Drew Barrymore & Cameron Diaz no longer BFFs

January 13th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz used to be BFFFLs, but the two wouldn’t even speak to each other Sunday night at the CAA Golden Globes after party, according to OK! Magazine:

“Both Cameron and Drew were at the party but neither one spoke to each other!” a fellow party goer tells OK!. “They were on opposite sides of the room the entire night.”
Has Cameron ditched her friends for her man? Cam and Drew, who became best friends while filming Charlie’s Angels, were once each other’s sidekicks, accompanying each other out to clubs and parties. But now that Cameron has been seriously dating model Paul Sculfor, she’s rarely seen without him.

Jealousy might also be an issue because time has been nowhere near as harsh to Drew Barrymore as it has been to Cameron Diaz. Seriously, for a minute there, I thought Madonna and an Olsen Twin somehow made a middle-aged baby together, and it was about to eat my soul. Guess I can put away this crucifix – but you’d like that wouldn’t you, underworld scag? Back! Back, I say!

Photos: WENN

  1. hater


  2. mimi

    2 ugly blondes. Just what the doesn’t need any more of.

  3. Imhotep

    Another one of my mummy-armed minions has escaped!

  4. bosley

    Lovers spat. These two are the original Lilo and DJ Gollum.

  5. I guess I wasted the money when I pre-ordered tickets for Charlie’s Angels 3.

  6. Drew looks good. Mimi, don’t you have an appointment with some moustache wax?

  7. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    It looks like Drew could use more of my “Hair Gel”.

  8. Damn, that’s a threeway I was hoping for… ten years ago.

    Check out this vid of the dude who got trampled to death at Wal-Mart. That shit is hilarious.

    Deadly Shopping

  9. Jrz

    Dumb move Rich.
    anyhoo, this story is poop….Drew even said she spent an hour-and-a-half getting ready for the Golden Globes at her house with her “best friend, Cameron Diaz.”


  10. um… teeth whitening anyone? maybe? Orrrr just keep that closed lipped smile

  11. Girl.

    They were sitting next to each other at the actual award show.

  12. Sid

    Actually Drew was looking at Cameron but smiling at the person next to her.

  13. #9 – This story would be way more interesting if it was about poop.

  14. Long-time reader, first-time poster

    As a straight girl, I must comment on how absolutely fucking frightening Cameron Diaz looks in these pictures. And it ain’t her age. Being 36 years old is not an excuse to have dark roots on straw-like hair and clown makeup on an already questionable face. And don’t even get me started on that hideous wrapping paper dress.

  15. Erik

    For a second I thought that was an on-the-set picture series of Heath Ledger.

  16. mensa

    i think they both look great. haters.

  17. p0nk

    Cameron DOES have that Olsen zombie look. must be some damn good drugs they’re turning people onto.

  18. Hmm...

    You see when Spielberg was giving his speech, Drew was smiling and laughing like a school girl and Cameron gave her the side eye glance as if she was silly? It was funny.

  19. Erica

    I think Cameron’s looking better here than she’s looked in about ten years. The hair, the body, the dress, the makeup, excellent throwback to her Mask days. Rawr!

  20. Dr. Phil

    First Katie Holmes, now Cameron Diaz. See, ladies, this is what a long-term relationship with a gay man will do to you. Regardless of what you thought you learned while perusing the fetish shelf in the adult section (yes, everyone WAS watching), it’s simply not healthy to suck on a cock that just came out of another dude’s ass.

  21. Does that mean no more Charlie’s Angel movies?

  22. Does that mean no more Charlie’s Angels movies?

  23. Does that mean no more Charlie’s Angels movies?

  24. morga

    Drew looks super-hot with her hair like that.

  25. intergalactic planetary

    They weren’t avoiding each other. The problem was Drew’s hair. Her massive damn head has it’s own gravitational pull with that hairdo. If Cameron were to get too close, she’d get pulled into the atmosphere of Drew’s head and begin to combust into a fiery ball of skankiness.

  26. Moose

    Is OK this bad?? They were SITTING NEXT TO EATHOTHER at the show. Yikes.

  27. Jennifer

    I know that times are tough, but even a lowly stay at home mom like myself can afford to get my roots touched up!!!!!

  28. Jennifer

    I know that times are tough, but even a lowly stay at home mom like myself can afford to get my roots touched up!!!!!

  29. Teryn

    HUGE lie..
    drew and cameron were sitting beside eachother at a table..I saw it on t.v haha what a joke

  30. EuroNeckPain

    Drew Barrymore has never been hot. And now she has blonde teeth.
    Cameron Diaz used to be a true natural beauty, big white smile, long legs. Do not even try to compare these two girls.

  31. bullshit

    i call bullshit. they were sitting at the same table next to each other the whole night

  32. Crystal

    Such BS considering that they sat next to each other AT the Golden Globes…duh?!

  33. Carly

    im embarrassed to say that i know this isnt true cause at the award show they were sitting right by each other..

  34. NYGirl

    Cam’s prolly started using the drugs her stylist Rachel Zoe slips into the pockets of the clothes she gives out. No, it’s not a just a rumor. I doubt Drew wants anything to do with someone who uses more that pot at this point in her life.

  35. Hello Jerks

    Both of these two need to find new hairdressers. Drew looks like she is wearing Ann Margaret’s wig from the ’60s, and Cameron in is serious need of a touch-up.

  36. Freebie

    Drew’s dress is amazing. She is reminiscent of Marilyn Monoe.

  37. Katherine

    Cameron Diaz better keep that body tight, ’cause I know she’s not going to make it much in Hollywood with that decaying face. Good Jesus, how did she age that quickly! For goodness sake, isn’t she in her early thirties? Freaking Goldie Hawn looks younger than this woman. And Drew, sweety, get that grill whitened, I don’t know what’s brassier, her hair color or her teeth.

  38. Alliecat

    i think Drew looks pretty good for almost being 34 years of age. love the dress and i like her hair color, but the style of the hair was a bit much. if the hair was styled closer to her head it may not have looked like she escaped out of an insane asylum. Ca “MAN”eron Diaz, what the hell happened to your face! at least your eyes are still pretty

  39. Fati

    i don’t like either one of them. but yes, drew is looking much better than cameron. the latter has just become ugly.

  40. cutesy

    Cameron Diaz a natural blond my ass!

  41. Missystar

    Please, please, for the love of GOD stay out of the sun. I don’t mean just wear sunscreen, I mean STAY AWAY. That looks like Tori Spelling and Dog the Bounty Hunter had a baby. And said baby is now 66. I mean 36.

  42. dew

    Diaz’s face looks just like Courtney Cox — have they been using the same plastic butcher?

  43. effyeray

    Diaz man-facedness has been readily apparent since about a week after the mask. Any dude who digs that fug skag is not so secretly in love with the cock.

  44. Taylor

    You suck — they sat next to one another at the GGs. Shoulda done your homework. NEXT!

  45. bruce

    Ladies all like to join ***seekingsugarmomma. c om***. I really do not know why? Just cuz many celebrities there? or the men there are all handsome?

  46. timmy the dying boy

    Wow, Cam is looking mighty bony, but at least she’s not wearing the drapes from her hotel room.

  47. Tattoo

    Drew is way hotter…

  48. I think cameron chooses “SMART” people now as friends, folks?

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