Brooke & Nick Hogan: Reunited and it feels so good…

October 21st, 2008 // 72 Comments

Photos of Nick Hogan being greeted outside of Pinellas County jail by his sister Brooke just started popping up, and this looks like a touching reunion. And by touching reunion I mean their children are going to have extra limbs.

NICK: Listen, don’t get freaked out. But I have a boner.
BROOKE: It’s okay, Nicky. *whispers* So do I.
NICK: JESUS! That’s not a Mag-Lite?! I want back in. GUARD!


  1. frank

    “Hey, Hogan! Yea you, fucko! How was the anal butt-rape? You fucking loooved it i bet, come here sweetheart, come touch my johnson!”
    –that’s probably what people are yelling to him in public. probably.

  2. Esbunghole

    I dont care anymore. I don’t care about nick or the newly formed tard. I didn’t give two turds about them three years ago. Why should I now?

  3. Esbunghole


    I want to fuck that lawyer. I always wanted to fuck a lawyer.

  4. StEvec

    I’m glad he’s wearing a LA Dodgers cap instead of a Tampa Bay Rays hat. Tampa doesn’t want an irresponsible, immature loser like him associated with the area. Will he ever have the balls to go and visit his friend whose life he ruined? I doubt it….his sister has bigger balls than he does.

  5. 1moreidiotintheworld

    AWWWW!!! What touching, heart-warming pictures! Looks like she cant wait to get him home and blow him all night long because she’s been tired of sucking on daddy’s steroid shriveled pecker ever since brother went into the slammer….Jesus – maybe she’s tired of sucking on her own, too……

  6. Debored

    14: Hey Dickon–Where’d you learn to say things like that? Your insecure, hateful failure of a daddy? Your easy-reading mommy? Or did you mistake “Triumph of the Will” for a feature length motivation course?

  7. Debored

    a lawyer is a lawyer is a lawyer. some represent terrible, societally decrepit clients (i.e. Nick Hogan), some represent those deserving of “redemption.” spitting these stale anti-semitic accusations is like smearing vomit over vomit. you’re no better than Hogan himself. you’re hysterical and useless. you’re imprisoned by a gate around your own hill over which you push that rock. you provide evidence against man’s further evolution. your greatest accomplishment will either be breaking someone’s heart or posting a transitory and disgusting comment on a popular 21st century gossip website.

  8. Smart person

    I think it’s sad and pathetic that it takes a mindless celebre-titty website to get people to talk about social issues, such as racism, anti-semitism etc… Perhaps it should be taken to a different medium. That being said, Brook needs to lay off the orange.

  9. sarah

    is it just me or can anyone else not stop laughing at the bitch in the background laughing who looks like a demented sister of MJ

  10. Googolygoo

    Debored #57–

    Will you marry me?

  11. What’s the size of his ANUS-”ENTRANCE” now, folks?

  12. Whatever

    @49 Which is good news for all you christian raised shiksa assholes that usually are the ones that happen to be the baby molesters, but can’t pass the bar exam!

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  14. Kahlee

    #62 I think you may be replying to a shaygetz

  15. sameshitdifferentyear

    How can Terry tell which of his kids is which?

    One has thick, bulging biceps, broad powerful shoulders and a square masculine ass.

    The other one is Nick.

    (so good it’s used twice)

  16. michy

    Most of your comments are simply disgusting.I bet you are fat and ugly

  17. J-BO


    1. The parents are busy dating someone elses kids these days.

    2. Brookes ass was used in the formation of her big fake titties.

  18. K

    I do noy feel well after your comments

  19. Chad

    @ #46

    Rofl. Geddy Lee is amazing.

  20. Shallow Val

    Although Brooke needs to get butt implants and get rid of the tramp stamp, and although Nick is an ultra-douche, I got a little weepy seeing her all crying and happy to see her brother. Damn, sometimes I hate being a chick!

  21. Seymour Butz

    Jesus christ, can’t the hulkinator hire legal counsel that didn’t start their life as a member of the lollipop guild? She’s like 3 feet tall.

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