Cameron Diaz forgets her bra

Cameron Diaz was spotted in Hollywood without her bra on, which might be a bigger deal if she actually had breasts. Although she’s looking pretty good for somebody whose mouth was once classified by NASA to be “Super Really Gigantic.” Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was the scientifiic term they used.

NOTE: Remember when Cameron Diaz used to look like this? Ahh those were good times. And by good times I mean I spent my nights clutching my pillow in fear, afraid she would come through my window and eat me.

cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-01-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-02-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-03-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-06-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-09-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-11-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-12-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-13-thumb.jpg

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