Cameron Diaz Criticizes Cosmetic Surgery

cameron_diaz_thumb1.jpgCameron Diaz recently told a reporter that fat people should be rounded up and processed for food. That’s actually not true at all, but it is a helluva lot more interesting than the blather you’re about to hear. Are you ready? Good. Cameron Diaz is sickened by the number of women who resort to plastic surgery. The actress believes that real beauty comes from – you guessed it – the inside.

To me that’s sick. I mean, I’ve broken my nose four times, but I wouldn’t dream of getting it fixed because it’s part of who I am. The sooner we accept that we’re going to age and die, the richer a life we’ll all have. Beauty comes from the inside, but that’s not the message we’re selling to young girls in society today. It’s really dangerous. When I see people who’ve had plastic surgery, it’s so unnerving. All I can see is the surgery; the person’s vanished beneath it.”

It always cracks me up when you hear about ‘beauty on the inside’ from a thin, tall, platinum-haired goddess. I mean, you never hear Rosie O’Donnell talking about beauty on the inside. You might hear her talk about eating Haley Joel Osment’s weight in Big Macs, but inner beauty – nah. Beautiful girls like Cameron Diaz should stick to talking about what they know best – pillow fights and giggling and crazy saran-wrap sex with Superficial writers.