Brooke Shields denies Kiefer Sutherland’s story

May 6th, 2009 // 27 Comments

Brooke Shields is disputing Kiefer Sutherland’s story that he headbutted fashion designer Jack McCollough because he knocked her to the ground at the Met Gala Monday Night, according to TMZ:

But Brooke’s rep says “nothing happened to her,” adding “Jack did nothing inappropriate. It’s not clear what caused Kiefer to do what he did.”
Witnesses say Kiefer went up to Jack and demanded he apologize to Brooke. Jack allegedly pushed Kiefer and Kiefer then headbutted Jack.

Brooke Shields is cooperating with police today, and TMZ confirms Kiefer Sutherland was drunk at the time of the incident. Which, in this case, is the equivalent of confirming oxygen was being inhaled by each party. You don’t say?

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  1. Frodo

    lol Thesuperficial writer is getting less and less funny with every post

  2. Obviously the Fashion Consortium got to Brooke already. She was in on this from the start!

  3. Charles Few

    Kiefer Sutherland and Brooke Shields?! Will the fucking 80s ever just up and fucking die already?

  4. chuck

    wait.. are you sure it wasn’t kiefer sutherland headbutted jack bauer? a dispute that could’ve only been prompted as a result of a fifth of wild turkey and a bathroom mirror.

    kiefer suds: …it’s gonna’ be one against ten Jack!
    jack bauer: (headbutts mirror) one against nine.

  5. That’s the problem with people like you, Brooke. You want results, but you never want to get your hands dirty. I’d start rolling up your sleeves. (pause) I’m gonna need a hacksaw.

  6. I’ve a feeling Brooke might be a drunk as is her dear old mom

  7. yo mama

    Captain Save-A-Ho…

  8. douche

    Man, she’s just really fugly.

  9. Andre

    He’s exactly like the character he plays and all the American torturers in real life: they say they’re doing it to protect people, but actually they’re simply antisocial psychos who enjoy hurting weak or defenseless foes. No wonder he’s a big star on American television. You are the most hypocritical country on the planet.

  10. Teri Hatcher Part II.

    #11 – Hey Andre, I’m sure there’s some anti-American sites out there you can rant on… of course if not for us hyprocrites, you’d be using fucking smoke signals to communicate. Dick.

  11. Andre

    #12 – sorry, I forgot that Al Gore invented the internet.

  12. Valerie

    Andre, it’s called “the ego”, and everyone has it : P

  13. Italian Stallion

    Bitch looks like a tranny……….

  14. missy_m

    I agree with Frodo – but I keep coming back to see if he’s returning to his former glory, only to be disappointed each time….I wonder if they changed writers?

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  16. Che what

    Three plucks away from being a unibrow…

  17. Anexio

    Calling the INS, would you please ship this POS back to Toronto or London?

    When will people wake up an realize that this douchbag isn’t an American?

    Ship his tiny ass back in a FedEx envelope.

  18. #13 Andre

    Look kid, you dont want to get hurt, so pack up your white flag and get off the battlefield. Im sure your needed in the kitchen to wash some dishes or the washroom to clean your mums dirty undergarments…with your mouth. Now step off pole smoker


    Mess with the best, die like the rest!

  19. Gando

    What i see from here she’s pretty good conserved.Aging well?

  20. Nero

    If i was her i would put some more lipstick on my lips.

  21. Darth

    Her mouth looks like a clown’s mouth now.A Lady Gaga-mouth wouldn’t misstand her.


    Funny thing is the guy got owned from somebody who’s queer as a football bat.Yes Keifer is gay. Many people still don’t know

  23. Patriot

    Andre#11-#13 A hypocritical nation would hide and deny their actions. We fully admit what we do and why we do it. It’s obvious that eurotrash like you must point the finger and judge without knowing all the facts ,but I’m sure you will squeal when you need us.

  24. I’m hundred percent sur: TIS WOMAN IS AS CRAZY AS A HORSE, folks!!

  25. Susan Smirn

    Sheesh, there are sure a number of foreigners on this site. Anyhow, Brooke looks fantastic. She has a beautiful face, beautiful eyes. I hope she never gets any work done. She can set an example for the rest of Hollywood. So many celebs have had work done, and it shows. What the hell is wrong with growing old? No one gets out of this world alive, for goodness sake!

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