Cameron Diaz goes surfing

June 14th, 2007 // 105 Comments

These photos of Cameron Diaz surfing were taken a few weeks ago while she in Waikiki, Hawaii. Her mouth is a scientific anomaly, but she has a pretty decent body for a 34-year-old. Wait, 34 isn’t that old. I guess she’d have a pretty decent body if she was 90. But she’s not 90. So she’s got the 34-year-old body of a 34-year-old. Congratulations!


  1. DefinatelyTrying

    She looks like she had a couple kids already, but she still looks better than Britney Spears. Let’s hope Spears doesn’t have anymore kids, the two she had for sure ruined her for life.

  2. astella

    skin cancer alert!

  3. sylvie

    Cameron looks beautiful, happy and healthy. Women are supposed to be healthy, fit and active. GORGEOUS!

  4. El Sueno

    Sex Wax.

  5. I like…so beautiful and sexy,good!

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