Cam Newton Chugs Sexist Sauce in Front of Female Reporter

Yesterday Cam Newton laughed off a female reporter in a press conference when she asked him how he felt about a receiver’s route running. He didn’t necessarily dismiss her question, but before answering he chuckled and said, “it’s funny hearing a female talk about routes.” Considering that female sports journalists, particularly in the NFL, have been a pretty prominent fixture for the past two decades, let’s just say it wasn’t a good look for the Carolina quarterback.

While watching the video, you can almost feel the doppler effect of Twitter outrage build as he begins smiling during her question. Does Cam Newton really think girls can’t ball? Clearly he hasn’t watched many highlights from the LFL.

At first I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt because I’m also a dude who won’t ever fathom the obstacles women face in the workplace (let’s call it James Cameron syndrome), but this one’s chalking up to be a big L for Cam. Naturally, Twitter went after the reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue, calling her a whiney snowflake for not taking a joke because people on the internet are assholes. Rodrigue brought some high road receipts to prove that this was exactly what it looks like…

I’m not surprised that Cam Newton would pull some shit like this. Most professional athletes don’t necessarily fit the mold of upstanding feminists, especially knowing that Dark Lord Goodell can easily sweep your domestic abuse case under the rug for the sake of jersey sales, but Cam has been in the league long enough now that he should be pretty used to female reporters by now. He should understand that just because you never played football doesn’t mean you can’t be an analyzation nerd about it… for every one female sports journalist there are about ten doughy male fatasses that have never touched a field in their lives.