Bruce Willis found new wife the ol’ Hollywood way: On the casting couch

March 25th, 2009 // 63 Comments

Bruce Willis apparently met his new wife Emma Hemming while orchestrating a cattle call for extras that just happened to be all models, according to Page Six:

An impeccable source tells Page Six: “During the casting of ‘Perfect Stranger’ [the suspense movie Willis made with Halle Berry two years ago], Bruce was very involved with the casting. In fact, you could say he was extremely involved no matter how minor the role.”
At Willis’ request, calls were placed to modeling agencies to fill the roles of extras and minor speaking parts.
Our casting source said, “He personally went through head shots and when the girls were called in to ‘read,’ he was there in the meeting. It was odd for the star of a movie to do so, but at the time he was single and I guess he needed a date.”
The casting sessions/blind dates went well enough. “He started dating [model] Tamara Feldman, with whom he coincidentally enough had a sex scene,” our insider said.
Then, Heming was selected for a small speaking part. Willis “started dating both Tamara and Emma but obviously, Emma eventually won out,” the source said.

I was going to comment on the overall creepiness of this plan, but at the end of the day it worked. At least until the whole marriage part. Fortunately, Bruce Willis is 90 and practically dead already. Otherwise, I’d call this one a mulligan.

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  1. titsonsnack

    He’s old and she’s boring.

  2. Jake

    “Bathe her and bring her to me” is a respected request in civilized society. It’s amusing to watch women run around trying to have “careers” but we all know what their true role is. Well, the attractive ones, at least.

  3. Jrz

    could be worse….he could have found her on a therapist’s couch. *shrugs*

  4. Janice

    Jake, you’re so right on brother

  5. Karen

    At least he didn’t find his new spouse on the douchebag couch (Kutcher).

  6. mike

    He waived some money, she jiggled her tits and wiggled her ass. How is this a news story?

  7. Mick

    He is such an old sleaze. I bet he had them come to the interview wearing bikinis, too.

  8. Beth

    She looks a little like a female Demi Moore.

  9. Christine

    Hey Bruce is that a polyester leisure suit you’re wearing. I bet he still hangs out in Discos. He looks so slimy and clammy.

  10. When did he become Meathead??

  11. That Bruce is a genius. Or a creepy old man.

  12. Border Patrol

    Is she a Mexican?
    Yes, I would like jalapeno with my cheese dip.

  13. Andy

    He’s a more successful version of Herbert from Family Guy.

  14. Christine

    Bruce must also be a real cheapskate because it doesn’t look like he buys his new bride very nice clothes. She looks just like a stuffed sausage in that dress.

  15. Mr. Jones

    I imagine those casting calls involved mirrors on shoes and cameras in the bathroom.

  16. Smarg

    #6, then why don’t you go and be some rich Arab’s fuckpig then??

  17. Sunyloveer

    Sweet couple… Wanna join a hot and heated forum that discusses the truth about these big stars?
    ____Ta l l m i n g l e . c o m ____ has lots of sports fans there! besides, it’s hot models, milfs, sexy chick s and handsome young men and chicks mingle club!!LOL checka!! :-)

  18. the only hetero

    lmao@all the negative comments from “guys”. Like you wouldn’t order up a babe if you had that type of power. Let me put it in terms you might understand – imagine if that stripper was young and hot instead of old and stretch-marked, and imagine if you could hold out $10,000 bills instead of dollar bills. And, finally, imagine that you didn’t have so many feverish dreams about other men’s buttholes.

  19. Mr. Jones

    I love the pictures. She has that fixed smile and vacant eyes. I imagine her muttering to herself, through clenched teeth “He’s rich….yes, he’s rich….rich rich rich rich rich…”

  20. Allison

    He was involved in the casting because he was a freakin producer on that movie. Nice reporting.

  21. Spunky

    Oh God, her dress even has come, spunk stains on the sleeve and collar. How discusting!

  22. Bob Schimmel is looking good.

  23. boogermeister

    I waiting to see the post of her being pregnant.

  24. BoBabbyo

    That’s a fine-looking bit of womanflesh. First time I’ve seen her, that I know of.

  25. jay

    It’s a great way to pick up chicks.

    Just goes to demonstrate how a beautiful woman is born with $1M between her legs.

  26. BoBabbyo

    That’s a fine-looking bit of womanflesh. First time I’ve seen her, that I know of.

