Calista Flockhart is looking weird

July 24th, 2006 // 112 Comments

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This is what happens when you don’t work for five years and let Harrison Ford date you. Who needs makeup when you’re going out with a 60-year-old. Looking even remotely attractive risks giving him a heart attack. Or maybe having his arm break off in a cloud of dust.

More of Calista looking peculiar after the jump.


  1. whitenavel


  2. TOPAZ21

    these pictures have to be old…she’s wearing a freaken sweater.

  3. Jeremy1Esq a dork

  4. And in other news… Fire is hot.

  5. whitenavel

    Is that really Calista?
    She’s put on some weight. Now she weighs more than my bowel movements.

  6. ellaminnowpea

    too much Botox? she looks a little immobile in the facial area….takes expressionless to a new low….but then again she does live with expressionless Harrison…nevermind….

  7. Grobpilot

    Flappy lip.

  8. Sandra Dee

    Ew. She looks like she has tape holding her eyebrows back.


  9. datter

    … because we all know famous people are supposed to look good all the time.

    More “after the jump”.

    This site is starting to suck.

  10. garbagepailkid


    Oh yeah, that chick from that show from a half decade ago that i don’t give a shit about.


  11. jFp


    Calista was beginning to question whether using Harrisons “Carbonite-Facial” was a good idea or not and wondered why it was white and sticky and not black like in the movie.

  12. Lester Nelson

    Wow. She actually looks like Harrison Ford.

  13. twzzlrgirl

    Notice how her face doesn’t change AT ALL in the three pictures. I agree with #6 — either botox, or it’s just natural to look that way all the time now that she’s dating an old guy.

    How sad.

  14. Justin Igger

    makin another night of the living dead movie and i don’t even think i saw da other ones maybe i go see this one

  15. Well… She’s doing a cross between my Pug puppy’s face, and the Elvis Lip Sneer. Good on her plastic surgeon. Or maybe she’s concentrating hard? And by ‘concentrating’ I mean really doped up on some awesome drug that makes you FEEL PRETTY when you’re not?
    As far as the sweater goes… don’t anorexics get cold easily?

  16. BarbadoSlim

    She looks exactly like her expression: like a perpetually on the rag CUNT.

    I hate this fucking bitch, if Greedo didn’t kill Han Solo, she did.

  17. Tania

    Pale and uninteresting.

  18. Spo

    Remember when she had eyebrows? Yeah, those were good times..

  19. BarbadoSlim

    I remember this “girl” being quite the fuckable little piece of ass a few years back. Father time has not been kind, maybe she’s been abusing the dark side of the force or some shit like that. Yiikes.

  20. Merebear

    She looks exactly the same in every picture and none of them have eyebrows! Why is she perpetually so mad? Is it because we can see her? She hasn’t completely disappeard into a two-dimensional lollipop-thing? “Damn that diet! I never get to be invisible!”

    I used to love her Ally McBeal character, but seeing her out of character just pisses me off.

  21. saltpeanuts

    Is this like one of those “Guess Which Picture is Different” games from my youth? Because every picture looks exactly the fucking same.

  22. It’s “The Lady in the Water!”

  23. Wow, she looks almost alien-like. Too creepy for me.

  24. mrs.t

    Reminds me of Diamond Dogs-era Bowie.

  25. TaiTai

    Mrs. T stop insulting Bowie!

    She still looks like Gollum to me. Constipated Gollum.

  26. LilRach

    What the heck happend to her? She never really was that attractive but shit! She’s so pale – she looks really sick.

    What’s up with her eyes – they are turning asian.

    Gross. Get some sun woman…. and some style.

  27. mrs.t

    Dear HolisticWisdomcom/SoftBlueGlow,

    You know what goes great with color-therapy-sex? The coordinating dildo and oil offered in the “Extras” page!

    Nuff is nuff with the promotional posts.


