Bruce Willis is a tough guy

Bruce Willis apparently got in the face of a fan who poked him in the shoulder to say “Hello” during a Fashion Week event in New York. Obviously, this person must’ve been some burly dude requiring Bruce to get tough, except no wait, it was a woman. RadarOnline reports:

Hanging out with sexy new wife Ema Heming, Bruce was headed to see the Erin Wasson show and passing time by having a few drinks in the lounge. He was in a corner by the bar when several women noticed him.
A few of the women snapped photos with their camera phones and Bruce was gracious, smiling for some of the shots.
Then one fan got too close and poked the action star in the shoulder, as a way of greeting him. Bruce was furious at the stranger.
He was visibly angry, leaned in very close to her and put his finger right in her face. He then said, “Don’t you EVER touch me, understand?”
The (former) fan appeared shocked and frightened. Bruce then told his posse and said, “I need to leave.” And with that, slipped into the backstage area of the show.

And this is exactly why Bruce Willis isn’t cast in romantic comedies anymore. Unless you count Live Free and Die Hard. Remember when he loved that helicopter so much he launched a police car into it? *sniff* Gets me every time.

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