Cameron Diaz Still Has Insane Man Arms

July 26th, 2011 // 47 Comments

“Wow, those are testicles!” – That guy. In the orange. Sorry, should’ve been more specific.

If you found yourself wondering, “Gee, does Cameron Diaz still have freakish, almost Madonna-esque guns causing grown men to do a double take of fear?” the answer is yes. Yes, she does. And to demonstrate just how strong they are, I threw in a shot of her using just one to hoist a boat out of the water while A-Rod presumably stood off-camera reminding himself to wear a cup the next time she gives him a handjob. “Better make that two,” he later thought.

Photo: INFdaily, Splash News


  1. so she didnt want to waste his roids, it’s all goot

  2. EmDog

    I think she looks fantastic. I only wish my arms were that defined!

  3. SkinnyMcGee

    She has bigger arms than I do : (

  4. Cameron Diaz Bikini Madonna Man Arms
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  5. Cameron Diaz Bikini Madonna Man Arms
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    I cal BS on ARod he is pulling a Shaq. You know pretending to be injured so he does not have to go to work and earn his pay.

  6. Ego, the living planet

    She was hot in The Mask. That’s it.

  7. the one

    her next film is about arm wrestling!!

  8. Deacon Jones

    My comment mustve gotten nixed!

    I meant to say, A-rod is most likely a homosexual, given his choice of women, all of which look like transsexuals.

  9. art1e

    her bodies fine & i guess the guys whos arms aint as big as hers are really skinny?? because her arms aint that big…

  10. Venom

    A Rod must be into shemales because he does his damn best to make every girlfriend look like one.

  11. Just_As_it_IS

    “insane man arms”? if you are a skinny 12 year old boy, maybe. They look pretty normal to me for a woman of her physique. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she is pretty at all, just sayin’ I don’t find the insanity anywhere in these pics. “Well toned arms” would have been a better headline.

  12. mpath1

    I don’t comment here much, but as someone who’s been into bodybuilding for the last 10 years, I’d have to say I don’t find huge, ripped arms the least bit attractive on a woman. Hers aren’t extreme…yet…kinda on the edge…ripped but not too big; some photos don’t look as bad as this one. But from this angle, I’m thinking…gross. Her frame is pretty narrow so the wider her shoulders get, the more masculine she looks. And, honestly, while she is still reasonably attractive, her face isn’t overly feminine as it is so this really doesn’t help.

    Similarly, I can’t help thinking women most women don’t like guys to have moobs and be shaped like an hourglass. But that’s just a guess….

  13. “MY EYES ARE UP HERE!” God, why is everyone always staring at my guns??

  14. shantesoufle

    Hmmm… You know, Jeter briefly dated Jessica Beil, who had quite the chizzled ones. Wonder if they’re into swapping

  15. Cameron Diaz Bikini Madonna Man Arms
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    Ok the arms I get…by why does she have Octomom’s stomach?

  16. Cameron Diaz Bikini Madonna Man Arms
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    I’m now finally convinced they’re moving ahead on the Arrested Development movie.

  17. Colonel Ingus

    Yea…Insane Man Arms as well as a case of 2011 Ellen Barkin face

  18. Drundel

    Awesome body. She can go to the beach and make a bunch of high school girls self conscious.

  19. Cameron Diaz Bikini Madonna Man Arms
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    I’d still tap that mangina.

  20. Cameron Diaz Bikini Madonna Man Arms
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    She does it so she can force herself on other, weaker, women that she likes and they can’t fight her off.

  21. Donald Trump

    Her arms don’t look unusually large to me. Toned, but not anything close to manly in appearance.

  22. cc

    Hey, Cameron, you are right…your arms did grow to offset your disappearing boobs!

  23. Cameron Diaz Bikini Madonna Man Arms
    NYC I Banker
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    It looks like Octomom’s stomach because of too much LIPO!

  24. Bam

    Women around 40 are faced with a choice. Either start building muscle or turn into a fatty. I think she made the right choice.

  25. Hey pool boy, wanna’ earn 6 bucks the hard way?

  26. Cameron Diaz Bikini Madonna Man Arms
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    The only way to prevent arm sagging when you’re that age is to build muscle; she just got a little overzealous.

  27. Curious Troll

    “Cameron Diaz Still Has Insane Man Arms.” The better to punch your face in.

  28. Cameron Diaz Bikini Madonna Man Arms
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    “Yeah I started curling with 45′s today.”

  29. bob

    If I were a man and had arms that small and skinny I would just shave my whole body to be an extra in gay porn

  30. kimmykimkim

    First thing I ever told my trainer upon first meeting her: I don’t want Madonna arms. Or Cameron Diaz arms, those are getting pretty bad. I want to be toned but feminine. And for the love of god don’t shrink my tits. I don’t want to look like a gymnast…yeah there’s no punch line or point to that story…so however much time u just spent reading that, you’re never getting it back.

  31. Sheldon

    That’s such a turn off. The one worse is when they tattoo their whole arm so there isn’t an inch of skin left.

  32. bieberhole007

    After these photos were taken, Cameron and Steve-O touched tips.

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