Cameron Diaz in a Bikini

June 15th, 2010 // 76 Comments

Here’s Cameron Diaz in Hawaii over the weekend because there hasn’t been enough shots of practically middle-aged women rinsing themselves off with a hose lately. I know I should be aroused by the shots of her bending over, but all I keep thinking about is that crazy scene in Vanilla Sky. You know, the one where Tom Cruise doesn’t try to make out with Kurt Russell in his mind. How fucked up was that?

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  1. bar room hero

    manly built slag.

  2. moepp
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  3. Taz

    Getting old sucks

  4. Typical

    Another American whore. This one is even more pathetic. Does she think she is good looking? Cameron is an ugly joker-faced loser. She is a attention-seeking slut who acts like a kid. Go crawl in your hole you ugly wrinkled face, saggy breasted, and crap hair loser.

    • bar room hero

      Typical dipshit


    • Mr. Nice Guy

      In America we are Smarter then you 14th century shitheads.
      We like whores, because it just means they like sex as much as we do.
      Unlike where you are from we do not need to Rape our women.

  5. JZ
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  6. Why does she even have a bikini top on? I think she is flatter than Kate Hudson

    • Deacon Jones

      She needs a set of the new silicon-based “tear drop” tits they’re sticking in girls now, they look/feel fuckin amazing, can’t even tell anymore.

  7. J. Seinfeld

    It’s a body about nothing.

  8. Delgo
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    But she’s kinda old, which means that ass has taken a lot of shits.

  9. Twinky
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    1st? :s

  10. ME
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    she’s got an odd stomach, but for her age – she looks awesome.

  11. Georgeo

    Just stop bagging on her, because every person who posts a negative comment about any woman on this site would bang Susan Boyle if he had a chance.

    Well, unless you post negatively about Snookie. I think we can all agree on that.

  12. butt crack
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  13. i’d shove my package into her letterbox :P

  14. fauze1
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    Nice turdcutter!

  15. Les Perspective
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    Wash my car, beaner

  16. Oldnslo

    Truth be told? I’d bang Susan Boyle.

    It’s the eyebrows!


  17. John Galt
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    You know, that’s not awful.

  18. Jack Mykokov

    I’d stick things in her slot!

  19. FrankNfrtr

    See ladies? This is how you do it. Don’t have children, lay off the fatty foods, & bang younger guys for fun & fitness.
    Shame about the face. Getting old does suck.

    • Nice

      Frank shut yer fag hole. My guess is you are overfed and under washed yourself, and that you’d take any portion of spartacus over free poon tang.

  20. Deacon Jones


    You need to fix the comment section on here. When you are scrolling through the pictures, there are “no comments” and if you type one when you’re not on the original thread, it disappears.

    That might explain to the lack of comments on here compared to previous format.

    • justifiable

      The fact that the Fish is whoring after clicks with this format, that the site has most fucktarded design on earth, and is inaccessible every other day might explain the lack of comments, too.

  21. Deacon Jones
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  22. Jen

    she looks good, except for the boobs. i think fake tits look like shit unless you can afford to pay the same doc that does the VS models…which im sure cameron can…maybe she just doesnt give a shit.

  23. What happens if you get scared half to death twice?

    • Spudspud

      If these “half to death” incidents you speak of are not simultaneous, then you are three-quarters dead.

  24. Chris
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    she dosn’t look as hot knowing A Rod and his Modana stained dick has been in the holiest of holes

  25. IRONMANAustralia

    And I thought I was the only one who was rattled by the scene in Vanilla Sky.

    When he rolls over in bed and she was there I hit the fucking roof. Didn’t sleep for a week. And she still scares me.

    That movie put her on the same level as Frank from Donnie Darko as far as I’m concerned.

  26. meme
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    looks like her stomach is wearing its own bikini

  27. Plobes

    Camsy gives not a shit what you think of her bod or face

    She’s one of if not the highest paid actresses in Hollywood

    her bod looks athletic and solid to me.

  28. she looks diplomatic.

  29. jimbeam

    Enough about the age thing already. This site makes it sound like when you hit mid-late 30′s you are an old bag which is ridiculous. Take a look at america where every other person is obese. So who looks better? Anyways she is aging terribly because she is very white and constantly in the sun. I’d actually put her in her early 40′s not that it matters. Her body is in shape but her face has had it.

  30. Mr. Nice Guy

    Great Ass, needs a Boob Job to stay on Top.

  31. tina

    oh, I love reading a bunch of old, lonely dudes who are sneaking online during work pretending they’d stick their nose up in Cammy’s direction. What a joke. She’s got a great bod and looks great when she’s done up.

    • Cam D.

      Thanks for your support, but I’ve already got a circle of bitter single female friends.

      • Drew Barrymore

        Yeah, we love hanging w Camy. She has the best weed & tells us all about A-Rod’s & JT’s weird sexual proclivities. Camy even showed us the big silver dildo Tom Cruise loved her to shove up his ass. She’s a great friend.

      • Deacon Jones


  32. Oil of Olay and Noxzema skin cream can certainly do wonders when applied freely! Cameron is looking great here, sporting a fit and firm looking body that oozes with confidence and charm. A throw back to her early years.


  33. mikie

    She isn’t bad. The thing is she drinks and parties hard so she ages a bit faster.

  34. Richport's Ghost
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    Nice mom ass. But isn’t it illegal to have a mom ass if you’re not actually a mom? I mean, what’s her fucking excuse?

  35. Commented on this photo:

    Not so much a mom’s ass as a flat ass, but great, great legs.

  36. Sugar

    A no-fat body is better than cellulite or obesity any day, but her face is just butt fucking ugly.

  37. Lenny

    She just isn’t aging very well.

  38. ROUGH the return, and taking no prisoners.

    Mature, no tits, no kids, you can be sure she’s doing the backdoor lambada with A-rod…

  39. Me
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    You can tell that wonderful snatch is shaved. Yummy.

  40. Gando

    Talking ’bout a girl who has been working hard to stay fit.

  41. Master Spook

    I see you.

  42. Queef
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    Disgusting legs and evidence of lipo on her stomach. The personality of a squirrel and the face of a garden gnome. What a useless cunt.

  43. captain america

    good god, SHE IS A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Upskrt Celebs
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    I want to clean her asshole with my tongue.

  45. lia
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    WTF! her torso is gross. big man shoulders no waist or boobs and her stomach looks funky! what is that weird dark area above her bikini bottom in the front looks like flesh colored underwear nasty!! keep the clothes on

  46. Clive
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    She has good legs, but she is built like a “block”, that is, no waist, what you see in many Anglo-Saxon and Germanic women (I guess her Spanish-Cuban) side didnt help her be more curvy.

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