Brooklyn Decker is your 2010 SI Swimsuit Cover

February 9th, 2010 // 114 Comments

And now for the most pivotal news of the year. (I’d say “of our lives” but then what will I say next year? Even though it would apply.):

Here’s Brooklyn Decker on the cover of the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. You might remember her from some such posts as all these chicks in swimsuits and her August 2009 spread in GQ. As for me, I’ll always associate her with how I felt on this morning: Imminent snow on the horizon. Steaming cup of coffee wafting the air. Sweet, old neighbor lady frozen in horror because I left the curtains open. *breathes deeply* Ah! What a day. Is she still looking?


  1. blah

    SI swimsuit edition is so pre-internet porn

  2. Chad


  3. blah

    @ Chad.

    I didn’t say “first” on purpose just to see if I could make one of you pointless “first” posters look like a total dipshit. success.


    Finally – a natural looking, attractive blonde. There aren’t many these days. Most are all plumped up with botox, slathered in make-up or full of silicone.

  5. Yowzers, she’s pretty!

  6. Blah

    Yikes, slamming bodies, hideous faces.


    Oh and it looks like that might even be her REAL nose!

  8. Bruised Ego

    Andy Roddick is a lucky man.

  9. NG

    She’s fat.

  10. Richard McBeef


    she looks like the less man jawed version of tiger’s wife.

  11. HM

    She’s my boss’s niece…disgustingly gorgeous in person, and so nice too. Bitch.

  12. Max Planck

    No tats, no piercings, no silicone, no cigarettes, no internet porn video. Good job SI.

    There is still hope, guys.

  13. pimp

    i would love to chow on her asshole right now…breakfast of champions…

  14. Parker

    She look’s like Bar Raefel’s pretty half sister. Hey pimp tongues off that asshole I got dibs!

  15. Mandi

    I am not partial to blonde hair and blue eyes, but this is a striking girl. She reminds me of a Barbie I had when I was little, lol.

  16. Hag

    I hate blonde hair and blue eyes also. After all the trouble these people have caused the world I am amazed we still allow them anything.

  17. It's Me Fuckers

    I have to say from a woman’s point of view: Wow! Beautiful women. The cover girl has the most amazing blue eyes I think I have ever seen!

  18. Ego

    hmm I think that’s a dude.

  19. jules

    she looks decent, very hot

  20. Rougher than rocco

    Yes she can pull a couple of billionaire sheiks if that marriage thing dont work out…

  21. Dee

    Gorgeous girl. And from interviews she seems down to earth and sweet. Which is a breath of air from pretty girls now adays. Niceness makes you so much more attractive.

  22. capitanne

    I think she’s so average compared to the girls of yesteryear like Paulina and Elle and even Kathy Ireland.

  23. Some Girl

    Absolutely stunning.

  24. Pancho

    And people wonder why Andy Roddick doesn’t have the drive to be the best tennis player in the world. If I was fucking this broad every night I would give a shit whether I won the US open too. Would you rather hit this bitch in the doggy-style of sex or practice your net game? Dumb question.

  25. Wacker

    Good job. I know what I’m diong on this rainny Ca day. A Do Wacka Do.

  26. Meh, seen better in my neighborhood…and WTH did they airbrush out her nipple in #9. Bah!

    “Eat a bowl of fuck!” – J. Belushi

  27. Meh, seen better in my neighborhood…and WTH did they airbrush out her nipple in #9. Bah!

    “Eat a bowl of fuck!” – J. Belushi

  28. :)

    Nice pics :) However, #2 I really wish to goodness models would stop using that “push-my-gut-out-because-I’m-a-retard” pose. It does no justice to the figure, it looks completely retarded and appears as if the woman is about to give birth to an alien via her stomach.

  29. kitty_kat

    Her body is great but her face doesn’t really match up. She’s attractive by average people standards, but as far as bikini models go, I think she’s quite average.

  30. therush

    To me the SI swimsuit issue just means a week without regular SI. So fuck the swimsuit issue. The swimsuit issue was awesome when I was twelve years old. Now I have actual women to help me with that situation. The last three years my girlfriend has actually enjoyed this issue a lot more than I have because she likes “the fashion” or some such nonsense.

    Brooklyn Decker is bangin’ though.

  31. Lain


  32. Jeff



  33. gotmilk?

    weird face, hot body though. that’s probably the point though, who’s actually looking at her face?

  34. lololololol

    #29 you’re a complete idiot. she isn’t pushing her gut out; she’s pulling down her swimsuit bottoms.

  35. Doc Schweinstrudel

    God everything is so beautiful. I feel like I don’t want candies anymore!!! Wish I were thereeeee!


    Bar Rafaeli ftw.

  37. yoyoyo

    There were plenty of hotter girls in college and they didn’t need photoshop to look like that

  38. jenjen

    She looks good here but in reality she has an UGLY face, but nice bod.

  39. :)

    She’s standing like she’s waiting for a short bus in pic #2. Yes she’s pulling her shorts down but, that pose is freaking retarded and noone will convince me otherwise. Even worse is when models stand like that and point their toes inward. I will never understand where that dumb look came from…shorts down or completely off, it looks dumb.

  40. da troooooof

    can someone say photoshop?

  41. To all of you insulting her face….what exactly is wrong with it? I understand if you aren’t one for blondies with blue eyes, but….there is nothing wrong with this girl’s face. At all. Her eyes are stunning, her nose is normal and her teeth are perfect. I don’t get it?

  42. JackInTheBox

    Snore! I swear these whores all look alike. I can’t tell the difference anymore. I thought it was leonardo’s skeez until I read the banner.

  43. poot

    @ blah:

    “I didn’t say “first” on purpose just to see if I could make one of you pointless “first” posters look like a total dipshit. success.”

    If you didn’t say it on “purpose” that means you are a “first poser.” If you weren’t, it would’ve come naturally. Nice first though.

  44. Jeff

    i didnt know perfect tens were allowed to have pig noses

  45. Mo Know

    Meh. Seen this chick at Big Lots that was hotter

  46. dancy

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  47. Hot

    How do some of you hate blond hair and blue eyes women. They are unique. Most of the world is a sea of brown: brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin…eww boooring.. I only date girls with light-colored eyes. They are the most attractive. I like blond hair too. I am from Iran where many girls are light color, but sadly the world paints us as ugly brown people. We are not. We are white. I have green eyes and light brown hair. Many people I know are white too. The brown people you see here are not true Persians, they are arab, azeri, turk, mongol people. They give us a bad name.

  48. Abe

    kind of boring.

    ok though.

  49. cfgthrty

    Pig nose.

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