Cameron Diaz and Shane Nickerson get huggy

diaz_nickerson.jpgThe National Enquirer is reporting that Cameron Diaz cheated on Justin Timberlake with some guy named Shane Nickerson who she works with on the MTV show Trippin’. The story revolves around a grainy photo of Cameron and Shane hugging and I don’t know how that turned into a “three minute make-out session” but considering the source is The National Enquirer, I’m surprised they didn’t say something like “Cameron Diaz has three-way anal sex in public with Shane Nickerson and a koala bear.” That said, Shane Nickerson actually has a blog of his own where he denies everything and talks about how The National Enquirer even showed up at his door to confront him about the picture.

Here’s the other thing: It’s such a ludicrous story, that there was never a moment from her of “Is this true?” In fact, I told my wife, “One of the reasons this is so stupid is because you know that if I was hooking up with CD you’d have been the first one I high-fived.” She laughed because she knows me. If The National Enquirer knew me at all, they’d have saved whatever money they paid for this supposed picture.

The most surprising thing about this whole story is that The National Enquirer actually sends out reporters to do reporting-like stuff. Like with sources and everything. Crazy!