Walter White Used To Be A Power Rangers Villain

August 6th, 2013 // 10 Comments
Bryan Cranston Jay Leno
WATCH: Bryan Cranston's Power Rangers Villain Clip

Last week, Bryan Cranston accidentally let it slip on The Colbert Report (after the jump) that he used to do voiceover work for Power Rangers villains back in the 90s. So here he is on The Tonight Show last night where Jay Leno surprised him with an old clip his producers managed to dig up. And because this is the Internet, I know there’s at least a profitable segment of people out there who get off on fictional meth dealers dubbing shitty Japanese television. My sources tell me they’re practically the new Corgi people.

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  1. cc

    Corgi? As in the diecast vehicles? Those things are worth money now man!

  2. JC

    Little known fact: Aaron Paul also did voiceover work for the Pokemon cartoons, but his parts were cut because he kept going off script and calling Pikachu a bitch.

  3. Let it slip? Hardcore Power Rangers fans have known he was involved with the show for years and that Billy Cranston is named after him.

  4. schmidtler

    I’m pretty sure the original pink ranger went on to a career in porn.

  5. Combo

    You should start watching Breaking Bad. It’s a great show. Fans have known that he was on Malcom in the Middle and Power Rangers for a while now.

  6. It’s very cool Cranston is so popular now, I’ve been a fan for a long time. He could admit having done donkey porn and I don’t think anyone would mind at this point.

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