Now Caitlyn Jenner’s Voting For Trump, I Don’t Even Know

Yesterday, the Republican party in North Carolina specifically went out of its way to hold a special session where it passed a litany of anti-LGBT legislation including barring transgendered people from using the restroom for their corresponding gender. It might as well have been called the “Hey, Fuck You, Tranny” bill, so naturally this is the party Caitlyn Jenner will vote for on Election Day regardless of who the candidate is. PEOPLE reports:

Whoever is the Republican candidate obviously I’m going to vote that direction,” Jenner, 66, told the Australian radio show Rove & Sam for Breakfast via phone call. “I have my ones that I like more than others but those are for me personally. Because I really feel like we’ve got to fix this country, we have a lot of, not so much trans issues but fiscal issues.”

So clearly this Hillary Clinton Instagram post about being “willing to listen” was pure Kardashian ass slough because what Caitlyn Jenner really meant was, “willing to hear how Caitlyn Jenner can pay less taxes because Caitlyn Jenner is rich and pees on golf courses, so fuck everyone else’s shit.”

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