Cameron Diaz In A Bikini – Yay?

July 8th, 2014 // 17 Comments

Here’s Cameron Diaz in Miami yesterday, and since I’m a blogger of sheer sexual delight, I’ll just go ahead and link to hottest pic of the bunch. It’s like looking at a whole other person, right? She could be literally anyone but Cameron Diaz and all the Cameron Diaz face that comes with- wait, why I am even mentioning it? Holy shit, it’s controlling my thoughts! I knew it was evil! ABANDON POST.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, INFphoto, Splash News


  1. Cletus

    Yeesh…. back in the loch with ye, Nessie!

  2. Cameron Diaz Bikini Flat Ass
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice gut

  3. PassingTrue

    She’s been “Benji’d”

  4. Short Round

    Well, she’s 42. We can’t expect miracles. Still looks all right but not having kids makes it easier.

  5. Pass. Monster face and fupa.

  6. Cameron Diaz Bikini Flat Ass
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    Maybe it’s just me. but the bushes in the shot kind of increase the creepy factor.

  7. She looks good for a 41 years old

  8. Derek Zoolander

    Gar-on-tee you that the vast majority of 41 year old women don’t look that good.

    • The majority of women don’t have access to the resources that she does, and have had children. They could look like her if they had that kind of time and money.

      Cameron is a cool chick and a pretty good actress, but her schtick is not as entertaining now that she’s aging (and not spectacularly well). For someone who just wrote a book on how to have a fit body and is a multi-millionaire, she doesn’t look that good.

  9. Cameron Diaz Bikini Flat Ass
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    Looks more like Odo from Star Trek Deep Space Nine every passing day.

  10. Cameron Diaz Bikini Flat Ass
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    looks like all the roids she did when she was bangin a-rod went to her gut.

  11. Frankly

    How does it benefit anyone to rip these actresses to shreds for getting older? So she wrote a book about fitness. So she’s doing a movie where a parent films a sex tape to recapture their marriage. So what? It’s not like this is Chris Brown punching someone or Milie Cyrus encouraging young girls to prostitute themselves or Paltrow making stupid comments about mothers. Truthfully, we should be celebrating the fact that women over forty of all shapes and sizes can still be very sexy. Am I the only guy that was hot for teacher, come on? Fish, your deep-seated resentment for Cameron Diaz (for not being young anymore) needs to end! And – older women know how to fuck way better than young ones. Young ones can be astoundingly lazy. Let’s give the actresses over 40 a break. Live and let live.

  12. Cameron Diaz Bikini Flat Ass
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    Oh hey Ellen Barkin!

  13. I’ll bet Cameron is a kick in the ass to hang out with. But other than that she’s never really done anything for me. After seeing these photos I have to admit that she still doesn’t.

  14. Cameron Diaz Bikini Flat Ass
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    How can anyone look at that face and say she’s attractive. That girl is coyote ugly.

  15. Fugly, with bad fake tits & 10 years past prime. No interest at all.

  16. Cameron Diaz Bikini Flat Ass
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