Bryan Singer’s Directing ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

July 1st, 2014 // 15 Comments
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A few weeks back, Radar published a rumor that Fox fired Bryan Singer from X-Men: Apocalypse because of his underage sex scandals. It was a story that got a surprising amount of traction despite the fact X-Men: Days of Future Past made shitloads of money which means Bryan Singer could have an entire Twink Holocaust graveyard in his basement, and the only thing a studio would even think of saying to him is, “Need another shovel?” So it makes all kind of sense that he just posted a picture of the script because there’s no fucking way he got fired after that box office. Which is great news for anyone who actually enjoyed X-Men: DoFP, and terrible news for any males 18-22 who just wanted to play Morph without getting butt-sexed at a pool party. That’s, uh, that’s not gonna happen.

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  1. Short Round

    Apparently, the key to success for directors is that you’re a sex freak and suck at your job. Michael Bay, Bryan Singer, Brett Ratner… Wait, is it enough for a start if you’re a sex freak? *starts loading resume*

    • CH02

      Can you REALLY say that Singer and Bay suck at their jobs when their films bring in such huge money? They aren’t my favorite films, but tons of people are spending money to see them.

      • I'm Scout and I need a bra.

        They suck because they helped devolve movies into CGI crap which a growing, tasteless audience eat up like a mongoloid that just discovered silly string. Remember the seventies, when movies were awesome? Now just about everything is “Cah go boom! Expwode pwane! Shoot bang bang gun! The b movies now are better than the A-list crap. The actors suck too. A good example: Seventies? Jack Nicholson. Two-thousand-tens? Channing Tatum. I rest my case.

      • I was there for the 70s. I don’t think they were as awesome as you’re trying to lead people to believe.

  2. Leila

    Besides being soulless fuckers, these hollywood shitheels are lazy as hell. Nothing this guy does is particularly genius. There are a hundred similarly talented, less criminal people who could take his place. But the money people just want sure things, and who gives a shit how many kids he rapes as long as he keeps bringing in the box office. Hate.

  3. …in a chateau in France, sitting alone in the den, slumped in a barcalounger, Roman Polanski reads this story …crestfallen, he closes his laptop and puts it on the table next to him, then reaches for the TV remote …he flips through channels and stops on a re-run of “Family Guy” …by an act of serendipity, it just happens to be the “Back to the Pilot” episode, in which Stewie & Brian use the time machine to go back & forth in time and change things …slowly, a devilish smirk creeps across his face, and his mind wanders, with fantasies of what could have been… his wife Emmanuelle walks by the den, and through the cracked door she can hear him, quietly muttering to himself; “if only… if only…”

  4. I don’t give a shit about his directing as he looks like a creepy molester of twinks or matter of fact any young men.

  5. A Realist

    “Hey Hugh, can you do something to yourself, like with your hair, to make yourself look more like a young boy? Yeahhhhh…that’s it. Mm. Here, pull me in closer…”

  6. Every time I see his eyes I feel like an Amber Alert has been triggered.

  7. Swearin

    I can’t wait for the part where he makes Gambit re-enact most of the stripping scenes from Magic Mike for no apparent reason

  8. Yeah, directing a movie – in between teen twink rape sessions. Only in Hollywood would anyone touch this kid diddler… I think most people are going to pass on this quislings movies.

    • The way they passed on the last one? The allegations came out before its release, and it was still a hit.

      • Which, I’m not defending him at all. I’m just saying never overestimate people’s capacity to dim their moral outrage because “OOH! WOLVERINE’S BACK!!!”

  9. The only thing about this that surprises me is that they still type scripts out on an old Smith-Corona.

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