Bruce Willis Called ‘Lazy And Greedy’ By Man Starting Production On His 11th Sequel

“Vhy are you not speaking to Bruce? Did he vuck your maid, too?”

Posted by Photo Boy

Full Disclosure: Having recently declared A Good Day To Die Hard as the death knell to my man love for Bruce Willis, I have to go on record here to say that Sylvester Stallone calling anyone “greedy” or “lazy” might be the ultimate pot calling the kettle black scenario:


— Sylvester Stallone (@TheSlyStallone) August 6, 2013

Stallone’s people even took the time to confirm to The Huffington Post that the tweet is absolutely about Willis, but didn’t expand on it other than to release the following marketing materials:

Rogue Marble Productions [Ed. Note – Yep, that’s his fucking production company’s name.] is proud to present the upcoming release of Daylight 2: Nightlight - When a Chicago utility worker realizes the entire city’s electrical grid has been compromised by North Korean hackers, he’ll have to rely on both his knowledge of the city infrastructure and his former golden gloves-winning grit to defeat this fearsome new world threat. Did we say the hackers are also MMA fighters? Because the hackers are also MMA fighters. PLEASE GO TO THE THEATERS TO SEE THIS, THESE HGH CYCLES COST A FORTUNE!!

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