Cameron Diaz forgets her bra

April 18th, 2007 // 139 Comments

Cameron Diaz was spotted in Hollywood without her bra on, which might be a bigger deal if she actually had breasts. Although she’s looking pretty good for somebody whose mouth was once classified by NASA to be “Super Really Gigantic.” Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was the scientifiic term they used.

NOTE: Remember when Cameron Diaz used to look like this? Ahh those were good times. And by good times I mean I spent my nights clutching my pillow in fear, afraid she would come through my window and eat me.

cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-01-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-02-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-03-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-06-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-09-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-11-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-12-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-13-thumb.jpg


  1. daηielle™↵

    Yeah right.

  2. Liverpool FC

    I would pond that deep & hard.

  3. veggi

    I did it for you fishstick…

    Fish Stick Looks Like Christ The woman with the cheese sandwich.

    It works better using your real name….

  4. Liverpool FC

    I would slam that doggy style.

  5. Fishstick


  6. veggi

    Oh Jimbo. Didn’t you see what I look like? veggie looks like a brown, lopsided sphere speckled with whorls and crevices. Now, does that sound tempting, really?

  7. Veggi, I think I did it wrong. This is what it says : Kari looks like she is playing dress-up in her mom’s work clothes & accessories. Kari looks like a kid, & a fun, cool kid at that. …

  8. veggi

    haha FRIST. You did it right. I see that one, but scroll down. There are much better ones…
    Like this one.
    Kari looks like a blow up doll
    Kari looks like a very beautiful Russian girl (maybe a little bit exotic for Central Russia but not for Siberia) + she

  9. 2. The Jesus Fish Stick

    News of the Grilled Cheese Virgin Mary last week spurred Fred Whan of Ontario, Canada, to dig into his freezer for what some may believe to be a heavenly work of cod

  10. FRIST!!!

    Oh, wait it also says I look like a Bratz doll, that’s true!!! I only wear giant platform boots and shoes!!!

  11. Jimbo

    It is not what your outside looks like but what is on the in side. Yes I still want to marry you and FRIST. That would be awsome. Veggi on on side and FRIST on the other WOOOO HOOO

  12. Fishstick

    frist: i thought you weren’t a stripper?

  13. tits_on_snack

    Eh. Her body’s nice and in shape but needs about ten pounds or so, to fill out the gaping crevices around her chest and shoulders.

    Her hair’s toast.

    Her face. Her fucking scary-ass face has haunted me ever since that movie she did with Ewan McGreggor that I can’t remember the name of.

  14. Jimbo

    She will be tonight!!!!

  15. veggi

    going to lunch. see ya’ll.

  16. Jimbo

    Bring me back something good

  17. tits_on_snack

    Hey um, what’s with the blonde hair on the background of the main page of this site, and on Perez fucking douchebag Hilton dot com?

  18. FRIST!!!

    I’m not, I just dress like one…

  19. Wow. Looks like you guys had a regular 6th grade slumber party since the last time I checked … not the first time I’ve missed out on an 6th grade slumber party … not getting the nod for the one last Saturday was especially painful …

  20. Jimbo

    You show me yours and I will show you mine. That is for FRIST not Bern

  21. Fishstick

    Dammit! is Cameron Diaz’s painfully sharp nipples the only celebu-trash thats happened today!?!?

  22. FRIST!!!

    Haha Jimbo :)

    Bern, you are not invited to my slumber parties. I am PMSing and I will kill you.

  23. Shanipie

    There must be an ass kissing convention in LA…when the celebs get out they’ll al congratulate themselves on being masters of the universe

  24. Good for her. I saw her at Starbucks on Santa Monica Blvd. the other day.

  25. FRIST!!!

    I don’t know fish, but if they don’t come up with something soo, I may as well WORK or something.
    Maybe get some filing done…

  26. Truthseeker013

    She left it at my place when she was here last night. Cut her some slack!

  27. Jimbo

    FRIST There is a new Paul Abdule story. Time to move on. She looks like shit

  28. FRIST!!!

    ok thx!!!

  29. Yourfairytale

    Hey #46, curvy doesn’t mean having “huge cans.” It means having curves on your hips too, an hourglass figure. Nothing’s wrong with Cameron’s breasts…it’s the rest of her that needs some meat.

  30. Dory

    Shes a muppet. You know how they swing completely open halfway through their heads when they talk. Well thats her!!

  31. Cameron looks like shit..i think she had a freakin face lift and looks like someone put retna A on her face or she lit it on fire. Uglyyyyyyyyyyyy

  32. Liverpool FC

    I’d still pound her deep & hard relentelssly.

  33. motogurl

    i feel as if her ridiculouly large bag is going to send that waif giant tumbling… she looks stupid. and ugly. justin is so hot, why was he ever with that nasty woowoo?

  34. Please someone give #132 something fast to pound,,,


  36. cate

    hideous face, gorgeous body. Especially for her age.

  37. JVice

    You know a 34-year-old woman is in trouble when the best thing anyone has to say here is she has a nice body “especially for her age.” It’s not news how flat-chested Cameron Diaz is. To be hired for “The Mask,” Cammy had to agree to fill her bra with more than just the normal amount of prothetics. So it’s no wonder that ever since, when Diaz appears as her tiny-titted self, observers are disappointed. Speaking of foundation, on screen Diaz is always slathered in make-up to give her ragged complexion that lacquered glow.

  38. antred

    Well, I think she looks pretty cute there.

  39. sully

    ok….If all of u would watch the making of part of the dvds u buy u would have seen cameron say that in ”the mask”…she wore pads and a push up….in the dance sceen in the club when they first dance….when he bends her over in the dance they pull in for a close up and you can see one of the pads in her dress….they were small then…just more perky…..I think there awsome especially in the movie right after the montage when she plays witr themm…goregous

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