Brooklyn Decker: 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Photos

February 16th, 2011 // 108 Comments

And just like me, Swimsuit Morning is over as soon it started, if not the second it was even mentioned, some might argue.

Anyway, here’s Brooklyn Decker posing for the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue which she is not on the cover of because apparently it’s Red Dawn all over again. *cocks M16* Alright, listen up: They’ll go for the vodka first. After that… well, after that they’ll probably just give up and embrace capitalism. Regardless, we’re still going to want to make sure they’re not using robots to train for a fight with Rocky. I know how these people tick.

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Photos: Sports Illustrated


  1. ThisisnotTigerWoods

    Simply stunning.

  2. Milo

    Makes me wish I took tennis lessons….

  3. Doc Schweinstrudel

    American women are so very beautiful

  4. sage

    if you say so

  5. Doc Schweinstrudel

    WOW WOW WOW Incredible eyes (/contacts?makeup), she has a mole on her cheek like Marilyn Monroe and I so wish I had such breasts!!! Totally jealous. Love the glasses.

  6. IttyBittyTittyCommittee

    I so want to see her preggers!!

  7. Myclamisaninnie

    are those real boobs?

    Dang, lucky girl!!!

  8. Sweetmoses

    I just jizzed. In. My pants.

  9. okbutsrsly

    Take away all the makeup and airbrushing:
    face – 7.
    body – 9.

    • testington

      I agree, her body is smoking hot but her face is just cute, I get why she is a swimsuit model but I can’t imagine her doing any sort of beauty/make-up modeling.

      • Ohhh for crying out loud you people are never happy. A 7????? Holy Crap you are all delusional!!!! How much better looking can a woman get????

        Fuck you and your ranking assholes.

    • mimi

      delusional that’s how I call it too.

  10. both these SI spreads look meh. Are the swimsuit editions produced by women like playboy now?

    • Bieber Fever

      No, if they were, all the broads would be over 40 years old. That’s why nobody gives a shit about playboy anymore. If we wanted to see old broads naked, we’d peep in your mom’s window.

  11. Decker? You brought ‘er!

    I got nothing. She’s pretty hot.

  12. Deacon Jones

    If I was a billionaire I’d hire Arnold’s mercenary team from “Predator” to kidnap her and then keep her chained up in my mansion. To a marble pillar or something.

    Every time I would walk into the room I’d let out an evil laugh and start wringing my hands.

  13. jumpin_j

    Andy Roddick is gay. For the love of god, someone go prove this for me!

  14. Rhialto

    I didn’t know she’s a swimsuit model. Why am i always the last to know?!

  15. Rancid

    If this woman is not made naked and brought to me immediately, there is no Jesus Christ.

  16. Albertine Romanowski Patel

    That Ruskie slut on the cover look used. Brooklyn make all my womanly fantasie come alive

  17. Nero

    It doesn’t hurt my eyes at least …….

  18. RoboZombie

    Clean up on aisle3…IN MY PANTS!!!

  19. pessimism

    They are implants, but properly installed implants. A rare thing to see these days.

    • Rancid

      Get the fuck out of here. They look completely natural to me. Her doctor must be Michelangelo.

      • pessimism

        Its a tough call. There are people around arguing either way. Some suggest she may have had non-implant augmentation (fat injection, lift etc)

      • Deacon Jones

        You can’t get a fat injection to be that symmetrical on both sides, or smooth.

        Trust me, Ive seen one too many shitty ass injection jobs on trannies.

      • bitingontinfoil

        …they could be implants place *under* the pectoral muscle – that leaves the fatty part of the breast looking natural, but still provides the extra “umph”. Just sayin.

    • Marco

      She might have just gone from nice B to C or C to D. They don’t look like bolt-ons in that case.

    • Is it so difficult to imagine a woman who looks like her having natural breasts???? NOT EVERYONE WITH BIG BREASTS HAS HAD A BREAST AUGMENTATION FFS!!!!

      She’s natural. Give it up please.

      • adgh67

        it’s just that she has no hips….it looks so unnatural that it all magically went to her boobs, obviously she’s still hot even if she did have some assistance there

      • Just Saying

        Yup, she has no hips or ass whatsoever…her curves end at her boobs. She’s the finest top half on the planet though.

  20. her boobies are so perfect looking, they make me cry and they make me believe there is a god!

    • Steve Ross

      Yeah, a PLASTIC God. You freaks will fuck anything. I personally like to fuck fat chicks, besides the fact that they’re all I can get, at least their fat folds are REAL.

  21. Get Ready

    Slash’s wife would kick her in the stomach.

  22. I would love to stick my cock in between her tits and bust a nut and have it trickle down her chest. Her tits look so good.

  23. Looks like somebody’s about to get arrested for stalking again…

  24. She’s pretty and I like that swimsuit and those earrings.

    • Steve Ross

      She’s fucking stunning, seriously… oh, right, the earrings, those are great too, that was the second thing I looked at….. :O

      Opinions vary- this much I know- but for me, personally, she’s got a perfect fucking figure. Bangin.

      • Yea Steve but just like with all women, including me, she would NEVER want YOUR sorry ass. I had to correct your ass on here once before or did you forget? Move on you fucking wart ON a toad.

      • Steve Ross

        What the fuck are you babbling about? Seriously, stop talking like you’re some badass bitch, it gets tired real quick. ‘I had to correct you’… oh SNAP. What’re you, 11? The most amusing part is, I fucking agreed w you, that she was hot , I just used different verbiage… I know, I know, its confusing when someone uses words w more than 2 syllables. Seriously, let it go.

      • Steve Ross

        Also, for the record, I’m not making the majority of the posts on here, some other clown is using my name- and secondly, there’s zero reason to capitalize ‘ON’ in your weak attempt at an insult, cow.

