Cameron Diaz forgets her bra

April 18th, 2007 // 139 Comments

Cameron Diaz was spotted in Hollywood without her bra on, which might be a bigger deal if she actually had breasts. Although she’s looking pretty good for somebody whose mouth was once classified by NASA to be “Super Really Gigantic.” Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was the scientifiic term they used.

NOTE: Remember when Cameron Diaz used to look like this? Ahh those were good times. And by good times I mean I spent my nights clutching my pillow in fear, afraid she would come through my window and eat me.

cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-01-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-02-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-03-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-06-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-09-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-11-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-12-thumb.jpg cameron-diaz-no-bra-gym-13-thumb.jpg


  1. Lowlands

    I just put on my really dark sunglasses to see these pics better.Otherwise my pupils won’t open up.

  2. Shanipie

    jeeez slow news day huh? I’m boooooooooored

  3. scienceguy

    The day of the VT shooting, I tuned into Hannity, most callers start the conversation with , Sean, your a great American ! This one caller said Sean, your not only a great American, but the greatest American who has ever lived, thats when I drove off the road into a ditch. Very dangerous listening to right wing radio while driving.

  4. FRIST!!!

    I’m bored too. Let’s all play that game where you find out your porno name.
    Take the name of your first pet and the name of the first street you lived on.
    I’m Fluffer McNair

  5. Fishstick

    #53: you could be stuck here with me and John Tesh.

    #54: Misty Edgewood

  6. Fishstick

    …but…my stripper names were Ivy & Claudia.

  7. Shanipie

    LOL thats a good one…although I use the word “fluff” to describe passing wind.

    Mine is alright.

    I’m Chloe Jones

  8. Shanipie

    I need help deciding my new stripper name for when I lose the rest of the baby weight in a few more months.

    I used to be Bunni

  9. Fishstick

    Fluffer McNair, Misty Edgewood & Chloe Jones. Sounds like 3 out of the “Fox Force Five.”

  10. Fishstick

    58: well whats your real first name? that how i chose mine. i dont have an especially feminine name and was always a tomboy, so i wanted to sound girly.

  11. Shanipie

    Hey fishstick, which clubs did u work at?

  12. FRIST!!!

    Hm. Well you’ve come a long way, from stripping to washing machines…heehee

    But that is a pretty good porno name, not at good as mine….

  13. Fishstick

    I worked in Nashville and NYC.
    in Nashville: Deja Vu & Anthony’s
    in NYC: Flashdancers, Scores, New York Dolls

  14. Fishstick

    this job sucks, but i’ve been “off the pole” for over 2 years now. at this rate i better start losing weight so momma can make some monay!

  15. Shanipie

    No shit I wantwd to work at NY Dolls…I moved though.

    I worked at Pure Gold, and Thee Doll House in NC

    Actually my real name would be an awesome stripper name but I was always uncomfortable using it just in case it got around to my church group lol…totally serious tho

  16. FRIST!!!

    God, I type slow. Maybe I should be a stripper, not a secretary!!!

  17. Fishstick

    LOL! Thats awesome. No way, New York Dolls was/is a dirty whorehouse. I was one of maybe 3 girls there not giving BJ’s in the VIP. Probably why I was drunk all the time. You didnt miss much.

  18. Seriously once you dance its hard to have a real job…hahaha everytime i look in the want add and it says looking for someone responcible i get dissappointed.

  19. Fishstick

    Let me know if Shanipie and I need to show you some moves, Frist. Maybe Jimbo can watch?

  20. Shanipie

    Oh and I worked some lame place Teasers. I left Doll House for the same reason. Everyone ex[ected me to be a whore and when I wasn’t I was like the “goody goody” or something so the girls harassed me

  21. Fishstick

    I know Shanipie. I look at my $400 paycheck at the end of the week and want to cry, remembering when $400 was a terrible night at the club for me!

  22. Shanipie

    LOL Def, we could put on a good show.

    Frist I’ve seen ur pics you could pull of that cute “dark” look

    and dance to music like Rob Zombie

  23. Shani – cute baby :)

  24. FRIST!!!

    Cool you guys show me how. There’s a Deja Vu 5 min from my house!!!

  25. Shanipie

    Awww thanks…he’s the precious little guy who fucked up my body lol. 8 more lbs to go…now if only these fucking stretch marks would fade faster.

  26. FRIST!!!

    Plus it’ll help me get out of credit card HELL!!!!!

  27. Shanipie

    BTW my AIM screen name is shanidream7 FYI

  28. FRIST!!!

    Oh, you are the one who did a friend request…I didn’t know who you were!

  29. FRIST!!!

    There. I approved you.

  30. Shanipie

    I figured. Yeah my husband doesn’t want me to dance anymore but I mean the money is too good not to if u still got the looks…lol even if u dont u can make bank if u try hard enough.

    Plus u cant beat the attention if your have the same compliment addiction as i do

  31. Fishstick

    man i just turned 28 in december and im worried im too old now! the stretch marks can be hidden with fake tan or products like “dermablend” or “ben nye” makeup, as long as they are set with powder. I dont have kids but ive got stretch marks from growing when i was younger and those work well.

  32. my aim is redharing23. i am so cool.

  33. FRIST!!!

    If you’re too old at 28, how do you think I feel!!!
    I still get carded for alcohol once in a while though…

    Fuck, is it lunchtime yet?!?!?

  34. Shanipie

    do you have a think for fish? hehehe

  35. Frist – you is cute. now we just need to get you a stripper name…

  36. Fishstick

    i heart getting carded.

  37. Jimbo

    What for lunch?

    Fishstick you heart getting carded?

  38. Jimbo

    To get a good stripper name You use the name of your first pet and the name of the first street you lived on

  39. FRIST!!!

    I saw your pics, Fish, you are VERY cute. I’m not gay or anything, well sometimes…

    Ok, I’m going to lunch. I’ll be back

  40. Fishstick

    thats porn name. please refer to earlier conversation.

  41. gatorgirl

    My porn name: Dinky Ballejo
    My husbands: Fluffy Ford

  42. This is another retarded thing to do when you’re bored out of your mind with a stupid story about CD in a gray shirt….
    Go to google and put your name and then “looks like”. make sure to use the quotes and find out what you look like…..

  43. Anglophile

    Any more proof needed that Justin Timberlake is light on his feet?

  44. Jimbo

    Veggi – I am so bored I did it. I look like Harrison Ford!!!

  45. veggie looks like a brown, lopsided sphere speckled with whorls and crevices.

  46. veggi

    FUCK OFF! Now we have to get married…..

  47. i think i did it wrong…:(
    I’m a ‘tard.

  48. Jimbo

    WIll You marry me Veggi:)))))

  49. Shanipie

    hahah the only people out there with my name are really jewish or totally black

  50. Jimbo

    You are not a tard Fish

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