Caitlyn Jenner Sued For Car Accident Librul Media Won’t Talk About

When Caitlyn Jenner was in a car accident back in February that left a woman dead there were no less than eight million articles about it thanks to the crash occurring just days after reports confirming she was going to come out as a transgender woman. The reporting on the accident quickly dried up not because Caitlyn was becoming a woman – which, again, was reported before the accident – but because the details soon became cut and dry albeit ultimately fatal. A Prius allegedly came to an illegal stop on the PCH causing a Lexus to rear end it, and that Lexus was then rear-ended by Caitlyn which pushed it into the path of a Hummer leaving the Lexus driver dead. Caitlyn was not texting while driving, as the media who’s apparently forcing her down your throat initially claimed, nor was she being pursued by the paparazzi as Caitlyn initially tried to claim. It was a shitty accident that could happen to anybody, and will now have the same results as anybody else: Lawyers suing people’s dicks off which may not have been the best choice of words here. TMZ reports:

Jessica Steindorff was driving the Prius — the second car Jenner slammed into during the accident back in February … and says she suffered several physical injuries. Her lawsuit does not specify the nature or extent of those injuries.
You’ll recall, Jenner first hit the Lexus, driven by Kim Howe, sending her into oncoming traffic — and then her Escalade continued down the road and plowed into the Prius. Howe was killed when the Lexus crashed head-on with a Hummer.
In addition to her medical injuries … Steindorff says she’s lost wages, and as was clear from the accident scene … her Prius was messed up badly.

So there you go. We just talked about the fact that Caitlyn Jenner killed a woman even though there’s clearly a grand media conspiracy to never talk about it so your kids become transgender pussywillows. I mean, goddammit. I’m not over the moon that Caitlyn Jenner is the current face of the transgender community thanks to her association with the Piss People, but at least come up with some decent arguments as to why she sucks – and I’ve actually seen some good ones – instead of kneejerk reactions like, “NOBODY’S BRAVE ‘CEPT TROOPS!” And this accident would be one of them if Caitlyn had a history of being drugged-up terror behind the wheel like Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes, or straight killed a kid like Rebecca Gayheart. She was in a fucked up car accident that sadly left a woman dead, but probably happens every 45 seconds in California because your highways are like goddamn Mad Max. But there we go, we talked about it. Caitlyn Jenner killed a woman in a car accident, and now it’s up to Geico to sort it out- wait. Geico, gecko, LIZARD PEOPLE! This goes straight to the top!

Photo: Splash News