Brooklyn Decker is still in a bikini and other news

May 12th, 2010 // 50 Comments

- Diff’rent Strokes claims another victim. Who let that show on the air?! [PopEater]

- Leonardo DiCaprio getting to go home and bang Bar Refaeli > movie seats. [Lainey Gossip]

- Thomas Jane doesn’t have a giant penis, he just plays one on TV. [Dlisted]

- Claudia Schiffer is a naked pregnant lady. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Kim Kardashian takes her cleavage out to dinner. [HollywoodTuna]

- Amber Heard does Jezebel. [Popoholic]

- Gwen Stefani might be carrying another Courtney Love-Fucker Jr. [TheFABlife]

- Rihanna bites it on stage. [Amy Grindhouse]

- Diddy’s into tantric sex. Why not? [Bossip]

- Cate Blanchett dominates Cannes. [Socialite Life]

- Sean Penn ordered to attend anger management after kicking a paparazzi. Sean Pean arrested for throwing coffee at “fucking asshole counselor” in 3… 2… [ICYDK]

- Stephen Baldwin is nude for Jesus? [Huffington Post]

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  1. memem

    first mother f-er’s!!!

  2. sarah

    the ass is disappointing

  3. memem

    And also. I would do her in the butt. So hard.

  4. minx

    She’s definitely attractive, but come on…. Not SI material. Yeah her boobs are huge, but they’re too sloppy and saggy, like a fat chick’s big boobs. She barely has a waist and her ass is shapeless.
    Bottom line, wouldn’t kick her out of bed, but for what this chick gets paid much higher standards should be upheld.

  5. sarah

    minx – disagree. i think the boobs are good. youre right about the ass though. not that good. she looks great from the side, just not head on or from the back

  6. Neorules2112

    @ sarah and minx . I bet your bodies look like a glop of pig shit.
    You two pigs post your sloppy pictures and lets compare who has saggy boobs and sloppy ass. I guarantee you two sows will be neck and neck.
    Now go shove some more fudge in your fat face’s .

  7. minx

    @5 you may be right. i was just looking at pic 19. must be a really bad one.

    @6 hey idiot, calm down. The site is called The Superficial, and it’s where people go to be judgemental of others’ appearances anonymously. You seem not to be getting the point, so get the fuck out. Who let you use the internet anyway? And how did you get out of your cage?

  8. Al


  9. Neorules2112

    @ minx .. I bet Lawrence Taylor would not even touch your sorry fat arse ..
    Now thats a fact

  10. GQ Guy

    She looks Hott. Perfect Body, Love the Tits, nice Cameltoe.

  11. GeneralEmergency

    Excuse me, but why am I only -NOW- being informed that the 2010 CamelToelimpics are currently being held in Hawaii?


    There goes my summer vacation.

  12. sarah

    neorules2112, seriously. why are u on this site?

  13. bar room hero

    She has got a nice shape.

    …slag has a silly name though.

  14. Jack Mehoff

    I bet her box tastes yummy!

  15. very nice.I like

  16. Tek

    Flawless Victory. Fatality.

  17. Ceejay

    She’s a babe but not a classic beauty, much hotter than Plastic Fox though. I wish her face looked a little less like Aaron Carter.

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  19. Cartman

    I’m thinking I need to become this chick’s stalker.

  20. Tee

    @17, hahahahahaha aaron carter ahahahaahhaha

  21. anon

    ya know, one min she look like ass – thick waisted, flat assed, butter faced. but then goddam, she looks slammin. perfect hourglass, effing PERFECT tits (anyone calling them fat chick tits is dumb – these are perfect – they aren’t fake and hard and aren’t small and crap). gorgeous legs, flawless abs. even if she were the less attractive version of herself (the way she is in bad pics), i’d still do her…but i would sell my left foot to do her in the good pics.

    but since she is married to that tennis superstar or whatever and not exactly banging down my door (and CERTAINLY not any of your doors), i will simply use the better pics to stroke it. the fact i don’t actually have to deal with the ins and outs of her figure makes it a lot easier to focus on the positive.

    AND I WOULD GIVE BOTH OF MY FEET TO BE LEONARDO DICAPRIO AND DOING BAR. she has THE most perfect bod i have ever seen. her face? fuck her face! haven’t even looked! this chick is hot, but bar is superhuman.

  22. Jeff

    its really too bad for that fuckin pig nose cuz otherwise this bitch is pretty hot, i bet sandler poked her

  23. Hugh Gentry

    my god those are amazing tits

  24. She look so hot and cool.She just had a waist and ass has no final form.

  25. #4…her tits are sloppy and saggy? I was on the fence on whether or not her breasts were even real or not. I’m going to go with natural and if not, they are fantastic implants and the surgeon should be awarded a gold medal. It’s kind of scary…people are so used to seeing ridiculous sized implants (and poorly done ones) that now when a woman has a great, natural looking rack….they are considered saggy. That’s just insane lol. Her nose is a bit pug like but I think her face and body are beautiful.

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  28. 6 inch heels gimmicks to have a successful career. Its not like Marilyn Manson that needs are hard walk in those shoes? enough, but I don’t think those things even

  29. captain america

    this because 99.8 percent of the female americans haven’t got bikini-bodies.

  30. Parker

    After I got done with her my dick would look like a corn cob!

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  33. Nero Yes?

  34. Gando

    A better judgement is a better world.Therefore we must behold these kinda girls in as many different angles as it’s required.

  35. cellphone

    I’m surprised about the therapeutical results of playing with beach buckets and ADHD.

  36. Max

    Face isn’t FUG but she’s not a natural beauty.
    Boobs are definitely saggy n sloppy.
    Nice stomach…and she’s toned….
    i’d give her a 7

  37. Parker

    I’d slam my weenie deep inside her sweet pooper.

  38. Deacon Jones

    @ Alli

    I agree on the boob comments. Plastic surgeons, however, are starting to go back to silicone since women are asking for them again, and they came out with this new “tear drop” design that looks awesome. If they’re fake, that’s what they are.

    I’m not sold on this chick though. #5 had a good point, she’s average from the waist down, and that dhouldnt cut it if you’re a VS girl.

  39. Tom cruise

    i’d rampage this woman till there’s no more anger in me.

  40. Bunny

    Hey Fish,

    2 pseudo complaints… can you PLEASE do something about the promo shit on here?! I’m sure it’s hard to totally ace out but please can you try?

    Oh and I’m still waiting for some sexy guy posts… pretty please!!!!???

  41. Sardonic

    Puffy punani perfection.

  42. I was at the fence or not, her breasts were real or not too. I going to go with excellent transplant natural and if not, they are awarded a gold medal and am surgeon should be. The Horror … People are so funny like shape (see implants and poor people) have used that now when a woman is a great, natural looking rack …. They are considered saggy. Lol that is just crazy. A bit of his nose like a pug, but I think her face and body are beautiful.

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