Cameron Diaz is pregnant

April 8th, 2010 // 64 Comments

Just kidding! I wanted to see what it’s like to make wild assumptions based off two celebrities standing next to each other. Or basically be Star for a day. So for the record, Cameron Diaz is not really pregnant.

Because Justin Timberlake is. WhooooOOOOoooaaaa.


  1. Crusty

    May well be the strangest post in Superficial history.

  2. First! They both suck.

  3. kimberly

    It may be the strangest, but whatever… it totally made me LOL.

  4. Cornholio

    Was there a point to this post? Not that any of the other posts today have points, but still…

  5. Sayrah


  6. devilsrain

    “Hi, can I get those gay looking boots with the 3″ soles? Thanks”

  7. JAJAJAJAJAJ muy bueno

  8. EB

    April Fools day was LAST WEEK

  9. RoboZombie

    Look at those HAUNCHES!!!

  10. small asian penis

    Those gay looking boots, are very popular if you live anywhere it snows. They are the smartest thing to own if your feet get cold or there is snow. I wouldn’t be walking around in them in Cali as they are designed for temperatures as low as -40 degrees. It’s like Britney running around in Uggs. The Sorels are unquestionably the best winter boot available on the market.

    Dude, the 3″ sole is a duck boot, it is back in the apres ski industry big-time.

  11. xylus

    Is he playing a gay Eskimo named Johnny Mukluk?

  12. Harold^Sick

    She looks totally pregnant, though…. in my DREAMS. Hahahahaha. But seriously, why is she not with me? Sigh.

  13. TekMoney

    Uhh… it’s come to this?

  14. Edamame

    A dang BRA would works wonders, Cam.

  15. moi

    ….what’s wrong with her face?

  16. Deacon Jones

    Caption for Pic 1:

    “And ‘den I kicked you outta ma life, like dis!”

  17. Iggy

    LMAO, he looks so small and weak and effeminate.

    My daughter could hurt him.

  18. yuck

    She is not aging well at all!

  19. Ryo

    Fuck that woman is U.G.L.Y!

  20. chris

    April fool’s joke gone wrong?


  22. Fruit Loop

    Ah god! I remember seeing her for the first time in ‘The mask’ and boy, she was pretty. Nowadays…….yeeeeeeeee, her smile looks like the joker, she needs a ton of raccoon makeup to fix her eyes, and her tits are not doing her body any favors. She must be a fright when coming out of the shower.

  23. QueenCamRothschild

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  24. BitemeBitche$

    Youneed those boots when your TUNA fishing to keep the slime off. Hey #23 bite my ass!!

  25. Dread not

    Hook me up to an I.V. of whatever #23 is having. WTF?! You get cable on your planet?

  26. those boots are absolutely hideous and totally, 2005…i thought he was supposed to be like, some kind of fashion icon or trend setter?! looks like poop.

  27. Cameron, if you are pregnant, I am happy for you. Congratulation girl!! Take care you!! I am sorry that you cannot enjoy your time because everyone has to be all over you!! Give her space guys!! Again, take care of yourself Cameron!!

  28. Sport

    Force Factor – you fucking idiot I doubt she reads this site. You’ll have to stalk her in person dude. And when you see her please tell her she isn’t aging very well. KthxBhai.

  29. ….WHY you say they both suck??
    The man I didn’t like!

  30. The first rumors surrounding Cameron Diaz and her new beau surfaced when the couple started planning a wedding. Which is another weird fact because Cameron had said she did not want to get married to Justin Timberlake, but now is marrying this new guy.

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  32. captain america

    ……..she wanna give birth to a MONGOL?

  33. You're nobody till somebody Rough you

    What the? Don’t retract it. Fabricating your own news is fun Fish.

  34. Valentina

    I almost had a heart attack! Cameron has said multiple times she doesn’t want to be a mother and the world doesn’t need more kids. I agree.

  35. sonofthebitch

    Mummy with her overgrown smarty son?

  36. Dick Tree

    Why do her eyes look like the dried up and sunken into the face ala a person dead for 5 days?

  37. I love to CaCa

    Ashton Kucher and Justin Timberlake are two celebrities I don’t get. Why are they still around? Kucher’s last hit was that “Dude” movie, and it wasn’t even that big. I know he’s a “producer” now, but do any of his shows last more than a couple of episodes? Why do people keep hiring him? Granted, Timberlake was hot with those frosted tips back in ’99 (to those tweeners), and he could sing and dance, even though it was a bit high pitched, but has he ever done anything in film of note? I thought your movies had to be successful in order to be an A lister. Not only that, but the guy got older and his sex appeal is totally gone. I just don’t get it. Is there some kind of deal-with-the-devil-to-become-famous thing going on somewhere that the rest of us don’t know about?

  38. cc

    QueenCamRothschild @23,,,please fuck off.

    Anyway, if she has a daughter hopefully she will be prettier than her pumpkin-faced mother.

  39. Cameron Diaz has got to be the ugilest wretch in Hollywood. She has never been hot, she looks like she got hit in the face with a frying pan, and it stayed all flat like in a cartoon. Plus, she’s never had an attractive body, always been somewhat boyish, which I’m sure homo’s like Fish get off on. She must give really good head though to be able to sustain a career in Hollywood, cause she’s dog ugly and has never made a good movie. And anyone could have played her part in “Something About Mary”…I wish she would just disappear and we’d never be forced to look at that disgusting mug of hers and have the Hollywood media tell us that she’s hot.

  40. Mike Caparowich

    Way to sensationalize ‘news’. I’m glad to see you feeding the idea of slanted journalism though bullshit posts like this. This sight is what’s standing in the way of democratic, engaging, educational media. Instead of using this as an outlet to serve actual news (or even light gossip for pity’s sake) you choose to litter audience’s mental real estate with nothing. Congrats on being neither entertaining nor thoughtful, and showing us the state of affairs via the degree of pulp journalism on your site

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  42. Darth

    The release date of this movie is to be expected somewhere in 2012.Nuff time to get those movie scenes perfect i guess.

  43. bimbamboing

    “The next take is in june 2011.Okay, see you then!”

  44. Rhialto

    Ofcourse is Cameron Diaz laughing her ass off because she’s by far the better and more experienced in acting.

  45. Nero

    Is Cameron Diaz still teaching Justin Timberlake things!?

  46. Gando

    The question here is similar to that of Jolie and Depp.Are they gonna have sex?

  47. Galtacticus

    Who’s at the moment dating Cameron Diaz?

  48. cellphone

    They gonna have some familiar sex together.

  49. If it is true. Then congrats!!
    I know they have been trying.

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