Cameron Diaz and Criss Angel maybe dating

May 15th, 2007 // 50 Comments

Cameron Diaz and magician Criss Angel were spotted together in Las Vegas last night, getting dinner at the Bellagio’s Prime steakhouse and then catching a Cirque du Soleil show. A witness says:

“They were snuggling with each other and he was making her laugh. They seemed really happy.”

I bet at some point during the night Criss Angel took off his top hat and pulled a bunny out of it. Man, those magicians have all the moves. Sure, I’m super good looking and charming, but how do I compete with pulling a super long handkerchief out of your pocket?



  1. isitin


  2. I wonder if he can make Cameron’s 1995 tits re-appear … ? That would be a useful trick.

  3. Captain America

    Rumor has it that they are going to pull off one of the greatest magic tricks ever documented; turning Cameron’s penis into a Vagina! Now I have a good reason to get that HDTV I’ve had me eye on.

  4. FRIST!!!

    Criss Angel??!!?? He’s a FREAK, man, and I don’t use that word lightly. I mean I wouldn’t even date him, and I’ve dated some pretty freaky guys in my lifetime. Holy hell.

  5. alicojolico

    wow.. that really gross, Cam.. Criss Angel?! She must be really missing something else in her life!

  6. Maybe he’ll cut her in half.

    Or make her mouth vanish.

  7. Jackie

    Criss isn’t freaky.
    Well, considering those pics where he is all over Paris Hilton he probably is (just in a different way)
    He seems like a d*** with a huge Ego. Surprising that Cameron would be with him.
    But then I don’t have a very high opinion of Cameron and Justin was rumoured to be rather… not as innocent and playful as he led us all to believe.

  8. captain obvious

    she actually looks half way decent here and not so through the mill. Guess the plastic surgery payed off. But I thought she was dating some black guy now…was that ever for real?

  9. N@ughty

    this is great! now let’s kill her. she slept with justin timberlake

  10. The_Squizz


  11. Superfish

    if he’s really a magician, he would give cameron a better face, WAY hotter body, remove the freckles…long story short, just a whole new body and face on cameron would work nice.

  12. thank God she got some blonde back
    in that hair, that shit brown made
    her look old and ugly..
    I guess shez probably getting pretty
    old anywayz…

  13. Freddy

    He does have a huge ego…we saw him up close and witnessed his behavior in the Yucatan area of Mexico. He was filming his show on the beach at our resort. My wife said he’s a teeth-grinding too.

  14. Girl’s on a fuckbound – she’s screwing everyone she can to replace Timberlake. Kelly Slater, Djimon Hansou (black guy from Gladiator) and now Angel. Whose next in line? Wee man? Bill Cosby? The resurrected corpse of Doug Henning? Bottomline, she’s not nearly as hot as she thinks she is. I hear Valtrex has surpassed coke as the drug of choice in Hollywood, Ms. Diaz being one of its best proponents.

  15. Who is the drooling idiot posting these ridiculously humorless posts? I’ve seen better writing in a third grade essay.

  16. the superfish guy is on coke

    If he really likes her, he’ll make the craters on her face disappear. And if he likes his audience he’ll make HER disappear.. forever.

    [whispered tone]R U READY???

  17. Kater76

    Anyone else think this is a promotional gag for the June 5 Mindfreak premiere?

  18. Underwood

    They were both in the VIP area at JET on Saturday night as well, but I didn’t see them showing affection towards each other. They just kind of did their own thing.

  19. GG

    Why does every quote about an alleged couple include the sentence, “They seemed really happy” in it?

  20. who'syerdaddy

    12 Hopefully when you turn 25 you will do us all a favor and go emo with a razorblade. Wouldn’t want you getting old or somethingzzzzzzz.

  21. But he’s engaged to Minnie Driver! Check this link!

  22. Mr. Who’syourdaddy,
    Yea, your right
    I sure don’t want to
    get oldshit like Who’syourdaddy!

    Must be nice to have grey hair
    on you ballz……

    oh yea, don’t do razzzzzzzzorrrrzzzz!

