Cameron Diaz is a Thing of Beauty

August 4th, 2011 // 98 Comments

My God, how does A-Rod even let her out of his sight? I’d paint her image inside my eyelids. People will ask me why I keep standing around with my eyes closed, and I’ll be like, “Mmm, yeah, we’re breaking the sex barrier, you and I. Chuck Yeagerin’ it.” I want to be on this is my point here.

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  1. Facebook Me

    I’ve seen her in a bikini lately, what is she training for a bodybuilding contest? Her face looks gaunt, she looks way older than her years.

    • lk

      and see this is where women of a certain uh “age” should really consider eating a sammich or a cookie once in a while….

    • barbosa

      She is getting older.. her skin is getting lax and settling into her cheeks; no amount of nutrition can put collagen and elastin back into the skin on her face. she is almost 40

      • Henry

        Regardless of her age, she wouldn’t look like Gollum if she just stopped working out to eat a meal every once in awhile.

      • tweet queen

        actually if u think about it she’s older then what she says. Remember she said she use to get weed from snoop dog and the had some same classes cause they went to the same school. well he is like 43 now. so she is not 38 like she says.

  2. Rough's thule

    What if youre between young and old?

  3. Facebook Me

    Take you and your desperate fucking self off this sight if you don’t have anything snarky to say about Fish’s posts.

  4. DeucePickle

    a very sensual Kid Rock

  5. Lion O

    She’s always had a scary face. Now its just older.

  6. Rough's thule

    There’s nothing wrong with her. The only disturbing thing here is, she naively accept father time’s challenge to a hand to hand combat. I think it’s admirable.

  7. The more I see of her the more I am starting to belief David Icke is onto something.

  8. owen

    Lighting is everything.

  9. Banastre Trent - Holmes

    She’s positively ghastly! I would rebuff her overtures for sexual congress immediately!

  10. Spaulding Smails

    Smallish breasts and that gargoyle face does not make me dream of being in her presence

  11. MarkM

    Don’t care…still would.

  12. ae

    Oh comon she’s still very pretty.

    She isn’t wearing any makeup and still look pretty.

    She still looks great in film too.

  13. Eliza

    How does a girl know that she’s hot? Serious question.

  14. Irving Mandelbaum

    How int he name of all that is holy does this correspond to beauty ? I’d like to be a fly on the wall when they pitch her next sappy rom – com

  15. mensa

    She looks fine for her age. And she’s obv in no makeup.

    Scene at 1:40 looks pretty good to me.

    • Edgar Gascoyne

      You must have been looking at a different clip. She looks heavily made up , and the black eye makeup looks literally whorish . I think I will revoke your membership in mensa.
      She looks really over the hill. She cannot be a lead in a romantic comedy . She can now play the ugly sidekick to a good looking girl.

    • mensa

      this is how women look at 40. seriously…I know it’s hard to believe when all of us are busy staring at the sorority sisters having a wet t-shirt contest at the other end of the bar, but eventually those little girls grow up. Some of them even get fat and get wrinkles.

      • Help

        Jennifer Aniston doesn’t look like that. Sandra Bullock doesn’t look like that. First two examples I thought of

      • Willy Ketchum

        If she was some average gal we saw at the supermarket , we wouldn’t have an observation about her . She makes movies and is held up as some object of beauty, which is clearly a lie . She now mediocre in the looks department. The fact is that if you put her picture next to Minka Kelly , you would immediately know who is “beautiful ” and who has lost their looks . She average looking and you might pass her at the mall and not notice her .

    • mensa

      honestly i think cameron diaz looks better than both of those two, but w/e.

      now if we want to talk about a celebrity who is REALLY not aging well, we should talk about Angelina Jolie.

      • barbosa

        at least angelina jolie doesnt get cheek implants and derma fillers until she looks like the joker.. i admire angelina for aging naturally even though she has millions. Shows she isn’t fixated on her looks like everyone else is.

  16. cc

    She should borrow Orlando Bloom’s hat and pull it right over her face.

