Calista Flockhart is looking weird

July 24th, 2006 // 112 Comments

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This is what happens when you don’t work for five years and let Harrison Ford date you. Who needs makeup when you’re going out with a 60-year-old. Looking even remotely attractive risks giving him a heart attack. Or maybe having his arm break off in a cloud of dust.

More of Calista looking peculiar after the jump.


  1. Nyzaaaah

    What happened to that magical rule that stopped the “first” comments on every post?
    Get a life people!

  2. bunnyhugger

    barado (17 & 20)
    damn straight! we’ve already established that i’m too old here, but han solo (and, oh, fuck me silly, indiana jones) was one hugely fuckable character!! now it’s like she’s sucked the life out of harry.

    and jane, how bad was it out there? my fricken pool is holding at 95-98 degrees w/o the heater. we were supposed to hit something like 114. and yeah, the humidty.
    (jane & zanna, you’re not the only dorks here. guess how i met my hubby?)

  3. Susana

    Botox for sure! 100% sure! the what the h*ll is that match? Funny granny handbag + trainers. S.O.S.

  4. jane's eyre

    Zanna, when you’re puking your guts out in a Vegas hotel, your husband has to keep putting you back into bed ‘cuz you can’t seem to stay in it, and you’re reeling so bad that you crack the bridge of your nose on the toilet…that’s too much.

    Bunnyhugger…SO FREAKIN HOT. We have to run our air all night long. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was dry, but it feels like a sauna when you walk outside. I don’t think it’s as hot as out there, though. Whee. And let me guess-a Star Wars convention?

  5. manchitas

    She doesn’t look like a snotty bitch at all.

  6. jane's eyre

    @78. Sadly, not hilarious.

  7. bunnyhugger

    jane, really close.
    but i’m not giving any more shit here. stupid (and i do mean STUPID) troll doesn’t need any more fodder.
    and the fact that it decided to use MY name has me reasonable convinced that this time it’s meganharris for sure. i don’t comment enough to be stalked, but we all know who’s been stalking you. and because i’ve spoken to you…..
    you know how it goes. i’ll see you over at the other site, okay?
    wish we could get the real hopeless there, too.
    and dammit, from my experience, ANY jager is too much,
    ugh. zanna, you’re one tough broad!

  8. bunnyhugger

    jane, zanna and fellow dorks:

    check this one. a few months old, but fucking funny!

    and if the real hopeless can figure out how, get back to us, slave. (hee-hee)

  9. Joey bag o' donuts

    This woman is famous for being malnourished. She is famous for doing something stupid like not eating. You get no respect if your famous for something stupid. Can anyone say Zsa ZSa Gabor?

  10. sid

    Myeh…I don’t get it :/

    She looks kind of pretty, especially now that she’s put on some weight.

    Furthermore, Ford may be 60, but he can do 50 push-ups, can run a mile without having a heart attack, and isn’t impotent like half of you aging, cynical Gen Xer’s who frequent websites like this all day long, all week, all month, all year.

    Even if he is old, at least he can look back and say he was Indiana Jones, for crissakes.


  11. misszoe

    For gods sake guys….

  12. Truthseeker013


    “Calista Flockhart is looking weird”

    There’s something grammatically wrong with this sentence. Can’t *quite* put my finger on it…

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