Cameron Diaz goes surfing

June 14th, 2007 // 105 Comments

These photos of Cameron Diaz surfing were taken a few weeks ago while she in Waikiki, Hawaii. Her mouth is a scientific anomaly, but she has a pretty decent body for a 34-year-old. Wait, 34 isn’t that old. I guess she’d have a pretty decent body if she was 90. But she’s not 90. So she’s got the 34-year-old body of a 34-year-old. Congratulations!


  1. jrzmommy

    I was just gonna say, musta forgot to type in JRZMOMMY SITS ON LARGE BIG THINGS or whatever that time…..we understand…having as many personalities as you do must get confusing for you.

  2. I See Wally People

    51–He should just go by plain old Brian….

  3. woodhorse

    yeah – holding all those threads together gets a bit much sometimes but I have my good days. *laughing maniacally*

  4. iamsosmrt

    Check out the second little pic her arms are HUUUUUUUUUGE, what the fuck.

    Cameron Diaz 34 (has dated douchebags and been in a porno)

    Legs: A (so few people have nice legss an A is a mighty high score)

    Ass: B+ (could be just a little rounder)

    Stomach/abs: C (what the fruck happened to her stomach she hasn’t had kids.. that we know of)

    Face: B- (leathery and body builderish… a far cry from There’s Something About Mary and The Mask)

    Arms: A if she were a boy BUT a C- because she’s suposed to be a girl

    So basically overall she’s around a B- which is exactly how I would rate her. Yes I am a scientist or is it a statistician. Bah…

    Anysnatch, I prescribe working on the abs rather than the arms, staying out of the sun and moisturizing A LOT all over, also a padded bikini that is a more feminie than camouflage. I suggest a nice blue to bring out her eyes.

  5. Hey jrzmommy! i see that you rounded up some of your dirty ass hooker friends! I know that you wish that you had as much money as i have, but you cannot, I repeat! that you cannot make as money on that corner, as I do per a minute! So…..jrzmommy, and her hooker friends……continue to get your lips wet! I think that you might need help with this also, hookers, dipshits, you can thank me later!

  6. JesusTheEverLovingChrist-UsedToBeAJew-BUtNotNoMore..

    Worry not Fishers… I gave #31 colon cancer months ago to go along with his scathing case of Herpes… Wally/Brian, be patient…. The gerbil will makes its way back out after it is done snacking on those polyps…

    One last chance people… Kill Paris and I will take you back in time to visit the Garden of Eden… I will even bring along some of the weed that Dad was smoking when he made the Platypus… Think about it…

    The Big JC….

  7. iamsosmarter

    Whole person: F. Bullet to head. The end.

  8. whoa...

    so when, exactly, did the comment threads become infected with shouting eastern european “comics”???

  9. star69

    “The Joker” looks way old for her age.
    I’ve seen 73 year olds look better than that.

    I wish she would quit trying to surf.
    Damn haole.

  10. TJ

    Hey- does anyone know what designer’s bathing suit she’s wearing? I want to get one!

  11. woodhorse

    Thank you all of the above – so fucking funny today. Huge improvement over yesterday.

  12. PrettyBaby

    #55 I object to the term “hooker” as I prefer the term “entertainment specialist”. And the street corner near your house is really lucrative cause your boyfriend can’t appear to go a day without wanting to hook up. He gets tired of the angry rants and stinky pussy. Hell, he doesn’t even care if I clean up first. It’s all better than what he has going.

  13. PrettyBaby

    Yeah, I know that wasn’t very ladylike… *sigh* okay, okay… besides I know the truth is there is no amount of $ that could make me sleep with whoever you fuck.

  14. Anne Heshe

    I think the bellybutton/hernia thing is due to the weight of her undescended testicles.

  15. iamsosmrt

    #60. The swim line is called
    “Check for a penis”, yah it’s very stylish Paris has about a 100 of them. Justin actually gave Cam this suit as a parting gift, you know like when a guy gives a chick his sweatshirt or some shit.

    If you want one of your own and can’t suffer trough a Justin Timberlake “relationship” MANZIERE makes one and so does BRO. It depends how much support your man booboos need. The Manziere has more man-tit support but the Bro cradles your balls a lot better. Well that what Paris said.

    Wait you are a man right? Or a Hemaphrodite? Or a Hilton? Because this swimwear is not made for a person who is of the FEAMALE PERSUATION. If you are a girl and you are not “confused” about your “gender” go to Victoria Secret and you will find lots of swimwear suitable for girls. Girls CAN wear camouflage and I ain’t saying they can’t so let no feminist get their mustaches in a twist it’s just that this particular suit is a MANKINI and a girl would be severly embarASSing herself if she wore one.

  16. iamsosmrt


    and some other typos

  17. GOD

    #57. Don’t lie now, you know Iamsosmrt is the SMARTEST person in the UNIVERSE and in THE HISTORY OF TIME, also the HOTTEST but that is besides the point.

    Shitcans I really fucked up with Paris didn’t I? She was supposed to be a joke but it just got so out of hand. I’m truly Sorry.