      • That’s because you’re too fucking DUMB to even KNOW how to SAVE your goddamn name you backwoods living asshat…but I bet I DID. Bitch. :)

      • haha

        Steve looks like you got slapped yet again. Twice.

    • Richard McBeef

      Ah yes, Steve you are the weakest link.

      But she’s got a terrific pair of tatas!!

    • krutboo

      why do people always claim that it ‘wasn’t them’ when they get busted in the insults they posted. what a douchebag.

    • Phatty

      She has earrings on ? Damn, I didn’t notice…

  25. seth rogen's vagina

    I don’t like those kind of big, droopy, pendulous breasts that just hang there like that. she looks like Van Morrison with no shirt on.

  26. abe vigoda's eyebrows

    I don’t think she’s very pretty. Insane body, but face? meh. IMO, none of these SI girls can hold a candle to the models of the 80′s and 90′s. Elle Macperson is still prettier than this lady and she is almost 50!

    • Steve Ross

      Oh what the fuck ever man, seriously, do you just look for random supermodels to post about so you can blast them and talk about ‘NOT PRETTY’ (to take from the other SI model post) they are? Elle MacPHERSON is in no way prettier than Decker, ‘at almost 50′… Nice try, though. And Heidi Klum puts her to shame anyways.

      • abe vigoda's eyebrows

        hey Steve, do you know what IMO means? Beauty is PERSONAL taste, and if I think this woman is not as pretty as Elle, or Stephanie or Christy, that is MY opinion.

        go fuck yourself, you stupid douchebag.

  27. Steve Ross

    My tiny cock wouldn’t even begin to fill her up. Think I better just stick to fat chicks, it’s ALL I can get.

  28. Talk Hard

    Andy Roddick is giving up tennis to become a full time motorboater.

  29. Meh

    Cum dodger!

  30. jojo

    I just bought a new 4 stroke hi-power outboard motor so you know what that means? Motorboat!

  31. Looking at these makes me feel like I just gave a report at the Grammy’s, “We have a berry ders derrison bite let’s go hit byes tahlknoinatap”

  32. See Alice

    Amazing Specimen !!!

  33. nessa

    I have to say she is hot!

    I wish my boobs looked like that they are just soo perfect!

  34. Where’s the Windex? I motor-boated my screen again.

  35. Bill

    THAT is a woman! Damn!

  36. I’m abotu as big a pervert and opinionated asshole as there is, but people coming onto this thread and teh thread about the cover girl sayign these women are average looking, meh, not attractive, nothing special make me want to go postal. SERIOUSLY??? Oh, she’s not pretty enough in my eyes. If this woman isn’t pretty enough in your eyes, you will end up alone with 15 cats and TV dinners for the rest of your life. These women are the epitomy of the female form yet there are those of you who still find their imperfections and deem them unworthy.

    How about those of you who don’t think they are stunningly hot get your noses out of 2nd Life or IMVU and see what real women look like, because I don’t think any of you have ACTUALLY LOOKED at a real woman in YEARS if EVER!!!

  37. The Pope of Cleveland

    I started looking at that picture when I woke up. Now the day is over and I forgot to go to work.

  38. This is what tits should look like!

  39. Deacon Jones

    The only thing that would make this the ultimate shoot would be a nice, fat camel toe pic at the end.

  40. abe vigoda's eyebrows

    Whatever Steve, I still sit in my mom’s basement looking at SI swimsuit issues from the 80′s and 90′s and I can tell you they were better back then.

    Older women are where it is at. The older the better.

  41. abe vigoda's eyebrows

    Hey, quit stealing my name.

  42. Carlos kappasakis

    I like boobies

  43. jayreatard

    I banged a chick like this once… except she was fatter and had smaller boobs and she was a brunette.

  44. Clarence Beeks

    SI has been going downhill. The models in the 80′s and 90′s are so much prettier than the girls they pick today. They all have incredibly beautiful bodies, but their faces are not beautiful. Marisa Miller? Brooklyn Decker? This chick for this year? Their faces are just not beautiful to me. I am not a gay man, so don’t even go there.

    • Just admit it you hate white women. Brooklyn Decker and Marisa Miller are some of the sexiest women on the planet. It’s ok, I don’t like fat ass black chicks. How can you say Brooklyn Decker is not attractive in the face? WTF do you consider attractive?

      • Clarence Beeks

        I AM a white woman, asshole!

        who do I find attractive? how about Gisele, Alessandra, Adriana Lima for example. They are all white women! Also, can you read? I said their bodies are beautiful- I just do not think their faces are very pretty. The models in the 80′s had both. Paulina P? Cindy Crawford? Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Stephanie Seymour and Elle……all of their faces are just as beautiful as their bodies.

        Beauty is personal taste- I don’t call YOU crazy or gay for thinking they ARE beautiful.

        you are a dumbass!

    • Chaucer

      Adriana Lima isn’t white, she’s mixed-race… she has described herself as a mix of Portugese, French, African, and indigenous Indian.

  45. Holden McGroin

    Three pumps maximum and I am done. She is that hot. End of discussion.

  46. stupidficial

    God r u serious! I look like a horse and this bitch gets to walk around looking like that.

  47. bob

    This woman is so beautiful. I’d lay her on her back, and titty fuck her until my cum shoots all over her neck and chin.

  48. BenDoverman

    Damn this chick is devastatingly hot. She is at her prime. I’ll give her 6 years then drop her like a used tampon.

  49. ladylazarus

    Wow. These comments are fucking gay. You people are so easily fooled by photoshop. She is ugly. Looks up candids of her, she looks like a pig with huge tits. The only reason anyone finds her attractive is because she is blonde and has huge tits. Blondes and boobs are both overrated. Irina Shayk is the sexiest woman alive right now. Haters can suck it.

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