Cameron Diaz Thought She Could Go Ass-To-Ass With Jennifer Lopez

February 27th, 2012 // 52 Comments

If there are two people you can confidently say will never win an Oscar, it’s Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz, so naturally they presented an award together last night because Hollywood’s the Special Olympics that way. Except at one point they decided to pose with their asses to the audience which makes sense when you’re Jennifer Lopez, not so much when you’ve been pounded into a man by A-Rod. In fact, why is Cameron Diaz even wearing a dress? You were his masterpiece, bro!

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  1. Neither of them are Pippa Middleton, aka “Rear of the Year”.

  2. I’m not complaining.

  3. Viva La

    Two gorgeous Spanish actors in their 40′s living life, what a great photo.

  4. If it’s a size contest, J-Lo could win this with one… ass tied… behind… her front? She’s got a huge ass is what I’m trying to say.

  5. Snooki's Taint

    Award-winning Pumpkin vs. Pancakes.

    Tough choice.

  6. JLo Nipple Slip Cameron Diaz Oscars
    Jon Hex
    Commented on this photo:

    “Damn, look at her. I wonder if she’ll help me move.”

  7. Is this that competition/tv show called, “Who’s Ass is Smellier Anywayyyyyyyys?”……….hahahahahahaha

  8. richie

    i’ll take Cam – she keeps it tight.

  9. josh

    Diddy is looking at that going “hmmmmmm”

  10. Well they are both asses so why not?

  11. JLo Nipple Slip Cameron Diaz Oscars
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like her hips start where her 3 rib down should be

  12. JC

    Skimming the headline, I saw “ass-to-ass” first and got all excited for some kind of “Requiem for a Dream” Jennifer Connolly ass play, but then I saw the names of the people involved and I threw up a little.

  13. JLo Nipple Slip Cameron Diaz Oscars
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Cami would probably be fun to party with.
    JLO = bitch diva: stay away at least 100 yards.

  14. JLo Nipple Slip Cameron Diaz Oscars
    God is Black
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    Dude laughing on the right…..

  15. JLo Nipple Slip Cameron Diaz Oscars
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    Muy Caliente!

  16. JLo Nipple Slip Cameron Diaz Oscars
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    I’d Tap Those Asses!

  17. hmna

    So when is the Lopez vs. Kardashian vs. Amber Love ass-off?

  18. BigOkie

    I’ll take Cameron on this one. Nothing wrong with J-Lo’s ass but I like ‘em a little smaller.

    I’d motorboat either set of those cheeks though.

  19. forrest


  20. JLo Nipple Slip Cameron Diaz Oscars
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    j.lo is so desperate

  21. JLo Nipple Slip Cameron Diaz Oscars
    What time is it
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    Ten years ago this would have been so hot!
    I would have been in the bathroom cleaning the stains from my shorts. Now…meh. What’s next Madonna, Christina, and Britney bleached upper-lip-stubble-make out-fest. Like Brit is going to remember to p/u the tampons. Madge don’t need them anymore, so she don’t care.

    Please call Jennifer Aniston, self-loathing is the best preservative

  22. cc

    Well, as I always say, if you are going to bang Cameron Diaz, do it from behind. I saw the car wash scene in Bad Teacher…she’s got great legs and a great ass but a Hallowe’en face.

  23. JLo Nipple Slip Cameron Diaz Oscars
    She's Cross Eyed
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    Holy fuck cannot be unseen, burn my eyes out with fire.

  24. JLo Nipple Slip Cameron Diaz Oscars
    What A Mess
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    She’s going bald

  25. chmod

    Cameron Diaz has been repulsive for at least 15 years.

  26. Newts

    Cameron Diaz’ wins the Elizabeth Berkeley award for pancake booty

  27. JLo Nipple Slip Cameron Diaz Oscars
    Racer X
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    The ass peaked during the filming of Selena.

  28. judging you

    Ah but what about man torso with implants to huge past it’s prime ass? Who wins then?

  29. Cameron’s first hint that her ass may not be up to scratch is the fact that J-Lo was willing to be seen on stage next to her. If you’re not the cause of a level 7 J-Lo meltdown then you know it’s all over.

  30. Kinky Koala

    As much as I like Cameron she did not age well. I still remember almost busting a nut when first seeing her in The Mask. But now…

  31. racattack

    Marc Anthony Thought he Could Go Ass-To-Mouth With Jennifer Lopez

  32. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    JHO Bag’s sloppy old ginormously fat ass is disgusting. What was SHE even doing there? No class, no talent, can’t act, just and old useless pig!

  33. cowbulls

    Jennifer would be a sexual treat. Diaz would be like nailed a teenage boy. No thank you.

  34. JLo Nipple Slip Cameron Diaz Oscars
    armpit fan
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    delicious armpit!

  35. Someone Fire The Idiot

    “Not so much when you’ve been pounded into a man by A-Rod.” “You were his masterpiece, bro!” That was way too Harsh and Brutal. This is what happens when you let a K-Fed wanna-be write a review. Your parents must be thrilled you finally learned how to type out of your ass, about asses.

  36. Ellie

    waaaaat! I’d kill to have either of those asses!

  37. JLo Nipple Slip Cameron Diaz Oscars
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    quality, not quantity!

  38. JLo Nipple Slip Cameron Diaz Oscars
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    I thought it was cute. Like they were up there being silly. Jeebus knows the Oscars could really lighten the fuck up. I thought it was adorable, even though I really don’t care that much for JLO.

  39. JLo Nipple Slip Cameron Diaz Oscars
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    This “Battle of the Asses” moment should have included Kardashian instead of Diaz. Does Cameron think she’s got a big butt?? Someone please inform her to the contrary. She’s not up there in rare air. :)

  40. JLo Nipple Slip Cameron Diaz Oscars
    the troof
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    ribbet. ribbet.

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