Brooklyn Decker poses for GQ

August 19th, 2009 // 82 Comments

Here’s Andy Roddick’s wife 22-year-old Brooklyn Decker posing for the September issue of GQ. After looking at these photos, I’ve determined Andy should die a horrible, tennis-related death so I can selflessly comfort Brooklyn in her time of need. Doesn’t he want whats best for his wife? Or would he prefer to sleep on the couch? Answer carefully.

NOTE: Added pics of Brooklyn posing for the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Where does my selflessness end?

Photos: GQ,

  1. jakebarnes

    I just think it’s weird that someone named Brooklyn could be old enough to ogle.

  2. yummy
    pretty panties

  3. yummy
    pretty panties

  4. yummy…….

    pretty panties

  5. Billy Jean Kong

    Needs more ass shot.

  6. @5 TT, Yummy what is inside those panties..

    How have you been?

  7. shirleytemple

    bitch does not look 22.

    she looks 40.
    and she has a man-face.

    i’m just full of love today!!

  8. Juan McEnroe

    I just got tennis elbow from looking at these pictures!

  9. Sam

    Ugh, I’m a girl and even I felt a stirring. I’m hitting the gym immediately – this means war, bitch

  10. Rancid

    What the hell is a Brooklyn Decker?

    Sounds like something along the lines of a Dirty Sanchez or a Chili Dog.

    An “Upper Decker” is when you take the lid off the water tank of a toilet and do a #2.

  11. Kim

    Sweet body.

    #10, a gym can’t give you that body, only winning the Powerball in the genetic lottery can.

  12. marme

    Hahaha #10 Uhh ya same here. I read that he tracked her down and asked her out after seeing her in sports illustrated. Good on him I like it when I see a average looking guy with a hot chick.

  13. Max Planck

    Better Brooklyn than Bronx Mowgli.

  14. Dylan

    she’s got a nice body…but she looks like a DUDE – and 45 year old dude nonetheless!
    Nasty….Alba is a TRILLION times hotter than this dude.

  15. Dylan

    she’s got a nice body…but she looks like a DUDE – and 45 year old dude nonetheless!
    Nasty….Alba is a TRILLION times hotter than this dude.

  16. Rodham

    She looks like a dude?

    What kind of dudes do you hang out with anyway?

  17. Deacon Jones

    Meh. I think I’d take Skankzilla from earlier today, more trashy.

    This chick looks like average when you look at pictures of her in public.

    But here’s a good one of her when she was 18…

  18. czar

    Man I bet their marriage last for a really long time!!!!!!!!!!! NOT.

  19. just fine Jimbo and you?

  20. Walter

    How come other sites are showing these pictures AND the see-thru topless pic?

  21. 13 Yeah, an “average looking guy” with $15 million in tennis winnings (and this doesn’t include the millions he’s made in endorsements).

    She would’ve married him if he’d been the headless horseman.

  22. bakinmycake

    but can she cook?

  23. TS

    TT and Jimbo? Now all we need is FRIST!, friday afternoon cocktails and it’s just like the old days.

  24. hot, plain and simple

  25. Carolyn

    Exactly what does she hope to gain from posing for these pictures?

  26. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    hmm, she’s cute but I would’ve picked Mandy Moore over her.

  27. Hey sissy 29
    i found this hot place called SUCKMYHARDCOCK dot COM

  28. The Edit

    Holly: exactly.

  29. Exactly: His 22 YEAR OLD wife. Just how long are we all thinking that this one is going to last?

  30. Delgo


  31. If youre a tennis ace, it comes with a hot little minxy blonde? Pete Simpra’s had the same deal,,,Well Tiger Woods had the same deal which blow my theory out the water….

  32. I noticed the hair and thought it was Jennifer Aniston. Haha


  33. jt

    andy comes home to this every night? i’m so depressed.

  34. Maybe Andy could win a major and then the marriage will last. If he keeps getting his head handed to him by Federer and Nadal, Brooklyn will be moving to Queens.

  35. Sport

    Quality talent, right there.

  36. The Edit

    Patrice: about three years. She’ll claim that he’s always gone and traveling (duh), and she’ll take half. Millionairess @ 26/27. Not bad.

  37. Flavorful to be certain. Roddick is playing out of his league here. When was the last time the dude won a tournament that mattered? It’s fine, I’ll wait. Exactly. Brooklyn needs to move out to Cali and get with me.
    The Rake

  38. ScrewTheHaters

    I’m gonna go ahead and presume that all the people calling her ‘average’ and ‘manly’ are gorgeous human beings, because if you’re not the are you really in a position to judge?

  39. She looks like a dude? Quality talent, right there.

  40. Pixie

    The body is sick and amazing, but her face looks like a really hot guy.

  41. jumpin_j

    Wait till she realizes her “husband” is totally gay. Then she’s mine. I CALLED HER FIRST, BEOTCH!!!

  42. 12 year old boy

    Too manly for me. I bet she has cooties too.

  43. Are we sure she’s only 22?? She doesnt look bad at all..just quite a bit older than 22.

  44. I need to get off my tush

    #10: I’m with you. I’m a straight woman, but pics like these make me reconsider.

    I need to renew my gym membership ASAP.

  45. me

    I agree with the people that say she looks older than 22 – maybe it’s a typo? She could be 32. Other than that, she’s pretty – but not remarkable. She looks like so many other pretty blondes.

  46. britneysucks

    That is one gorgeous woman.

  47. She’s only 22 but they’re only 5 yrs apart.

    Her body’s great-looking IMO but for a moment there, when I looked at the face, I was sure that was Adam Lambert in a blonde wig.

    Oh and forget the pathetic $15million from winnings. I did some research. Roddick’s been raking in $10million/yr in endorsements since 2005 (he was making money before that but not at such a level) so by all accounts, he should be worth $70-80million by now.

    Oh and 11? LOL!!!!

  48. China

    Her husband’s a closet gay. Hurry up ya’ll!

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