Brooke Shields and Katie Holmes still being coincidental

May 15th, 2006 // 47 Comments

Not only did Brooke Shields and Katie Holmes give birth on the same day in the same hospital, but now they’re wearing the exact same Cartier Love bracelets. Brooke has been wearing hers for awhile and Katie was just given hers by Tom Cruise as a Mother’s Day gift.


  1. karatekachick

    First? Maybe?

  2. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    She can’t get it off because if she does, the bomb strapped to her will go off. Blow her right up to Xenu.

  3. Jacq

    God damn it! I want this effen bracelet for my birthday next week! Too bad the cheapest one is $4500, Katie’s is in the $18K range. You should see the shackles on her ankles.

  4. Jacq

    Next thing, Brooke will be sporting rat teeth.

  5. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    What you didn’t hear about, is that Tom went into the room where they keep the bioharzard material, fished Brooke’s afterbirth out, and greedily ate it. Because Kate’s placenta had only made him hungrier.

  6. illkarate

    Both of them are hags….

  7. rosie posie

    never even been this close to first, lol close enough tho im allways miles off

  8. Italian Stallion


  9. Italian Stallion

    Be* buying….

  10. Italian Stallion

    *scientology……damn bong

  11. Oh, come now. I bet they were secret lovers in the ’80s, and they have a vast hatred for each other because Brooke still have the video tape of their escapades… sex toys included.

  12. Giggles

    Assuming Tom Cruise is straight (and that’s quite an assumption), he WISHES he could have Brooke Sheilds. She is literally and figuratively heads and shoulders above that clown.

  13. saltpeanuts


  14. BigJim

    Uh, I have a question:


  15. smokeyrobinson


    He then tops it off with a Dirty Sanchez.

  16. Your mission, should you decide to accept it…….

  17. Bogart

    Holy Christ! Brooks Shields is transforming into Fabio.

  18. Smokey Josie

    uh, isn’t that just plain Kate Holmes now?

  19. libertarienne

    TCLTC and Brooke is lookin’ mighty manly these days, so it actually really makes sense.

  20. teffi

    Considering that damn bracelet gets locked on, poor “Kate” can’t take it off unless she chews off her arm……..maybe she should start seasoning now.

  21. tsarinaamanda

    Brooke Shields is a MAN, baby. My dad has more ladylike eyebrows than that “woman”, for God’s sakes. She isn’t aging well at all. And Katie looks a lot like Jamie Pressly in that pic, another chick who has hit the wall, HARD.

  22. iambananas

    Why the fued? I like them both! Lets all get along!

  23. Brooke sheilds doesn’t know what a baby is remember Blue Lagoon, she didn’t even know she was on the rag. Dick nose tom is a control freak and crazed and why is everybody feeling sorry for poor katie, poor katie fuck kate, she is probably just as insane. She is only using the prick for his money anyway…Brooke told it like it is…Tom is an alien, she broke the newsflash… And speaking of a hag have you seen Tom mother now that is a hagman.

  24. Is #25

    1. Drunk
    2. Affected by the phases of the moon
    3. bi-polar
    4. Chinese

  25. Fa Cube Itches

    *sigh* It was inevitable that Brooke would finally start to slide. Ahh well, it was a nice long ride from the days of those Calvin Klein ads. Katie opted for more of the kamikaze nosedive into sic-transit-gloria-dom.

  26. celebwatcher

    i guess KATE deserves something for pretending to be in love with a homosexual who artificially inseminated her and is paying her to be his girlfriend

  27. #26

    I have bi-polar II, I’m a pisces so neptune rules my sign, yes I like to drink everyday 40′s King Cobra. But when I go out I have cocktail’s, and I might have a little Chinese in me, but I think my mama made a mistake on my birth certificate, she listed me as black. Now let me go to the store before it closes to get my drink on!

  28. large_sized_teen

    Dude, I can totally see Tom with Brooke! More than I can believe his being with Katie! Maybe it ‘s her eyebrowss, but I can see Tom wanting Brooke.
    I think the thought of them together is kind of hot. Yes, Tom love/hates Brooke now. She’s married, though.

  29. tarjamarja

    Wow, they even look alike in those photos.

  30. Eye Candy

    #15 i totally agree i really dont care either.

  31. prettierthanmeganharris

    me luv ning ning long time

  32. prettierthanmeganharris

    Jim sweetie, have you been feeling alright lately, I sense some anger in your posts lately, and no, I’m not trying to be a smart ass.

  33. Proteon

    Who would rather fuck Brooke Sheilds? That’s what I thought.

  34. #34 – I was thinking the same thing last night. BigJim…I’m here for ya, baby…and when I say “here for you” I mean I’ll give you a free lap dance (the no touching rule does NOT apply to you) and a shoulder to cry on.

    I’m not kidding.

  35. prettierthanmeganharris

    @36, if that doesn’t cheer him up, then I think we have a serious problem. Jim, we luv ya you sweet Canuck.

  36. ForMeToKnow

    No offense to anyone here, but I think those love bracelets are creepy. They’re supposed to be reminiscent of chastity belts?

    No thanks.

  37. ForMeToKnow

    I’m just saying it might be more accurately describe as “a token of creepy, obssessive, demented love reserved for cult members and Joe Simpson”

  38. 86

    Maybe she doesn’t become “KATE” until her last name is Cruise. I hope so, anyway, because Kate Holmes sounds, well, homely.

  39. Tom Became obsessed with Brooke because of the movie “The Blue Lagoon” He was in lust with Christopher Atkins and loved the nude scenes, but since he couldn’t admit that he had to pretend to be obsessed with Brooke.

  40. Fisher55

    chastity belts are *hot*

  41. 86

    “..something feels funny in my tummy”

  42. TOPAZ21

    Respect the cock and tame the cunt

    remember tcltc

  43. bunnyhugger

    brooke’s is jewelry. katie’s is like those shock collars they make for dogs.

    who’s lovin’ the cock?

  44. bunnyhugger

    wow. i haven’t posted in awhile. comment pending?

  45. Truth Serum

    Katie is weird, Tom is Weird. Atleast Brooke seems normal. Katie should of stayed by the Creek, cause she sucked in Batman Begins … actually, that entire movie sucked. I still can’t get over the bat voice … that about drove me insane!

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