Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake maybe broken up

January 3rd, 2007 // 38 Comments

Star magazine claims Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz have broken up. They were last spotted together on December 16 when Cameron introduced Justin’s musical performance on SNL, and the two spent Christmas apart with their respective families. Additionally, a source says Justin has been telling friends they’ve broken up and is seeing a “former flame, Veronica Finn.”

Keep in mind this is Star reporting, so the accuracy of the story isn’t exactly guaranteed. I’m pretty sure they once reported that Britney Spears was actually a baby humpback whale. They even had pie charts and a scientist to verify their findings and everything.*

*This may or may not be true. I was too busy drawing up my own pie charts to do any actual fact checking.


  1. ph7

    First, be-atch.

  2. BarbadoSlim

    I wouldn’t wanna be with a zit faced monster either, I don’t care if she was an “Angel”

  3. wedgeone

    First LTC.

    Cam must not have been keen on the dick in a box gift that she got for Christmas.

    In other news, Brit now displaces as much water as a baby humpback whale.

    And replaces said water with vodka.

  4. danielle

    Where’s the “real” story? We all knew he’d dumb her ass after discovering she was a man.

  5. fergernauster

    Justin is the real loser in this.

    He’s always been a legend in his own mind & clearly out of his league with Cameron.

    Now… that Britney Spears girl… SHE is more his speed.

  6. BigJim

    Who the hell is Dusty Craterlake, and why was he dating a sasquatch?

  7. RichPort

    Wow, I didn’t see that coming. And of course by didn’t see that coming I mean fuck them both. With spiked dildos. Dipped in rubbing alcohol. During a snowstorm. In Toledo. On Friday the 13th. After bouts of IBS.


  8. She aint that fat :)

  9. suzy

    lol yay?? i was never a huge fan of cameron, but i like justin, and i think that she’s too old for him

    not that age has anything, but still he prolly wants to settle down now, he’s only 25 years old– so whatever

    lol i’d like to see him help Britney out though.

  10. frenchtoaststix

    This about sums up the life of the superficial.

  11. Zanna

    @10…you got THAT right, baby.

  12. Niecy

    If its true, I’m not very surprised. I didn’t see them as a good couple.

    My question is, why is MSNBC reporting things found in Star magazine like thats an official news source?

  13. I thought they were a perfect couple. She is a cross between Jack Nicholson and Lara Flynn Boyle and he is K-Fed with a bit more talent.

    Their child would have been known as Gamra, and if it couldn’t swallow you with it’s Giant mouth, it would bore you into a trance with it’s shitty music, then eat you piecemeal.

  14. PrettyBaby

    Shitty music Spindoc? Them’s fightin’ words.

  15. Devilry

    I don’t think it was just the one dick in a box, it was the whole, “every single holiday” thing. Jesus, Justin, not only did she not even want to go backstage at the CMA’s, she sure didn’t want another goddamn dick in a box to commemorate the occasion.

  16. woodhorse

    cameron is fabulous, justin is WHAT-WAS-SHE-THINKING-IN-THE-FIRST-PLACE?? justin is ugly with no personality, he should be grateful someone of her caliber ever hooked up with him. Maybe he can go save Britney from making crotch shots and jello shots.

  17. It was bound to happen now that jt reinvented himself and made a “huge comeback”

    Cameron diaz is a nobody.

  18. About damn time Justin. No sense wasting your prime years on old bitches.
    Now Cameron can go back to doing…what has she been doing lately? Oh yeah, nothing.

  19. JaeMae

    JT finally dumped that scary old bitch? thank god! i still have a chance!! hehehe

  20. dreamhypnotique

    I can just imagine Justin Timberlake cringing with disgust every time Cameron Diaz demands that he perform oral sex on her. Especially since there are so many younger, more attractive, and non-stupid girls out there who want him.

    Cameron Diaz is nothing but a one-dimensional (and that one personality dimension is “I’m annoying and think I’m cute”) non-talented, ugly, and aging C-movie reject.

  21. anoniem

    the story’s probably bs, just like all the others have been. he’s with her because of some type of mutually adhesive psychopathology (as with the ashton-mommymanface pairing). those relationships are like picking your nose and failing repeatedly to wipe it on furniture or flick it away – the fun moment is long gone, but you just can’t part ways.

  22. Boogie Monster

    I guess JT will move onto the next old chook that passes his way. You know what they say, “Once you go grey there aint no other way!”

  23. LukeWarmwater

    Now that he’s dumped the Joker he can take a step up if he wants another old bitch and put the moves on Betty White.

  24. RichPort

    #19. Justin Trousersnake’s mine, biatch!

  25. superficially

    within the next 5 years i am going to marry Justin Timberlake….mark my word bitches….

  26. kitty_kat

    Heaven forbid you spend Christmas with your family instead of with your boyfriend/girlfriend…

  27. Kristin

    Lmao @ #26. =]

  28. Cherokee Chocolate

    Well, he said was bringing sexyback.

  29. RichPort

    #24 – Ass Troll… YAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWN…

  30. 86

    Thank God, he is too hot for her. No idea what guys see in her.

  31. NicotineEyePatch

    She gets on my nerves, with her ‘check out how pretty AND goofy I am!’ schtick. Self-mocking one-trick fuckin’ pony that she is, she should be pleased she could hold onto any man for more than a few months with that tired old persona.

  32. cherie

    Cameron Diaz is one of my personal favourites and I really thought she was way too good for Justin Timberlake.

    Now it’s not that I hate Justin Timberlake or anything. I have to admit he’s come far in his career and ‘looks’. But this was the man who was once Lance Bass’s boyfriend in Nsync and I can NEVER wash that thought out of my mind.

  33. Maybe he really did try to give his dick in a box to her?

  34. He he he. Dick in the box reference. Derpa derpa dee!

  35. It is very true. Cameron and Justin have been away from each other for too long, especially since she has been preoccupied working in that new Batman movie.

    Oh yeah, and Jack Nicholson is really pissed at her.

  36. Jim Treacher

    Veronica Finn? I think I knew her sister Betty at Westerburg High School.

  37. she should totally dump that goober

  38. good – he’s gotta drop clown face

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