Cameron Diaz in Daisy Dukes and other news

March 29th, 2010 // 49 Comments

- Ashton Kutcher is clearly not having sex with Demi Moore. [Dlisted]

- Jesse James dodged a bullet if you don’t count the settlement that just happened. [PopEater]

- Somebody’s going to need to burn that grocery store down. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Jackson Rathbone: A Tale of Shitass Vampire Make-Up. [Lainey Gossip]

- Christina Aguilera and her almost-cleavage. [HollywoodTuna]

- Victoria Justice should legally not be allowed to look like that. [StarPulse]

- Lady GaGa is my kind of drunk. [TheFABlife]

- Wesley Snipes says Michael Jackson was an angel that we “didn’t take good care of.” I assume he means letting him near children. What were we thinking?! [Just Jared]

- Julia Roberts has some fucked up fans. [Celebslam]

- Mindy McCready has a sex tape. PASS. [The Blemish]

- Britney Spears is staying in hotels again. I’ll alert the Pentagon. [PopSugar]

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  1. Philipp


  2. Gueibor

    Why is this woman doing this to me? I said a thousand times I don’t find her sexy, so why make me look like a lying bastard? Uh?

  3. He Bangs (me in the ass)

    Looong legs. Sexy! Ricky Martin is a faggot? No way!

  4. merilhepburn

    Diaz sorta looks like Janice from The Muppets.

  5. gen

    fuck her. those legs never stop. i hate her.

  6. Gweb

    Fwap fwap!

  7. Mr.Mr.

    right now… in that outfit… i would plow that like crazy.

  8. timmy the dying boy

    Still lookin’ plenty good there, mama.

  9. Someone Else

    Well, we now know who has Kelly Ripa’s exact opposite of a belly button.

  10. Me 2

    Fantastic legs!

  11. mer

    Is she that hard up for money? What’s with the car wash?

  12. Jestersdead

    Sweet Jesus she looks awesome!!

  13. Mr. Nice Guy

    How many times in a day could I get my car dirty? I would find out! She looks great.

  14. FIRST!!! haha

    But yeah, she looks smashing here…not a fan, but damn!

  15. schadenfreudelicious

    The face is scary, but the girl has some seriously good gams…

  16. Sweet Jesus she looks awesome!!

  17. Landon "Reaper" Armstrong

    I’ve never really been a big Cameron Diaz fan. Like her in some roles, not so much in other roles. But in the role of car wash pimp she’s ichi-ban.

    That’s one car wash I’d stop for even if my car had just been detailed. Lovely, lovely legs. And a beautiful flat tummy!


  18. Pia

    Wow, she looks much better than she did in those bikini pics of her from a few weeks ago! A normal chick on the street would look like a whore dressed like that, but she seriously pulls it off. But yeah- what the hell is up with the car wash?

  19. kiguigigi

    What a white girl ass.

  20. purpleaces

    That white girl ass is just how a white girl’s ass is supposed to look. Those giant, disproportionate asses are a recent fad in society. Better for her ass to be natural.

  21. ThePentagon

    Are you Mr JT constantly miss Cameron to put up “dream body of that old woman”? The terrorist already invaded Britney’s home and she was driven into exile, kids held hostage, why haven’t you alert the Pentagon for the Supreme Court to fight justice for her and restore her mental state?

  22. It’s Cam. I saw the group of pics earlier today and she’s just pursing her lips in this pic. She’s gorgeous!

  23. jack butters

    this camera guy sucks.. all these shots and no ass shots? That’s the best
    part of girls wearing daisy dukes, the legs going all the way up and seeing the perfect ass! FAIL!

  24. NG

    She was hot on the “Mask”. WFT happened to her?

  25. Catani

    Nothing new…..same ol’ Cam….Great body…monster face

  26. Cameron Diaz is a gorgeous woman. She’s a supermodeal and has even been on many magazine recognizing her beauty. She has a better set of boobs than me that’s all I know,

  27. captain america

    she also wanna be seen as an extremely dumb ass like jessica simpson?

  28. oooaaahhh

    ladies, this is how you age.

  29. That white girl ass is just how a white girl’s ass is supposed to look. Those giant, disproportionate asses are a recent fad in society. Better for her ass to be natural.

  30. name withheld


    ….you can take off your tights now, and release your man balls from their ‘hidden couch flying dragon position”, it’s making you crazy talk.

  31. jane

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  32. Rhialto

    Is this really her? Maybe it’s a body-double?

  33. stanlymorris

    victoria justice…. yes.

  34. GQ Guy

    Notice how much younger women over 35 look with glasses (sunglass or regular) than without glasses?

  35. Crusty

    Of all the Hollywood starlets out there, Cameron Diaz is the one I’d like to spend an evening partying with. Girl seems to know how to have a great time without winding up in the backseat of a cruiser or face down in a gutter.

    Sign me up..

    And those legs.. gracious.

  36. dudeee

    One day she looks like the most unattractive woman ever, and suddently BANG! Look at those legs!

    Damn. Now I’m confused.

  37. Pay4Kids

    Hillary get the Pakistani support, Bill Clinton get the North Korean weapon and Obama get the Afghan soldiers and the world should be a safe place? The Pentagon jobless, they can’t even protect their base, how they protect Britney and her kids, nor have any power in the Supreme court? The fuckup man who married her still rap crap with his legal extortion and use media propaganda about “love”, “depression”. With lawyers licking his ass, put blame on Britney’s meltdown to all other acquaintances and friends, who only taught Britney where her money should rightly go to, i.e herself? Pay to someone you f–k him out of the home, someone who never home to spent any quality time with her and kids, after divorced, took advantage to fight over kids to be fed? Such kind of man only made Tiger look a little better because he did not extort from his wife and live off through kids!

  38. QueenCamRothschild

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  39. lovemehateme

    Cameron only make Katie feel safe leaving Tom with a co-star. It’s like who would look at that face to make love, blind-folded? One consolation, she can safely made her movies without legally extorted through use of kids and cheaters! No wonder, there left only pretty boys, gays, old woman and once-upon-a-time handsome beau! The rest terrorized by their own “dream marriage” and told to “go home to kids”! Claimed for custodian rights to kids without a need for any financial contribution, abusing legal codes of the “richer ex-spouse pays for all”, “extort the rich to help the poor”? Democracy includes c-ship or abuse of human rights, another term used “legal extortion through conservators, parents and kids from the mentally ill, unfit human being”?

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  41. Thank you for your sharing!

  42. She was hot on the “Mask”. WFT happened to her?

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