Idiots are Pissed Off at Bryan Cranston

Brian Cranston is being blasted in the media for “controversial” comments on Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and the laundry list of other sexual offenders currently being ousted by the sexual harassment inquisition. In an interview with the BBC’s Will Gompertz, Cranston was asked if people like Weinstein deserved a second chance. The soundbite that sites like IndieWire are running with (to get clicks mostly) is him saying that “there may be a way back for Harvey Weinstein” and for some people, he might as well have just tried to justify cold-blooded murder or baby-fucking or something.

Here’s his full interview, pay attention to the context around his “controversial statement” and tell me that this guy is still a monster…

WHOAH! Sexual harassment is a problem that spans far wider than just Hollywood!? Moving forward, men should be more aware of what they say to people!? It would take time and genuine contrition for someone to ask for forgiveness after making these mistakes and even then it’s not guaranteed?! Who does this asshole think he is!?

I’ve been seeing so many sites try and spin this as his official endorsement of sexual misconduct and I think that’s totally ridiculous. Cranston isn’t sitting there saying that Harvey Weinstein needs to “lay low for a while till this all blows over,” in fact, he’s not even talking about anyone specifically. He’s just giving a blanket statement about how we, as a society, should use our fucking heads and realize that sometimes people can learn from their mistakes. Will that happen with Uncle Harv? Fuck no, he raped a bunch of people and his army of victims will ensure he never works again — case closed.

Does he think Kevin Spacey’s career is over? As of now, yes — he’s not defending the guy, but who is he to say that ten years from now, after a decade of self-reflection and shame, society will grant Spacey at least an inkling of forgiveness for being a handsy old queen who used to get drunk and make passes at young guys… ok, that sounds really bad right now — but if 46.4% of the country voted to let “grab ‘em by the pussy” slide, then you’re crazy to think it’s not impossible.

Ultimately, I think Cranston is being a straight-shooter here. Calling him “controversial” for this interview is about as misguided as my grandmother trying to figure out why Waze wants her to drive two miles out of the way to get somewhere faster. He makes some pretty logical points and is being taken completely out of context by headlines like this. I don’t understand why a C-grade T&A blogger like myself has to be the one to call out Rolling Stone, AV Club, and IndieWire for clickbaiting these Cranston headlines, but it’s 2017 and shit is crazier than recording an entire jazz album that features the mating calls of a loon.

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