Calista Flockhart has never seen Star Wars

Despite the fact she’s engaged to freaking Han Solo, Calista Flockhart has never seen any of the Star Wars movies, according to WENN:

The couple, who became engaged on 1 April 2007, have been dating since 2002. And Flockhart, who was still a child at the time the original film debuted in 1977, blames her rural upbringing for never seeing the sci-fi franchise that made her fiance a cult hero.
The 44-year-old actress says, “I was never starstruck (by him). I have not seen Star Wars, isn’t that amazing… I’m sure it is (good). It’s weird that I haven’t seen it. We lived in a small town and the movie theatre was an hour away. And I was 12 – the perfect age to see it.”

However, in all fairness, Harrison Ford doesn’t even know Calista Flockhart’s an actress. But then again, who does?

Photos: Getty