Cameron Diaz and John Mayer getting serious

August 21st, 2007 // 85 Comments
Photos: Splash

  1. Julianne

    She’s hot and he’s hot so I think they make a perfect couple. Cameron Diaz seems like she is so much fun to be around, unlike most celebs. I don’t know why people hate on her. Just because she doesn’t always leave the house looking absolutely perfect, who gives a fuck. She shouldn’t have to. When she applies a little makeup she looks gorgeous. And her personality shines through. So you all need to stop hating on the Cameron and start appreciating that she isn’t a stuck up, crazy snob like Jessica Biel, Alba, and Simpson, Paris, Lindsay…. etc. etc. etc

  2. If it were physically possible to make love to a drink… coffee would be it…

    oh and John Mayer is HOT!

    Fuck Cameron Diaz…

  3. adeliza

    Finally, Finally, Finally,
    A post that is written to be funny!

    Although I’d rather get it on with the stick of butter for my waffles, instead of my coffee cup!

  4. 15piecesofflare

    Best legs in Hollywood… The new Betty Grable. She should have them insured.

  5. lidiya

    i viewed the story’s linked picture and thought “there’s that moccasin i lost 10 years ago!” but alas, it was merely diaz’s face. way to get my hopes up, jerk.

  6. WOW

    how could anyone possibly say she is ugly? shes absolutely gorgeous. but then on this website, jessica alba and jessica beil are the only hot girls. alive. ever. right?

  7. Tits McGee

    Oh where to begin here…. let’s see. Cameron, who will you sleep with next? I mean seriously, who is left that you haven’t fucked?

    Next, nice shoes.

    Thirdly, John Mayer is a dick.

    Fourthly, he is a step up from Criss Angel MINDFREAK… but who isn’t … I once fucked my Aeron Chair at work, and it would have been a big step up from the MINDFREAK. I’d rather date a doornob….

    Fifthly, who cares.

  8. Tits McGee

    Correction: if I HAD TO CHOOSE, i would rather fuck a former lover, the chair, than Criss Angel. John Mayer must have some wicked Herpes… because I’m sure Mindfreak carries everything under the sun, including warts… just sayin’…poor Diaz. Making cuban-american look stupid, one man whore at a time.

  9. Daddy

    Her makeup artist did well here. Now she needs a don’t make my boobs look like bean bags with pacifiers in them artist.

  10. super flirty

    I miss Britney. Where is she??

  11. LauraE

    Cameron Diaz is beautiful. What a difference with those starlets that you show so often, who are so plain that we wonder how they got there.

  12. woodhorse

    At least they won’t have children, thank you God for small favors. Mules are sterile.

  13. Blue genes

    #62 WOODHORSE “Mules are sterile.”

    (GASPS) Niiiiiice!!!!

  14. BaldAsBritney

    #54 the new Betty Grable? U can’t be serious. The crack where you live must be excellent.

  15. 15piecesofflare

    So… by your comment you are saying you merely prefer Betty’s legs? That’s cool.

  16. Piggy Pie

    64 – I concur, CD has what her Cuban ancestors would refer to as “canillas,” or “rice-stick-legs.” Where are her quads? You’d think that if she’s “an avid surfer” (ahem) she’d have better quads, non?

  17. Frick!

    She’s got lovely limbs…but the face of a boxer who’s been hit in the face one too many times. And you are on a roll today superfish! …the whole pancake wearing lipstick, etc, etc…its silly but its fricken funny and original! Keep on keepin’ on!

  18. cameron would make some sweet anal.


    JayLo said it best – “She’s just a model who got lucky”.

    And the next time she’s on Leno, stop and listen to the inane comments out of her mouth. She’s one dumb dude.

  20. Tiffany

    Cameron’s face is forgivable (at times), but god she has the scariest tits ever.

  21. nagger please

    She’s my favorite scientist.. She knows so much about global warming and the environment. I wish she would tell us what the meaning of life is..

  22. sean

    I am deeply confused here. Her face is scary and weird. Her ass and legs on the other hand, are very nice. Very very nice. I get the feeling that most men just hit that from behind. And shove her face down in the pillow

  23. Marie

    Her boobs are lopsided. (sp?)

  24. TSS


  25. 3Foot Lizard

    Chickens have better legs than her. However, I’ll eat chicken. I’d rather slam my dick in my car door than fuck her.

    See Salma in From Dusk Til Dawn. THAT IS A WOMAN…with a damned nice…EVERYTHING!!!! How about puting women built like that on here site owner?

    Now stop trying to push these anorexic, fucked in the head skanks on us like they’re hot…or intelligent…or talented.

  26. Erin

    OMG. This was the best post ever.

    I swear, you’re getting better and better at snark.

  27. Robinthia

    If I could switch bodies with her, I damn sure would, but I’ll keep my face.
    She has the widest mouth I’ve ever seen. She could probably deep throat an elephant.

  28. hahahaha You are most definitely the Jesus of words…

  29. nancy reagan

    good body, face like a bashed crab. double bagger.

  30. not my type….but NIPPLE! I see NIPPLE!

  31. Kitty Carlisle

    What’s with the bag of hamburger buns at her feet?
    I know, she’s just breezing past “craft services” during the shoot-with a pudgy production assistant at her beck n’ call. Whatevuh.

  32. kitten

    What with all the hating on Cameron Diaz

    Why Superfish do you persist on classing her as an ugly mungral?

    I don’t get it.

    Cameron Diaz is gorgeous. She hit hollywood because of her modeling and her looks landed her first gig in the The Mask.

    Guys were drooling left, right and center when Diaz was mentioned.

    I don’t understand what’s changed?

    How did she fall from Hollywood Beauty to “Grossness”

    I mean classing Dunst as ugly is one thing… but Diaz?????????

    So Diazed and Confused.

  33. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    #65 While Betty did have awesome legs I’m guessing they aren’t so hot anymore, what with the decomoposition and everything. So I guess old Cam here will have to do, until we can re-animate the dead , which so far has only worked on Cheney

  34. ohplease

    I think CD is wonderful on-screen, thats why shes paid alot of money…C’mon now shes 35 and she isnt suppose to look 21 forever. Its not always about beauty…its about chemistry and shes got the right stuff!

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