Cameron Diaz in a bikini

May 27th, 2009 // 108 Comments

Here’s Cameron Diaz in Hawaii yesterday and is anyone else severely depressed by these pictures? You’d think Cameron Diaz in a bikini would be a more festive occasion, but honestly, I’ve experienced more excitement eating toast. Although, in fairness, I should point out I replaced the airbag in my car with a toaster. Ladies?


  1. Hash


  2. devilsrain729

    Washed up

  3. BadGoat

    FRIST?? I guess you meant FIRST and who cares anyway.

    She looks adorable. Why so grumpy Superficial?

  4. g_girl

    amazing bod, what do you bitch about?

  5. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Oh Jesus, here we go with the “looks great for her age” comments, to be topped by the “looks better than most 20-year-olds” comments.

    We need some type of island where we can ship over-the-hill women who still consider themselves sexually attractive. I mean, other than Long Island.

  6. There goes my lunch..

    @4 What bod? She has the body of a 12 year old Alter boy..

  7. bikini posts ?

  8. Deva

    Christ, now I understand what Justin Timberlake didn’t see in her.

  9. joe

    She’s an avid surfer. Maybe that’s why she looks like a surfboard. Well, like the special models that include an acne-infested gargoyle face.

  10. Hash

    No, I meant frist, otherwise no dumb fuck would be trolled and correct me.
    I’d hit miss Diaz btw.

  11. I bet she can braid her bush… she looks bohemian like that.

  12. bakinmycake

    I’d like to trade this thing in for something hotter.

    How bout a Biel instead?

    Biel is good.

  13. Ted

    What exactly is “amazing” about her body? No tits, no ass. Yes, also no fat. I guess it’s true, for American women these days, that’s amazing.

  14. “TITS” are indeed for sale, folks!!

  15. g_girl

    you’re blind and you can all SUCK IT.

  16. BadGoat

    Hey Hash (#10),
    Who cares btw!

    signed – dumb fuck

  17. Photoshop Police

    SHUT UP!

    Every one of you screamin bitch-tards would hit that!

    sorry, I think that real-sugar mountain dew is gettin to me.
    i love you all… even fake robot daisy

  18. @15, g_girl, do you kiss you r mother with that mouth?

  19. Lori

    All I wanna know is why the hell I am not seeing the shirtless Rob Pattinson pictures on here-get RID of all your other duties and get with the fucking program Superficial dude!

  20. glace neuf

    i would hit it like there’s no tomorrow. then wake up tomorrow and hit it again.

  21. Valerie

    She’s got fucking fantastic legs to this day. Good for you Cameron!

  22. Aint nothing wrong with her! shes still a hottie tottie …the only problem is, id need something to gag her with so i can be spared that stupid laugh…

  23. duh

    Yes, most men are horny and not especially picky so they’d “hit it”. (and your point is….?)

    No, she doesn’t deserve to be known as a famously “hot” celebrity. Cartoonishly ugly face, complete with chronic adult acne, and a toned and fit but completely featureless body. The homosexuals who cast her in movies as the highly desirable beauty aren’t bothered by any of that, as they’re distracted by Tom Cruise’s lawyers telling them not to talk about their latest “backroom meeting” with him.

  24. Les

    Suddenly I feel my self esteem being deflated…

  25. Les

    Suddenly I feel my self esteem being deflated…

  26. russ

    ————-looks like a piece of driftwood washed up on shore————-

  27. lucci

    i miss ‘the mask’ times, when she was HOT. now she just look like my sister without her makeup. but i’d still bang her, as I banged my sistah.

  28. @22 I always wondered what you did for a living Rough Daddy. Now I know you are a Catholic Priest..

  29. dirk

    The Joker and Ernest Borgnine had a baby???

  30. gil

    “Suddenly I feel my self esteem being deflated”

    like Cameron’s ass?

  31. How ridiculous, it is impossible to like only a certain body type…

  32. @22 why? she gonna laough when you pull out the two inch wonder worm?

  33. MaryJane

    –This is so unrelated but don’t freak out on me,–

    As I’m reading these comments my cat falls off the desk and lands on her side on the computer tower ((she’s not hurt!)) but it was so hard holding in my laughter I didn’t want to embarrass the poor thing any further.

    -THE only time Cameron was hot was in the Mask,, she was SMOKIN’.


  34. Hash

    @33 – How’s said cat called?

  35. Just_As_it_Is

    Her body loos fine to me. Although she’s ugly as fuck.

    She completes my top three of ugliest faces in Hollywood

    Plus I wouldn’t want to nail her… I don’t want her burping and farting all the time while she laughs hysterically.

  36. Bic

    Photo shop is going to turn everyman in this country gay. If women don’t have plastic looking skin and perfect proportions guys flip shit. Sure she doesn’t look as great as she did in her prime but come on people, its not Susan Boyle in a bikini.

  37. MaryJane


    Her name…..? Frances……….?

  38. y3n0

    Now this is more like it! More of this and less PR favor/shilling for Bradley Cooper and the like.

    Stop ruining the site!

  39. Hash

    Sorry, thought you were someone else :P
    My regards to Frances!

  40. Shawn

    The Joker face gets worse every time, but that’s still a tight bod. I’d pound it until her eyes popped out given the chance.

  41. @ 32 Hey mister wizard? theres nothing i hate more then a follower keep your comments to yourself…

  42. mikeock

    These pictures didn’t turn on the guy who writes the comments because he’s gay. Or dead. Or gay and dead.

  43. Jackson

    Thanks for posting a chick in a bikini that does not have a fat ass or big wide hips. These pics are not posed and airbrushed like Kim Kardaskanks pics.

  44. Erica

    Shit, I credit where credit it due. That is a damn fine athletic body.

  45. Alli Watermelon

    I would never call her UGLY. But, the only time I ever considered her remotely attractive was in, “The Mask”. Otherwise, I’m not a fan of her face or body. Eh, take it or leave it.

  46. Hot Hot Hot

    Any one who says / thinks this is not one HOT piece of genuine American female should really consider moving to California and supporting gay marriage, since it is obvious you are gay.

  47. Doc from the US

    She has a fit body for her body type and it shows. This is her natural best wthout fake breast implants or liposuction. I hope more Americans start practicing a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating in moderation. The US is lazy and I hope this changes. There are more fat people than fit people in the US. Only 1/2 of the US students graduate from high school. Americans quit making excuses and get busy.

  48. karen

    the lower half of her stomach looks weird.
    I’m guessing tummy tuck.

  49. Jay

    Her body is amazing !!!!!! Perfect!!!! You FAT FUCKS ARE CRAZY. She works out and has achieved perfection.

  50. RK

    these are the best photos of KD ever … no straight on picture of her BUTT FACE …

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