  17. jeter

    a-rod is obviously attracted to more rugged manly body types.

    • Billy Rubin

      Good thing that A-rod is in a locker room with many naked men every day . This way looking at her smallish chest , he can remember the locker room scenes with relish . Maybe the Yankees have players that “switch – hit ” in the sexual connotation as well

  18. Cameron Diaz Ugly Face
    Commented on this photo:

    Well you’ve got the “thing” part down correctly.

  19. Arizzle

    She looks like Sarah Jessica Parker

  20. Arizzle

    and Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a transvestite donkey witch

  21. Hmm, can someone please explain why my pictures aren’t downloading? It says DNS failure, is that my computer or the site’s?

  22. Crusty Drawers

    She’s a thing, all right.

    White women age horribly in general. Asian women FTW.

  23. Duke

    Pics of your tits and ass or GTFOH.

  24. want meds

    Too much time in the sun wreaks havoc on skin once that skin hits 40–she’s wearing that hat too late

  25. Not included in the picture: her SHA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA KNEES, KNEES

  26. Cameron Diaz Ugly Face
    Commented on this photo:

    I am going to have some really Scary Nightmares Tonight, Arhhhhhhh

  27. Donald Trump

    Sun damage galore!

  28. Deacon Jones

    Well, looks like Alex Skarsgard got AIDS already….

  29. Henry

    Her face is a mess. It’s like she went out of her way to destroy it. What a shame.

  30. Cameron Diaz Ugly Face
    Commented on this photo:

    Got coke?

  31. TomFrank

    This thread’s gonna look stupid once Fish gets around to taking out this spammer’s spam.

  32. bing

    Her nose have always ressembled a potatoe anyway.

  33. Honest John

    She looks like a barely animated cadaver , so , I conclude that a- rod is figuratively into necrophylia

  34. Elihu Tarelton

    Place a picture of Minka Kelly next to a picture of Cameron Diaz.
    Question: why is Jeter fucking Minka and A- rod fucking Cameron ?
    Answer : one of them is likely gay

    • "Big" Palmer

      Picture of Minka vs Cameron ?
      I would rub one out to Minka , but would turn the picture of Cameron over first .
      She has a “deflating” effect on me

  35. Meh

    Grandma? is that you?

  36. Cameron Diaz Ugly Face
    Commented on this photo:


  37. Mark

    She hasn’t aged well. Her body looks like that of a boy. She needs to get off the veggie wagon and have a burger. I’ve never seen a healthy looking vegetarian, ironic isn’t it?

  38. does it make sense if i say, she looks malnourished and fat at the same time ???

  39. Hilarious

    So Pete Doherty dyed his hair, big deal.

  40. Jme

    Where the hell did that chin come from?

  41. Cameron Diaz Ugly Face
    Commented on this photo:

    Her face is ONE of her problems….but…HAVE U SEEN THOSE FEETS??? OMG!! there r soooo big….BIG FOOT IS HERE!! and it’s blonde :P

  42. Cameron Diaz Ugly Face
    Commented on this photo:

    What has happened to her? She was never, in my opinion, considered drop dead gorgeous… but she was fairly attractive. We all have our bad days, but there’s something funky going on with her face.

  43. DS

    Oh, i thought it was Christopher Walken

  44. K, my computer works now…..Holy shit she is not aging well. She’s always had bad skin, but it looks ravaged by the sun now.

  45. Cameron Diaz Ugly Face
    Commented on this photo:

    Hmm looks like she has some secret thoughts…and which airport is this? Long gone the times when you could read some decent stories with facts. Thanks anyway, acceptable quality photos.

  46. Cameron Diaz Ugly Face
    Commented on this photo:

    I’ve never thought she was pretty, but she looks scary :S

  47. cameron is a druggie

    sunworshipping and drugs. she’s a drug addict, needs more attention called onto it.

  48. Cameron Diaz Ugly Face
    Commented on this photo:

    If A-Rod painted THIS on his eyelids, someone would have to poke them out for him immediately.
    Now where’s Jennifer Aniston and her pokies?

  49. sam addict


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