Bryan Singer Is A Dad, What Could Go Wrong?

Posted by Photo Boy

Apparently today is Make Photo Boy Look Like An Insensitive Asshole About Parenting Day since Fish took the two storiess involving kids whose parents might be lunatics and tossed them my way. So right after Gaby Hoffmann’s Goji Berry Uterine Sac Blast, I get the dude who may or may not be allegedly forcing twinks to ejaculate on him becoming a father. Seriously, these new editorial meetings are a nightmare for me.

Fish: How do you feel about alternative parenting styles?
Photo Boy: I know nothing about them.
Fish: Perfect, here’s a few stories you couldn’t possibly take a position on without offending someone or sounding like a moron. They’re all yours.
Photo Boy: Thank you, sir. And may I say you look fantastic today?
Fish: You can say whatever you want, but its Wednesday and those posts will be written before noon.
Photo Boy: Oh no, not Lunch Wax. Is it Lunch Wax today?
Fish: Uh huh, shoulders to toes.

Photo: Twitter