Bruce Jenner Is Caitlyn Jenner Now

While I was busy looking for excuses to post vagina GIFs – No, not now. It wouldn’t be right… – Bruce Jenner officially came out as Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair making Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy announcement last night exactly the bitchy move you assumed it was. And probably explains Caitlyn’s team making sure TMZ had this information:

Caitlyn Jenner did not spell her first name with a “K” because she wants a clean break from the Kardashian moniker … TMZ has learned.
Sources closely associated with Bruce tell us Caitlyn wants to make it clear to her family and the world … she is her own person. That sounds obvious, but we’re told it was an extremely meaningful choice for her … she has never been her own person before, and becoming part of the Kardashian brood would undermine her goal.

Also, if Caitlyn spelled her name with a “K,” Kris Jenner would have legal grounds to force her to do porn and/or be pumped full of Brazilian butt fat. Those are what my sources tell me, and they’re the voices in my head, so you know that shit is on point. Take it to the bank, son.

Photo: Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair