Cameron Diaz has something of mine

September 18th, 2007 // 71 Comments

There they are! How drunk was I last night? Somehow I let a transvestite run off with my Batman and Robin. No, that’s not a tranny, it’s Cameron Diaz. Oh, gross. Wow. I don’t even want them back. She can keep them. I’m okay with a deflated sac. Fortunately these washboard abs will be the perfect distraction. Yep, you can do laundry off these babies. Which I often do in the company of a lady. It makes her wonder where the muscle ends and the man begins.

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  1. Loomit

    She is so hot!

  2. Athena


  3. Mike

    Fuck Cameron is fuckin ugly. One of the worst actors, and ugliest at that.

  4. stuperstar

    yessss.. top 3

  5. cookie monsta

    kinda makes ya wonder why JT hung around so long – must be a living hell waking up next to this thing !!

  6. 6th


  7. Ted from LA

    I’d date her for two reasons. Her checkbook and her left nipple (see photo @ 10). There’s something about nipples.

  8. I didn’t know they had the Special Olympics for bacce ball. I learn something new everyday.

  9. raquel

    JT hung around Cameron for the same reason that Ben Affleck married Jennifer Garner, Chad Lowe married Hilary Swank, and all but the most hardcore lesbians occasionally have sex with guys: sometimes you just need a cock in you.

  10. smegma

    She looks so glamorous, happy, and youthful in pic #10.

  11. BA HA HA!! That’s the FUNNIEST headline for that photo! HA HA

    She looks good to be 167.

  12. Lorena B.

    Once, a guy came in Cameron’s mouth. Once. She made the same face as in picture 4, and then cut off his penis.

  13. imran karim

    is she with ashton

  14. someone

    That is ASHTON! (Right?) Can someone confirm or refute this? Just weird that their together. Playing bocce ball nonetheless. They would actually have made a good couple. He likes older women.

  15. grobpilot

    That is one worn-out lookin’ bitch, but……nice nipple!

  16. grobpilot

    Looks like she’s going to be practicing proctology without a license in pic #7

  17. mpm

    Why the hell is she with Ashton Kutcher, and why are they at a lame birthday party? Is this a hokey movie set or something?

  18. ssdd

    Finally …another headline to lighten the mood … and funny ;) thankies……………

    Now….what will Demi say when she takes a look at these …. is this from a movie set?? ..Either way … Ashton looks happy .. you never see him smile like this with her…

  19. nina

    Demi watch out!!!

  20. T

    Who’s got an uglier butter-face???

    1) Fergie
    2) Cameron Diaz
    3) Lisa Rinna
    4) This chick —>

  21. Joy

    Yeah… looks like someone is getting a little too close to Demi’s man.

    Cameron and Demi are both old ladies now…
    but at least Demi looks degnified for her age. You know, that classic 40ish beauty.
    But Cameron… god. Her face looks like an old rubber puppet I had as a kid – anyone else remember Boglins?

  22. Man, your balls look pretty heavy.

  23. PunkA

    That is Josh Hartnett, you retards!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, CD has fallen off the ugly tree and hit way too many branches. Her looks are gone. Tragic.

  24. Rose

    How ironic is it that she’s standing in front of Ashton Kutcher holding a pair of balls? If anyone needs those back…I think it’s him.

  25. Waffleholic

    I think Hollywood has ran out of actual beautiful women to star in films and make due with a name brand ugly.

  26. Facial Paralysis

    Bell’s Palsy is caused by herpes zoster. This is karma for her slutty ways.

  27. the D.A.

    She is plain ugly. Always has been, always will be.

    There are much better looking women working in grocery stores, auto parts stores, strip bars, restaurants.

    Looks like shit piled about 5 feet high.

  28. Joe54

    Umm that’s Ashton Kutcher PunkA, probably pictures from the set of the movie they are doing together…

  29. cowgirl

    Photo #11 – can’t she afford shoes that aren’t torn!?!?!??! What the heck?

  30. Mike

    That’s Ashton she’s prancing around with. They’re in a movie together.

  31. sdebbie75

    I think she’s so cute– i don’t know why everyone thiks she is so grossly ugly!!!!!!

  32. LJ

    Does anyone notice a tiny bulge in her tummy. I’m not saying a thin person can’t have a bulge, but from the size of her…there’s a bump for sure. Prego anyone?

  33. SuperG

    Style her hair differently and put glasses on her…it’s Mrs. Doubtfire!

  34. jacknasty

    Wow, just imagine how dumb their kid would be?

  35. Kimberly

    Why is she grabbing Ashton Kutcher’s ass in front of his stepdaughters? WHORE! TRANNY WHORE!

  36. stenchblossom

    oh my god, scandal!!! i hope demi moore sees these and then ashton realises he wants to marry me and no hollywood granny! im 22, so itll be hard for him to come to terms with but hell soon realise that grannies and old women arent hot and that i am!!!!!oh my

  37. yowillie

    Nice nip

  38. Broker

    Ugly face but nice shaped tits and nips. Like Maniston, needs a bag over her head.

  39. Anexio

    Superfish and the rest of you are full of shit.

    She is smokin’ hot!

    She’s like an old shoe, comfortable and easy to put on.

    I bet a date with her wouldn’t cost more than a hundred bucks.


  40. FIRST

    She is not aging well

  41. steve

    fish is so fuckin funny. Damn, this is funny. You can go to a lot of gossip sites, but this is the funniest

  42. Malicious

    she’s grabbing Ashtons ass!!

  43. hot!! i’s weather!

  44. *crying* Thank you 29. I feel very,very priviledged.

  45. spamhole

    demi better watch out before ashton trades her in for a younger older hen.

  46. B610

    There filming a movie together called What Happens in Vegas and there on the set in those photos.

  47. Cameron is a man. Argue with me by sending me an email, Maybe you can send me pictures.

  48. iAmMcLovin


    That is NOT Josh Hartnett, YOU retard!!!!!!!!!!

  49. soy

    #45 heheh younger older hen!
    ashton the faggot

  50. salmonswife

    she is kinda whorish,
    that ashton is kinda gayish

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