  18. yukadoozer

    Whatevers. In just a few short years she and Anniston will look like 2 gay men.

  19. no1justminda

    I’m pretty sure that doesn’t qualify as surfing…

  20. Bubba

    I bet this chick has no problems waking up alone after one-night stands as Alba describes. She’s so far beyond fugly without makeup it’d scare anyone into running for their lives.

  21. LadyJane

    Dudes, I just farted.

  22. theoriginalmilf

    Cameron’s got a cute smile, nice muscle tone, and a slamming ass. I don’t know…maybe it’s all those damned pics of nasty Britney we’ve been subjected to here lately, but I think Cameron is a natural beauty.

  23. Jrmafia27

    Is that dude in the background of pic 2 scott pollard?

  24. missoblivious

    Yeh, 34 is not old; espc when your body hasn’t even been thru the experience of having kids yet. Cameron looks okay, she has nice long legs. But her body is kind of boyish otherwise. And the joker mouth…ich.

  25. spoofy mcgillicutty

    I fucking hate celebrity surfers.

  26. Flavio

    i want to fuck her so hard… what such hot bitch.

  27. But Why

    I’m really not trying to be mean. I’m just really confused:

    I don’t see any cellulite on this girl. She’s not fat. She’s blonde. She’s not pale. She has long legs. She has a full, smiley mouth. She doesn’t have a flabby tummy. But why don’t I find her sexy?

  28. kait

    Her abs look the same way abs do after they’ve been lipo’d. And check out the woman in the blue bathing suit on her right–she’s totally hot!

  29. bex

    i dunno dude, i think she’s got a pretty slammin’ body for her age, although i remember her having boobs once upon a time…

  30. DahliaRose

    She’s really cute. I am so glad that she and her Mickey Mouse Boyfriend, the ugly dog one with the big nose, broke up. I just don’t know what anyone sees in him. His dancing is kind of cute, but anyone can learn that. She dated him for way too long, what a waste of time. Next time, get a puppy.

  31. star69


    Cuz she’s not the hot blonde when you see her upclose. She be the ‘The Joker’, man~

    The Joker Mouth…
    A birth defect (well kinda) that no plastic surgeon can ever fix.

    And has anyone ever hear her laugh????
    A mongoloid has a cuter laugh.

  32. mabbo

    She has the body of a teenaged boy. No wonder Justin Timberlake was so into her for 3 years. He likes the boys, but his career won’t allow him a coming out party like Lance. I bet Cameron’s face was shoved in the pillows and he probably never even touched that pussy…all ass pounding for our Mr. JT. I see she had her nose fixed, but didn’t she break it surfing?

  33. Xixa

    She has a great body! I wish I had a body like that

  34. Props to cameron for surfing waikiki.

    All locals who vibe, go suck your mom’s dick.

    Back to Cam, I’d hit it.


  35. hollywoodbitch

    She looks like a dude

  36. leah p

    she looks like a man, I think she is juiced up..what with those arms?

  37. She has nice legs and that’s pretty much it. She looks somewhat like a dude and… How can people that rich look so insanely old for being 34 years old?

  38. pekpek

    #87 you know why? 34 isn’t that old you retard.

  39. jus'stupid

    Surfing Waikiki is easy, even the Japanese tourists do that crap. head up to the North shore in Jan, and then you can prove your worth.


  40. jrzmommy

    60-I think it’s Billabong.

  41. 89- go eat some spam and STFU.

  42. 85, 86 – if your dad looked like that I’d hit it too.

  43. FRANK


  44. FRANK


  45. star69

    Surfing NShore would be too dangerous for her. Not just cuz the Jaws would swallow her whole and Pipe would smoke her and spit her out (possibly dead) but because the locals would mistake her for a male and beat his haole ass down. I mean “hers”. Even if she said “Stop I’m just a girl trying to surf” they’d never believe it.

    No, I think “his” is the right word after all.
    She’s a man baby!

  46. This site sucks

    This site is terrible. That’s why there’s nobody here. It’s one thing to view “junk news” and poke fun a bit but the news posters and even most of you guys are fucking retarded. You are so insecure that you make fun of people when there’s nothing to make fun of. I’m not a Cameron Diaz fan but if you say her body looks bad then you need to clean your greasy hair off of your horned-rimmed glasses.


    not that anyone’s reading this post anymore, but you know what the worst part probably was? the fucknuts that work the beach. back in the day, i’m imagining Duke working his charms, but i’ll bet as soon as those douchelords saw cameron they were running into the water, tossing tourists and locals out of the water. also, where else is she going to surf on o’ahu, since it’s summer? 2 to 4 today, flat out on the north shore.

  48. iamsosmrt

    #97. Agreed.

    Also I cried actual tears when I saw these pictures. I want to go to Hawaii so bad unfortunately I don’t get paid 20 mil to look like a man and scare small children with my giant mouth. Fuck, these rich douches have no idea how privelledged they are.

  49. iamsosmrt


  50. kissmyass

    she was beautiful some years ago but now she now she looks like a boy, maybe that what the thing that attracted to justin fagotlake

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