  27. Erica

    She’s Maltese. And honestly pretty hot. Reminds me of Tia Carrere.

  28. Deacon Jones

    @2 – Well said Jake.

    @ 19 – I agree, I have no problem admitting I’d do the same thing. Shit, when the casting began, I’d be sitting there with a full hard-on just to set the tone.

  29. mamamiasweetpeaches

    wow…has anyone seen the Asian horror movie AUDITION? This story sunds JUST like the plot of that movie! The guy holds auditions for a (fake) movie to meet hot young ass. He finds “The Perfect Girl” and she proceeds to tie him up and torture him. We can only hope the same thing happens to Bruce!

  30. Chaz

    So, what you are saying is that Bruce uses his position, money, power, etc to get p–sy???

    Um, and the point is???

  31. jt


    damn she’s smokin

  32. PostmortemG

    “wow…has anyone seen the Asian horror movie AUDITION? This story sunds JUST like the plot of that movie! The guy holds auditions for a (fake) movie to meet hot young ass. He finds “The Perfect Girl” and she proceeds to tie him up and torture him. We can only hope the same thing happens to Bruce!”

    You took the words right out of my hands, mamamiasweetpeaches. I *LOVE* Audition – it’s Miike’s best film, in my opinion, and one of the greatest culture-smashing Japanese films I’ve seen yet [ Alongside Kobayashi's Seppuku and Samurai Rebellion ]. If you like Audition, i highly suggest seeking out Salo: 120 Days In Sodom [ Italy '75 ], In A Glass Cage [ Spain '87 ], Singapore Sling [ Greece '90 ] and Irreversible [ France '02 ], if you haven’t seen them already. Those movies will fuck you up nicely. =D

    As for Bruce getting the Audition treatment? Perhaps he won’t mind, provided his limbs don’t mean much to him. =D

  33. duh

    except…it was a real movie, and being in it, and/or being with Bruce Willis, is helpful to the girl’s career. Otherwise, though, it’s just a fabulous parallel…

  34. he is too old for her,he can be her father! he is getting to Pervers ! she is just with him for money !

  35. This motherfucker probably eats pussy like he’s playing the harmonica…

    Well played Bruce… well played…

  36. lori

    What Bruce did is exactly the same as the plot of “Audition”, a great and very scary Japanese horror film. The outcome was not so good for the protaganist in the movie.

  37. J

    Tamara Feldman? Really? Why didn’t I hear about this when she was freshly dumped, vulnerable, and ready to make a mistake with a guy not quite good enough for her?

  38. Rhialto

    That’s what you do when you have a hot and sexy wife! You can’t take your eyes and hands off her! And standardly you take a camera with you for all the hot pics!

  39. Galtacticus

    There’re lots of hot pics to come folks!

  40. AirMail

    I know he has at least one pair of boots that is older than this Girl, but so what. Enjoy your life Bruce, and keep making movies!

  41. feckless

    In the contract: male child or no alimony. He beat Demi to it – Ashton won’t quit being a stoner long enough to let the tadpoles swim.

  42. Americanwhitetrash

    An actor on the decline looking for some spot light. A wannabe “starlet”. Yes, its true love. In Hollywood years, land of fruits and nuts, that should be around 2 years tops.

  43. I got envious for a second until I find out this broad been with Flavio Briatore!


  45. pea

    mamamiasweetpeaches and PostmortemG:

    Ha, can’t you see Emma saying “kitty kitty kitty”? Brucie better check and make sure she doesn’t have any big needles in her makeup bag.

    Her resemblance to Demi also gives me a hinky feeling.

  46. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I wonder who the gimp in the sack wil be. I havent seen Owen Wilson in awhile…….

  47. rosey33

    i saw them both in vegas, shes truly gorgeous, but doesnt look like the friendliest person. she was acting as if everyone was crowding around their table to see her…we all just thought she was his hooker

  48. Fluffy Butt

    for the love of god: DON”T HAVE BABIES! no more potatoe skins….

  49. Hey, screw you guys!

    Bruce Willis can do whatever the hell he wants, because he’s a badass action hero who will walk over broken glass to save half of Los Angeles from terrorists!

    And you could at least show some gratitude after he saved the world from that asteroid impact.

    … oh wait … or was that Clint Eastwood?

    … no … no … I think he was busy landing the Space Shuttle at the time. I remember seeing the news report on CNN.

    … oh wait … or was that news report on Showtime … ? …

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