Caitlyn Jenner Is Using Her Old Name To Get Golf Memberships Faster

“Trump 2016! Eh? Anyone? — Aw shit.” *runs out fire exit*

While gay marriage won a landmark victory in Kentucky yesterday, transgender champion Caitlyn Jenner has been applying for country club memberships under her old name to fight the system. And by fight the system I mean get her golf on as quickly as possible because Caitlyn Jenner is still very, very rich and very, very white. Gossip Cop reports:

While Kamihira fills out Jenner’s application for a course at the Sherwood Country Club, she questions the former Olympian “why you are putting Bruce down, as opposed to Caitlyn.” Basically, Jenner, who’s already a member (under the name Bruce) of a different golf course at the Sherwood Country Club, feels applying as “Bruce” for the second course is the fastest and easier way to get accepted.

But don’t worry, it’s not like Caitlyn is going to sneak in dressed like a man just to play golf. I mean, c’mon #bravery

She then wants to know whether the reality star will wear a skirt or shorts on the golf course or “are you going to wear your hoodie and pretend?” Jenner responds, “Once I get out on the course, I’ll take that off.”

“I’m just happier being who I really am, and I hope it encourages others to always be true to themselves. No matter what.”
“If you put ‘Bruce’ on the application, they’ll let you tee off at 1:00.”
*rips off wig, untucks dick* “Get my clubs.”

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