. I’m having a nervous breakdown with all that clicking.”

I could understand it if Cameron Diaz were in her bathroom and really needed some privacy, but somebody should let her know that press conferences usually involve the flashing of cameras and the asking of questions. Somebody should also let her know that just because she pinches a loaf in the middle of a press conference, it doesn’t mean that she’s in her bathroom, and it doesn’t mean the cameras are going to stop flashing. It is, however, just plain rude. Honestly, Cameron, we expect this kind of behavior from Drew Barrymore, but not from you. Then again, when Drew Barrymore takes a dump in the middle of a large crowd, it’s oddly cute. Like a puppy. And I really don’t know why…

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