Walter White Used To Do Hemorrhoid Commercials

If you had hemorrhoids in the 1980s, chances are you’re watching Breaking Bad very differently than the rest of us because here’s Bryan Cranston promoting the oxygen action of Preparation H. And if you haven’t realized by now, Bryan Cranston has literally been in everything. If you watch Birth of a Nation, you’ll see him in the background telling another Klansman that Trayvon Martin had it coming. True story.

Anyway, the cool thing to do lately is post Breaking Bad theories, and that’s because they’re fucking awesome. So here are the Hunter/Gatherer and Color Theories in case you somehow missed them which you shouldn’t have because they will eat your mind. Not mention they’re the two most reliable theories that will completely change how you watch the show and make you marvel at the insane level of visual tedium that goes into it because Sunday’s episode alone had tons of little clues: The yellow race car, the bottom of Lydia’s shoes, Todd’s jacket, Hank’s blue shirt when he’s talking to Marie. Not to mention other hints I completely missed which Dustin Rowles over at Warming Glow expertly weaved into a compelling theory on who the ricin from the season premiere is for. But enough of that, and congratulations, you just got Trojan Horse’d into reading about Breaking Bad theories by a butt cream commercial. *throws bikini photos in your face, jumps out window*