Cameron Diaz and John Mayer getting serious

August 21st, 2007 // 85 Comments
Photos: Splash

  1. Tommy Mayo


  2. Freck

    The bridge troll of modern pop. You, Sir, are genius.

  3. joe

    Looks like she is gonna trip on a bag of white bread in pic 18. Or is that John Mayer?

  4. Couldn’t give a fuck if I tried…..

  5. Sometimes CD looks good and sometimes she scares the shit outta me. But John Mayer looks FUCKED all the time. He’s the most annoying singer/guitar player ever. Usually even dirt bags look decent rocking out on a guitar but not John…he looks like a sissy-fied, lispy, creepy, ugly mouthed loser with crappy hair. Now I have to go shower because I’m so grossed out just talking about him. Yuck.

  6. wedgeone

    Best pic, by far: third row, far left, the guy shoving his fingers up her ass. “I love the smell of actress anus in the morning…smells like…victory.”

  7. jb

    the jesus of words HAHAHHA

  8. hmmmm....

    is this a new writer…

  9. justsomebastard

    How about if I call you the shit head of blogs, instead of the Jesus of words?

  10. POW….Right in the kisser!

  11. djthecat

    i think john mayer is beautiful! mmmm, love me some john mayer

  12. ToTellTheTruth

    She looks like a plucked chicken..

  13. Geoff

    It’d be awesome if she yelled ‘I swallowed your cum’ and then drove them both off a bridge.

  14. Lord Osis

    If she paid Kimberly Steward to stand right next to her on all from-the-backside pictures, we might be able to forget about her face and personality. For a couple of minutes.

  15. lambman

    of course she looks good those pics are from the back and like 10 feet away.

    Seriously though, both she and John seem to flip-flop from normal to freakish looking every other time you see them.

  16. dangerlilly

    @12 ditto!

  17. Frank Rizzo

    I don’t know what y’all are talking about, Cameron Diaz is not bad looking… Would I sacrifice a limb to sleep with her? Most certainly not. Would I still sleep with her? Of course… but I guess that just means that I assume she has a vagina. Has anyone seen her vagina? Maybe its like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, or Transformers and I have just been told it exists so much I believe it without question.

  18. mywellrehearsedmistake

    She just LOVES them sloppy seconds………Justin, Criss and now John Mayer?

    I think in a few weeks K-Fed might be in with a shot.

  19. zuzuspetals

    She looks amazing. Love her!

  20. veggi

    He is a beautiful woman, but cameron is cuter.

  21. Bite Me!

    I don’t care what anybody says, I think she’s beautiful. Plus, she’s an avid surfer, and I’m an avid butthole surfer, so I’m thinking I’ll get my shot after she gets tired of this StayPuft dude.

  22. Eagle Chick

    What? I guess I missed something? What happened to chicken of the sea Jessica?

  23. @22 Damn, I am not around for the last couple of days and I am still being trolled.

    How are you doing troll? I am in a training class this week, so I expect you to keep up the pace

  24. You don’t really need the training class. Just try to remember that when you feel “full” down there, it’s time to go potty like a big boy.

  25. @25 Thanks for the info Troll

  26. veggi

    Why the fuck does a website called the superficial have under the “post a comment” shit pictures from shit we made fun of with “so freaking hot” written above pictures?????????????? Does Brit look “so freaking hot”?????? What the fuck?

    It makes no sense, and neither does my run-on incoherent bullshit I just wrote.

  27. Here I am. Hi Bite Me and Troll

  28. BlaaaahBlaaaaah

    She looks amazing – and those legs are wonderful! LOVE her!

  29. BlaaaahBlaaaaah

    but I hate the sandals – yuck.

  30. I think she looks like a wicked clown

  31. Malffy Hernandes

    lol! this is too funny

  32. bob

    19, isn’t everyone sloppy seconds?

  33. The best thing John Mayer has done was his Chocolate Rain cover on The Best Week Ever. Cameron lost her hottness after The Mask…it was downhill after that.
    Celebrity gone ghetto.

  34. milwaukee's beast

    As for Cameron’s face in the old post, it’s just a low quality jpeg that has been unsharp-masked in PS. Cameron’s actually kinda hot in a freaky kinda way. A freaky pancake kinda way though. The troll, however, is not.

    And you know who’s not hot either? The Superfish, that’s who. Dear Superfish, go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut. And cut out the friggin’ Vibrant Ads that definitely do come from your ingenious website. I’ll be back to check if you obey.

  35. Mike

    Just seen on TMZ………Sienna Miller, Topless in Spain. Come on Fish……get these pictures, get them fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  36. havoc

    Just the fact that the article said “super flirty” makes me want to go on a shooting spree…..


  37. ph7

    She’s clearly a head case, but I bet she loves to fuck, and she’s got a nice playground to play on.

  38. justsomebastard

    How come we never talk about the china girl in tights up on the right with her A cup booby hanging out?

  39. jrzmommy

    Why’s she got one enormous central boobie? Did Cris Angel make the other one disappear?

  40. Shallow Val

    Yeah, about as serious as choosing between blue or pink flip flops. Please. With these people, you go out for a drink and a handshake and you’re picking out china patterns.

  41. Kim

    Damn her! Even with flats on, her legs look a mile long. I’m honestly jealous (of her legs)

  42. HEY FRIST is your boss still looking over your shoulder?

  43. Hulla

    I want her legs!!

  44. T

    She’s gorgeous. No one has a perfect face (with the exception of everyone here…..NOT!) She is a happy exhuberant woman and her personality shines.
    What’s more attractive than that?

    John Mayer is hot when he plays the guitar, he is talented as hell.

  45. bond

    she has really nice legs

  46. sandy goettsche

    sandy goettsche said:

    ew. Her vagina. Is all played out.

  47. doomhammer

    John Mayer is the ugliest, most feminine, sissy ass, mother fucking whiney song-singing, son of a bitch Ive ever seen. But I bet he has a cock like a coffee table leg. No other possible explanation.

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