Brooklyn Decker is a phenomenal actress

May 7th, 2010 // 98 Comments

STUDIO EXEC: So what’s the pitch?
ADAM SANDLER: I’m going to basically play myself in the same romantic comedy plot I use for every movie, let Steve Buscemi have a cameo and then throw a Sports Illustrated model into a pool with her clothes on.
STUDIO EXEC: Would you like bags of cash with dollar signs on them or a gigantic cardboard check?
ADAM SANDLER: I killed again.
STUDIO EXEC: Body disposal it is.


  1. The Big 'A'

    First Bitches!!! The person who posts next is a cocksucker!!!

  2. Rebecca

    I can not tell a lie… I do in fact suck cock.. lol

  3. The Big 'A'

    @Rebecca, The Big ‘A’ is always right!!!

    All hail the Big ‘A’!!!

  4. GTO

    No shots from the front…..DAMN!

  5. Taz

    nice tush

  6. Parker

    I can not tell a lie… I do in fact bang women only in the ass.

    When they let me. And they always do cause I’m irresistible.

    I think this one would. She sure has one sweet, bangable ass.

  7. bar room hero

    don’t know who she is, but nice bum…

    who names a child Brooklyn?

  8. Me

    The Beckham’s

  9. The Laughing G-D

    and the Decker’s

  10. Deacon Jones

    Caption for Pic 12:

    “EWww Mister! You didnt tell me this warm, gooey stuff would shoot out!”

    “Whatever. I’ll take 3 boxes of the Caramel Delights. Now get out of here”

  11. Stooge Number Four

    Adam Sandler must have friends in Hollywood (imagine that?) because he is and never was in the least bit amusing.
    That ass however is.

  12. Bunny

    Hey Parker, just curious….

    Don’t you ever f%&$ the pink? Are you gay or what? Closet homo that screws chicks? Don’t get me wrong I like to get tapped in the ass but never been with one that only wanted ass. Mostly they wanna sink the pink. YUMMY!

    Just wondering……

    Your Friend,

  13. Deacon Jones

    I knew this girl in college named AJ who would only let guys do her in the ass. She was so hot, I tried for 3 fucking years to get in her pants, no avail.

    Parker, she was hot. Blond hair, assistant team captain on field hockey team, loved to smoke pot. Dream girl material

  14. Bunny

    It is one way to make sure you don’t get pregnant. ; )

  15. @2 isn’t kidding. Her husband doesn’t know about us, but then again, he’s a fag.

  16. Someone Else

    Looks like Reece Witherspoon with less bitch face.

  17. PunkA

    For super model, she sure looks pretty average. Don;t get me wrong, she has a pretty face and nice body, but has midwestern written all over her. In other words, nothing too special.

  18. Brooklyn michigan


  19. Gweb

    I nutted when I got to picture #8. Thanks!

  20. Parker

    @12 Bunny, I like that you’re open-minded but no need to be that open-minded. I don’t think gay guys would want to have sex with women. In fact, I think that’s the whole point of being gay. If you met a guy who only liked getting head would you think he was gay? Of course not, you’d think he was a jerk.

    Deacon, that’s why I always say you’re my idol. Lucky bastard.

    Where did all the technical virgins go?

  21. chupacabra

    @Parker – what if you would like your man to do you in the ass every once in a while, and you have both tried, but his dick is too big and it hurts too much?

    honest to god. loved it – did it before with (thankfully) smaller boyfriends (irish).

  22. Andy RodDICK


    Andy RodDICK here folks. Stop trying to fuck my wife. As it is, my tennis game has turned to shit. Now I gotta worry about everyone trying to bang Brooklyn too?

    Fuck me.

  23. @21 I would think you’re a wonderful woman. I bet chloroform would help.

  24. Interesting

    I’m impressed that nobody thus far has pointed out the cankles.

  25. TC

    The great thing about still pictures like this is that unlike real women, they stand still long enough for you to beat one off.

    Also, they keep smiling after you come on their faces and don’t call the police.

  26. A good measure of wasted potential here.

  27. GiRL


    I agree. Except my boyfriend falls into the large category, so I’m too scared to try again. LOL at “(Irish)”. When I tell Irish lads that I am of Mediterranean descent they shy away because they know I don’t want that short dick. :))

  28. gen


    That’s because she doesn’t have cankles you fucking moron…

  29. Rough to the bone

    Fish, the dialogue is perfect with Sandler’s baby talk…

  30. Jack Mehoff

    I would poke her in the tar hole!

  31. StEvec

    To # 1 and # 3… I think that eveyone would agree that the “A” in your name stands for “Asshole”

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  34. Question

    Parker do you have a shit fetish?

  35. they keep smiling after you come on their faces and don’t call the police.

  36. they keep smiling after you come on their faces and don’t call the police.

  37. Must be Adam Sandler and friends in Hollywood (imagine that?) Because he never was and a little less entertaining.

  38. EWW

    eww she is gross- that is a model??

  39. RtSS

    Wow! Brooklyn Decker… I wanna be “in” Brooklyn. Those are stunningly gorgeous eyes. I could see me staring into those beautiful blue eyes, as I was pumping my schlong in one of her pleasure spots. Brooklyn, call me. You, me, and beautiful music. That is a nice tight ass. Sweet beauty…

  40. Rhialto

    Woman! I hereby baptize you! And remember that my body is your bread! Do you like sausage?!

  41. Nero

    Is this a mass bleach session? Looks like a full house over there!

  42. captain america

    ………………………especially in the restroom.

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