This Guy Is Directing The Freddie Mercury Movie Now: Hate Him at Your Leisure

Ever since I read that Brian May and the other farts in Queen wanted the Queen biopic to be about the band rather than just Freddie Mercury, I’ve pretty much written it off. I was kind of excited to hear earlier this week that director Bryan Singer was fired because that means that the movie is probably a shit show. For the record, I think Rami Malek will make a great Freddie Mercury, but let’s be real… nobody gives a fuck about Brian May and I can’t even remember the names of the other guys in the group — Queen is Freddie Mercury’s band and they want to kill him half way through to tell the story of how the surviving guys “held it together.”


Goddamn I love that kid…

What was I talking about? Oh, yes — shitty Queen movie got a new director… Enter Dexter Fletcher, a veteran “English guy” actor with three directing credits under his belt. If that doesn’t tell you that this movie is fucked, then you’re just being silly. It’s over. It’s been over since they allowed the band into the writers meetings. I hope Rami Malek shines and gets another chance to tell Freddie’s story without all that bullshit that nobody cares about. There was a reason John Deacon never spoke during rehearsals… because he was a boring dude.

Wow. I got a lot of hate in me today…

**shotguns a fresca**


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