  23. andrea

    ummmm….new boots….

    they aren’t engaged anyomre

    that’s old news

    and btw….criss doesn’t have an ego…

    i’ve met him recently at one of his book signings

    and he is really nice….

    dont judge someone if u have never met of talked to them…’s not right

    and i also want to say that i cant wait until the 3rd season! =]

  24. andrea


    “dont judge someone if u have never met of talked to them…’s not right”

    i ment to write or not of between met annd takled

    dont judge someone if u have never met OR talked to them…’s not right

    lol =]

  25. andrea


    i keep spelling things wrong!


    what ever

    lol =]

  26. Carter

    I heard he was dating a model from Indiana, hot chick too!

  27. xoxodasha

    wtf WTF
    she is dead

  28. xoxodasha

    oh and by the way, she is soo old and ugly i dont know wht he sees in her
    shes too old
    he needs someone younger
    he told me i was beautiful by the wayy=)
    shes an oldd bag

  29. nottotellyou

    I dont know what hes thinking seeing Cameron Diaz.But dont down on him hes a really nice guy,i know him personally and his fans that have met him would also agree with me.Guys if you know the Hollywood way its all a publicity stunt.

  30. I use to like Cameron, but i noticed she can’t relax her mouth, it looks like the joker, and she laughs at everthing, if you say anything she cracks up like her friend
    I think she was with a black guy, On ELLEN
    she said “true dat”. UGGGGH!!

  31. OOP, I forgot the “Y” in everything.

  32. Terry C. NJ

    Isn’t Cris Angel married?

    Or is Cameron now going the Angelina Jolie/Tori Spelling Homewrecker Route?

  33. Val

    He’s cool and on the way. She’s on the way out. Anyway he digs an unknown blonde who runs in his pack.

  34. katie

    I Love Criss,too!!!!! so if i were her i would date him too but im 13 so i cannot.

  35. Katie

    I LOVE CRISS!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Angela

    Come’on guys…this is frickin Hollywood we’re talking about here. It’s not like he’s going to marry the girl. Let him screw or play around with whoever he wants. You all know you would if you were the best at something in the world, had money, were hot, etc. Same with the ego. You HAVE to have an ego to do what Criss does or you wouldn’t be any good at it. Im sure he’s still a great guy and has a great heart. He has a cat for crying out loud, how many guys you know have a frickin cat?

  37. Jelly

    He’s been divorced for over a year now, and I heard Minnie Driver broke up with him when she found out he was flirting with Paris. So the man can do what he wants. But since I’ve never met him does he really have a big ego? And God WHY of all skanks is he with Cameron? I mean can’t he give the dick a rest?

  38. Anony

    They are repped by the same agency, so it’s probably a publicity stunt for his new season.

  39. Notafan

    Shhh…jsut for the record Criss is not divorced yet. He is the biggest d*** ever. Just a wanna be, scary looking man if you ask me. We know him, he had the hugest ego and has no reason to be. He quotes himself as saying “Don’t believe what you see,” and he is living proof of that. That is the irony of it. Cameron on the other hand is incredible. I hope to God she hasn’t made the mistake of hooking up with that loser.

  40. wendy

    Criss is not a freak or gross. he has a huge following of gorgeous women, and an amazing talent! He and she are both capable of getting whoever they want and have the right to do so also. Although I thought she liked nerdy guys like timberlake, but whatever.. if they are smart, they will both stay single for as long as they possibly can!

  41. wendy

    Although, everyone I know says he has a big ego, but he seems like a real nice dude on tv, but who knows, hes in showbusiness, everything is an act… but I agree with the other person. how many dudes you know have cats?


    lol the cat thing ppl are saying is funny…
    and actually he has two of them =]

    cameron may be “stupid and ugly”
    (although i dont thonk so)
    but u really cant say anything because, if u havent noticed, she is the rich celebrity…not you =]

    and criss IS weird…i admit it…but u have to say who isnt?


    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!





    oh ya and i have met him and he is really nice….



    never mind….stupid inseder =]


  44. Katie

    nooooo =[ i <3 criss angel
    stay single fool!

  45. taylor

    i think theyd make a great couple and as long as she is there for my criss then i think its great

  46. taylor

    i think theyd make a great couple and as long as she is there for my criss then i think its great

  47. taylor tells u kiss her ass

    hey wat have you low lives got against cameron shes richer than u and cuter than u . jealousy is a sickness so get well bitches

  48. taylor tells u kiss her ass

    hey wat have you low lives got against cameron shes richer than u and cuter than u . jealousy is a sickness so get well bitches

  49. wiccanring777

    you guys are so fuckin retarded, stop the damn rumors about criss and cameron.
    hes still seeing Joann


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