Cameron Diaz almost killed by bird

cameron-diaz-bird.jpgCameron Diaz was on her way to a movie set in the UK when a bird flew through the windshield of the Audi A3 she was riding in and showered her with glass.

A worker at the garage where the vehicle is being repaired told Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper: “There is no doubt that the chauffeur saved her life. Other drivers would have panicked and lost control but he remained very cool. All you had to do was look at the damage to the windscreen to realise there had been one hell of an impact. I thought someone had thrown a brick from a bridge or something.”

It’s good to see Cameron’s okay, but I’m surprised she didn’t just open her mouth and swallow the bird. If you’re going to have a huge mouth, the least you can do is put it to use and swallow birds that fly through your windshield. Then when the chauffeur asks where the bird went, she could pull it out of her mouth and pretend it was all some elaborate magic trick.


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