A Brief Word On Caitlyn Jenner

As you’re probably aware by now from crazy relatives on Facebook or the media in general, Caitlyn Jenner received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award and delivered an emotional, self-aware speech about how her life has been very fortunate and she’s had every advantage to make the transition she did, but most do not and usually end up dead from suicide or violent assault because that’s the shitbag country we live in. So for the first time, Caitlyn Jenner finally used her platform to officially move the transgender cause forward instead of self-promotion – Kris Jenner reportedly turned into a crow and flew off. Her dark powers denied an opportunity to feed. – and now begins the backlash which already started before Caitlyn even spoke. And that’s what I’m going to address very briefly because I’m a smug bastard who likes watching straight, predominantly white assholes flail around like idiots. Thanks to #GamerGate, I became aware of Lewis’s Law, a fucking outstanding observation by Helen Lewis that’s a sniper bullet to the head to Internet shitbags:

“The comments on any article about feminism justify feminism.”

Which leads me to propose Caitlyn Jenner’s Law (if someone hasn’t already):

“The comments on any article about Caitlyn Jenner being brave justify that she is brave.”

And now’s where you’re won’t be able to stop yourself from proving me right. RELEASE THE BUTTHURT!

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