Cameron Diaz is rude

September 23rd, 2005 // 22 Comments

Diaz_Rude.jpgAccording to IMDB, Cameron Diaz reportedly “lost her patience” with photographers who were taking her picture during a press conference for her new movie, In Her Shoes, at the Toronto Film Festival.

She snapped, “Okay, collectively, how many pictures do you guys think you have? Seriously, do you communicate like this in the bedroom as well? It’s insane. I’m having a nervous breakdown with all that clicking.”

I could understand it if Cameron Diaz were in her bathroom and really needed some privacy, but somebody should let her know that press conferences usually involve the flashing of cameras and the asking of questions. Somebody should also let her know that just because she pinches a loaf in the middle of a press conference, it doesn’t mean that she’s in her bathroom, and it doesn’t mean the cameras are going to stop flashing. It is, however, just plain rude. Honestly, Cameron, we expect this kind of behavior from Drew Barrymore, but not from you. Then again, when Drew Barrymore takes a dump in the middle of a large crowd, it’s oddly cute. Like a puppy. And I really don’t know why…


  1. Lizardqueen

    What a silly beeotch! Why didn’t she just take her top off and have someone tie her up? Honestly.

  2. mutterhals

    she should drop to her knees and thank god that anyone wants a damn picture of the pimply faced bitch.

  3. mac2048

    She was getting pissed because the flash from the lights was melting her foundation and concealer, thereby exposing hre freakishly pimpled skin.

    She is an ugly, mannish joke. And a horrible actress, to boot.

  4. Debra

    I love Cameron. Simply love her. Without her, the whole stereotype of blondes having the wind whistling through their ears would be more difficult to maintain. The claim that celebrities are arrogant hypocrites would be harder to prove. An ex-model who dreamed of being a movie star is now becoming famous for hating cameras. It’s delicious! She should insist her next movie simply be captured on sketch pad. The heat from that burning lasts so much longer than flaming celluloid.

  5. Ms. Dilligaff

    Wow, finally a celebrity stands up for something that REALLY makes sense…something true, something right. No more photos at PRESS conferences! Cameron is sooooo, like, awesome and stuff.

  6. stinkypinky

    Shut up Cameron! You’re a celebrity. It is part of your job and you signed up for it when you got into the biz. I hate celebrity whiners.

  7. Ragin_Pope_Angus

    I’d wash the makeup sludge off Cameron Diaz’s face so she could rely on her natural acting talents and become Queen of Real People Amatuer Porno.

    Oh wait, did I say talent and Cameron Diaz in the same sentence.

    Silly me.

    Just pass the spackle and a trowel and I’ll refill her craters.

  8. giromide

    She’s probably too distracted by her worry of being raped because Bush was re-elected.

  9. Juliette

    I’d say PMS hormones to go along with her pimply face.

  10. Martin92

    I think I know why she’s such a bitch. Justin isn’t serving her needs in the bedroom. Poor Cameron. Someone get that woman a pocket rocket.

  11. Juliette

    ^^Yea. I always thought JT had a small weiner.

  12. eatme

    im with you stinky pinky! what does this zit face think she is getting paid millions for?? her scary great acting talent? like her performance has ever made any movie she was in better. shut up and go plug proactive with p diddy and jessica simpson you stupid bitch

  13. Julies

    huh?what pimples? and even if she did have a few, i’m so sure All of you have always had perfect skin from the day you were born .. you are all f**ks

  14. shes a very complex woman. i haven’t seen anything like her since kathryn hepburn. largely misunderstood. i have a lot of respect for a woman who can burp louder than a foghorn.

  15. mutterhals

    I’d like to add that i have, in fact, had perfect skin since the day i was born, take that pimple puss!!

  16. chibi_hibiki

    If you were any deeper than a puddle, you wouldn’t be here. So please stop judging people for commenting on her skin. That still doesn’t take away from the fact she was at a press conference, and she’s complaining about having her picture taken. What an oxymoron. Boo hoo. $15 million per picture and she still can’t handle the pressures of fame, in the proper appropriated venue at that.

  17. him_lover

    julies, cameron is disgusting with acne, all over him nasty face. if you had hi-def with your tivo, you’d be able to scrutinize each and everyone. WAY beyond pimples. shit everyone gets a pimple or two, but cameron is gross
    wonder if she has bacne…

  18. IvoryFingers

    Cameron looked good when she was Princess Fiona.

  19. Anna Rexic

    I don’t blame her. GO CAMERON! Those mean camera people could’ve just used stock photos from her last sucky movies press conference.

  20. aprincess

    She gets 20 Million a movie! What the hell is her problem! Even Paris Hilton Gets the whole paparazzi thing. And for me to actually say something half-way decent about Paris makes me wanna punch Cameron in her annoying Jack-O-Lantern face! If you hate the press taking your pictures, quit acting! or be an actual ACTOR, Like Russell Crowe, Your basically a celibrity, and thats it!

  21. indiecent

    why make such a big deal out of this? I mean, everybody has bad days. seems like you did too, when you wrote all of that here.

  22. The claim that celebrities are arrogant hypocrites would be more difficult to prove. A former model who dreamed of becoming a movie star is becoming famous for the cameras hatred.

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