Bryan Singer flies into Superman’s wedding, like an A-hole

November 27th, 2007 // 226 Comments

Brandon Routh married his fiancée Courtney Ford at producer Jon Peter’s ranch over the weekend. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger created a “no-fly zone” over the area in honor of the occasion, but Superman Returns director Bryan Singer decided to be a dick about it, according to Page Six:

Bryan Singer pulled a “big Diana Ross diva move,” another wedding guest giggled, by “insisting on flying in on a helicopter.”

I’m going to let Bryan Singer slide on this one because he made a Superman movie that I can relate to. I’m talking about Superman knocking up Lois Lane then fleeing the planet. It’s exactly like the story of my own life complete with a messianic theme and a John William’s score. I can’t wait to watch it with my kid someday. If I ever decide we should finally meet because I want to borrow some of his student loan money.

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  1. Bambi


  2. big

    I also have a helicopter and a private jet

  3. woodhorse

    Fish – be sure your kid starts the dryer before he sits down to that movie.

  4. RENEE...

    Oh, so he ISN’T gay. I was wondering about this one. Anyways, he’s not very famous, whats with the big deal over the no fly zone just for him? Its not like he’s Christopher Reeves or something. He’s just some doof who’s been in, what, one famous movie that was just a sequel that wasn’t even very popular. Whatever!

  5. A helicopter? yeah. that has presence! I’m going to violate the no-fly zone with a buzzing little aircraft? I would’ve done it Tom Cruise style with a thunderous,sonic fly-by in a fighter jet! Beotches! (assuming I could “man” the cockpit)

  6. that’s what happens when you put too many self-centered celebrities in one place.

  7. #7–They wax their chest hair? What is up with him flaunting his moley, little-boy chest? Ewee.

  8. harry

    Bryan Singer acting like a jerk? You’re kidding me. (insert eye rolling)

  9. who the f are these people

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any of these people ever

  10. Seriously. She is laughing at his pre-pubescent chest in the second shot!?

  11. BIGsteamyONE

    W H O ????????? is this douchebag ??

  12. Duh

    Who are they?? They’re fugly.

  13. Did Singer at least hand out candy canes and shout “Ho”Ho”Ho”? Or air lift some free cars n’ shit Oprah style? NOW that would be a wedding to remember!

  14. Ruby Blye

    I seriously have no idea who any of these people are. Never seen those two in the photo before, and I had no idea there was some kind of superman movie out. Who the hell is this bryan-douche?

  15. Missystar

    I remember when the movie came out, there was all this buzz about how Routh had all these gay fans, so then in every interview he mentioned that he was engagged(yes, you read than correctly). It sure took her long enough to drag him down the aisle.

  16. em

    i think his wedding band weighs more than his wife.

  17. ph7

    I sure hope that between the wedding and the honeymoon he drove her to a breast augmentation surgeon.

  18. mabbo

    I didn’t realize that gay men STILL married women as a “beard”. How strange.

  19. ph7–You’re neutral! I just got it. It takes me awhile sometimes! Hilarious!
    Anyway–are you referring to him or her when you talk about breast augmentation? He could use some pecage (I just made that up–you can use it!)

  20. Can we get this guy to fall of a horse too?

  21. Jimbo–are you referring to the donkey show again?

  22. cowcat

    Stop the presses…the two most average-looking people in the world got married this weekend. zzzz…

  23. veggi

    I don’t know who these folks are, but he needs what britney got on his lips. Where the fuck is his upper one? Did she eat it?.

  24. Captain_W

    This post sucks. You should post pictures of AnnaLynne McCord. She is smoking hot… she plays Eden Lord on Nip/Tuck.

  25. @22 no, I was referring to the last Superman falling off his horse..

  26. 26–K. I didn’t have the displeasure of viewing the most recent Superman. I have seen most of the Christopher Reeves ones though.

  27. veggi

    Man, even I can fall of a horse properly…. well, properly enough to only knock my noggin and see little reflectors for about 10 minutes. Gawd I love beer!..

    Hi Jimbo!..

  28. O HAI

    Two ugly chicks getting married … oh wait, that’s a guy??

  29. pissy skank

    And we care… why?? And what’s the big deal with Brandon Routh’s wedding. Superman Returns sucked ass & he hasn’t done a thing since.

  30. 30—Are you sure he hasn’ t sucked ass since Superman Returns?

  31. @27 I just figured if he wanted to fly in like Superman, he could fall off his horse and break his neck like Superman. Way too much explanation for a cheap joke..

    Hey Veggi how are you doing today??

  32. veggi

    cowgirl! ha! I’m sure he has! good one!

    jimbo, I’m about to FINALLY go home! I didn’t even get a beer for lunch :(

    see ya’ll!

  33. fenix

    dude, best write up ever.

    “I’m going to let Bryan Singer slide on this one because he made a Superman movie that I can relate to. I’m talking about Superman knocking up Lois Lane then fleeing the planet.”


  34. pissy skank

    Cowgirl– that was great!!

  35. Tong you #35, Tong you very much!

  36. redsonja1313

    Right before he filmed Superman, he lived across from me. He and his sister would smoke pot and sit out on thier balcony singing and playing guitar BADLY all fucking night and sometimes they would put a cheap ass light out there and shine it RIGHT AT THE BEDROOM. Their balcony faced my bedroom, the movie suxed and I hate him for costing me valuable sleep. Even if it was 3+ years ago and I hate him even more now that he is even more of a Asshole. Who the F cares about his dumb wedding…

    Oh wait did his wife get whacked in the head 50 times and never even bleed (ala Lois Lane) I mean Lois bounced around Lex’s plane like a popcorn ball and not even a trickle of blood from her nose. What is she a star reporter and a Slayer….hell even slayers wince and bleed. Yet I digress, Fuck him, Fuck Singers Gay Boy Posse and Fuck this guys wedding to another Hollywood beard!!

  37. Superfly

    You’d think Superman would be able to get a hotter chick.

    PS. Also, the movie blew. Lois Lane looked like an ugly 12-year-old.

  38. redsonja1313

    correction @ 38

    An annorexic 12 year old !!

  39. woodhorse

    Happy Birthday Bruce Lee.

  40. woodhorse

    Oh the irony they don’t allow fly overs for Superman. Better would have been a hundred kites that looked like blue capes.

    For the reception, metal detectors for the Man of Steel.

  41. Miguelito

    I hope someone tells that girl that Kevin Spacey has been up her husband’s bungholio.

  42. zuzupetals

    They look like the most boring people this side of Posh Spice and David Beckham. I just feel asleep looking at them.

  43. funnie

    Superman was said to be found on a millionaire&celebs dating club before. He has a personal account there with his handsome pictures, blog…In his friend circle, some other stars can be found there. One of girls there said that they often joked, even flirt with each other.

  44. Ript1&0

    Who the fuck are these people, Fish? I’m clueless on this one, usually I have a glimmer of name recognition at least, but there’s no reference for these names or faces…

  45. I’m with you #45. WHO?

  46. angel56234

    Are they making an adorable couple? though someone here mentioned he ever had an account in the rich men seeking fun club, I still think that they will be stay together at the end!

  47. angel56234

    Are they making an adorable couple? though someone here mentioned he ever had an account in the rich men seeking fun club, I still think that they will be stay together at the end!

  48. Blondamnation

    44 go fuck yourself you propoganda peddling asswipe

  49. Blondamnation

    you too 48

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