    Poster bored by the most boring Superficial day in the annals of Superficial History. aka Self Righteous Girl Reduced to Tears Where the Floodwaters Soak their Belongings.

  28. mediafiend

    What a lame post. So what, is she supposed to look hot 24/7? She looks like a normal person walking on the street.

  29. jane's eyre

    I’ve really been wanting to say something about that, but people tend to get all crazy.

  30. jane's eyre

    From HolisticWisdom’s website:

    ALL Women Can Female Ejaculate, This Is Real. Once You Learn How It Works You Will Be Amazed At How Simple It Is To Do!

    Great, I was wondering what I could do with all that spare time on my hands!

  31. PaisleyMoon

    She looks peculiar? That’s the best you got? Where’s the superfish guy cuz that can’t be him posting this crap and lame shit.

  32. Nimuë LaMer

    Looks like she can still smell the Dirty Sanchez Harrison gave her earlier, not matter how much Noxzema she scrubs with.

    Where’s annoying Tina from the Colin Ferrell post when you need her?

  33. bould002

    she looks normal to me. people shouldn’t wear makeup all the time, that would be gross.

    props to calista for gaining some weight. if she still looked the way she used to you’d be making fun of her for being too skinny.

    i agree that this site is getting lame.

    this isn’t funny or interesting.

    its basically a picture of a normal person going shopping.

  34. If you can see her, you have the

  35. If you can see her, you have the sixth sense.

  36. Jenners

    Her face didn’t change because it was one of those cameras that take a bazillion pics in 1 second. Jesus people, she looks like a perfectly normal woman. Hell maybe the sun was in her eyes. Big effin’ deal.

    And to #21 who is pissed off because Calista is out of her her Ally McBeal character. If that pisses you off, you need a life. That’s just wrong on so many levels. Oh, maybe you were trying to be funny? It didn’t work.

    This was a really stupid post with really stupid people trying to be anything but really stupid.

  37. Did she just see a ghost? Possibly Harrison?

  38. Binky

    Calista – Hang In there.
    But maybe quit the cult for a while – the PR people have finally caught on to “the stare” The public at LARGE will probs soon catch on as well.
    I still think Harrison was probably a good career move, but…let’s face it…in his breakout role most of his screen time and dialog was dwarfed by Chewbacca.
    His later roles just heightened the fact…
    (Hopefully a decent pre-nup – then eat)

  39. Captain_P

    She looks like Katherine Helmond in Brazil. Forreal tho. Not that that’s a bad thing…

  40. Eh, it’s not like she was so gorgeous to begin with.

  41. LilRach

    To the few people who say she looks like a normal person walking down the street – WTF???!!!!
    That face is not normal. If you think that’s normal i hate to think what you think isn’t normal.

  42. Binky

    So : Stevey Nash comes back to Canuckistan without his haircut…
    (around 169)
    Steve, buddy, we would have still let you back in with your hair ! Quit paying attention to this lame site. That was what you would call a ‘mindless drivel spew’. A doubled dribble.
    ( Although you’ll probably be a lot faster.)
    (Basketball secret – don’t pass to the lousy guys) (‘Binky’ J Wooden)
    And what the H are you doing down in Phoenix anyway ? Oh sure – the people there don’t need ovens – they just put dinner out to cook in the back yard. But – I’m sure the novelty of that wears off after a while.
    And, back in Canada, where would my sex life be without my frost-bitten penis ? Well. Ok. I might HAVE a sex life without it – but – Hey – Think of the STD’s I’ve avoided.
    Oh, sorry, the librarian watching my internet useage says I’m off topic again. Sorry kids…
    Gotta go.

  43. tiina

    she looks like a hypnotized stick insect.

  44. discreet_chaos

    She looks stoned.

  45. nc72

    What do you mean date they’re likely getting married. You know how things go when you get married…

  46. qico

    so what else is new

  47. joker13

    hm,well shes not exactly 20.But she does look kinda…different.

  48. Uhn Tiss Baby

    I reckon she’s on heroine.

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